Aquarius Sexuality: Essentials On Aquarius In Bed

Sex with an Aquarius – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Aquarians are one of a kind when it comes to how they feel. Never willing to let go of their love for someone else, or give up to any sexual desires, these natives are the most enduring out of all the other signs in the zodiac.

Uranus turns their whole world into an idealistic and sublime one, always having the most complete definition of love in sight, while Saturn ensures they’ve got the grit and confidence to stand tall against any obstacle.

While they do have a more modern view on sex and sexuality, that doesn’t make them unrestrained or libertine in any way, at least not much more than the other zodiacal signs.

Believing that any individual has the right to love whoever they want and have sex, in a personal and private space, again, with whoever strikers their fancy, Aquarians have long since let go of traditional and limited stereotypes regarding intimate relationships.

If these old and antiquated perspectives are enforced upon them, alongside the typical day-to-day boring experiences that ultimately follow, these natives won’t stand it for too long and explode.

Having an innate knack for trying new things, the more innovative the better, and they won’t dally for long before actually putting them into practice.

What good is there to hesitate and be reluctant, when you only have one life to enjoy? Of course, that doesn’t mean that Aquarians will have sex indiscriminately. New ideas can be tested on the same partner, after all.

The impulsivity and proclivity towards doing the unthinkable in a split second makes the Aquarius one of the few individuals out there who is likely never to experience the same sexual experience two times in a row.

Filled with potentially blissful and very satisfactory ideas, but also destructive and demeaning ones, there is only one method to decide, and that is experimentation.

Not very enduring or exaggerated when it comes to their libido, the need to further look for new avenues of pleasure still make up for that, and more. Implementing innovative and creative ideas is often not enough though, to keep this native in top shape that is.

Everything must be perpetually reborn and brought forth anew, whether it’s a new way of professing love, gifts or a two-day vacation, all of these are ways which can freshen things up for them.

If there are any guiding principles that are ought to be followed in a relationship, it’s either the Aquarius’ or none at all. Unwilling to abide by anyone’ rules, just because his is way better and more in-line with how he feels, this native will always keep on going on the same path, using the same mindset, stopping at nothing in his way.

One of the good things about this is that he has basically steeled himself and prepared for any sort of experience there is, nothing can surprise him anymore.

With so much imagination and acceptance at their disposal, Aquarians are among the best lovers out there, but that doesn’t make them some flimsy romantic individuals who compose poetry and cry at dramas.

If that’s what you want, then you better go look somewhere else, because this native doesn’t feel in his element when talking about his feelings. But when he does, it’s pretty sure that it was a thorough decision that carries tremendous affection and care.

For the future

You aren’t sure about how to get an Aquarius’ attention or sweep him of his feet? Well, one of the things these guys love is diversity and creativity, in bed, obviously.

Never settle for the same thing twice in a row, because that’s a sure way to kill off any sort of future potential. Instead, opt out for the unconventional and strive to be as diverse as possible, be it foreplay, environment, or anything else that might be useful in that regard.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because getting them into an intimate relationship is as easy as picking flowers, if following the correct method.

The actual problem one has to watch for is making them stay for a long time, bringing up future prospects and the possibility of marriage or life together. Now that’s going to be a strenuous and hellish affair, not bedding them.

Usually keen on profound and intellectual conversations that spark new ideas in their minds, Aquarians are best approached with a one-on-one date where the both of you can talk undisturbed and unrestrained.

One thing worth remembering is that an Aquarius will never be as explosive or passionate as other individuals, say Leos or Scorpios.

Albeit very keen on trying new things and engaging in sex in as many ways as possible, that’s still not enough for making a true relationship work.

For that, a common ground must be found, or otherwise it’s just going to be an adventure. However, Aquarians do seem to be an endless font of knowledge, sexual mainly, because of how curious and intent on experimenting they are.

This native will forever lead his own life, by his own rules and with his own efforts. It’s useless trying to compel him into following your way or forcing him unto a set path. That only acts as a deterrent and a possible spark for conflict.

After all, who is complacent and happy at being deposed of free will and independence? Certainly not this native, that’s for sure. As such, what they are ultimately looking for in a partner is understanding, affection and an open mind.

If you have those, then this Aquarius will bless the heavens and never leave your side ever again.

When they find their match

Flexible and very libertarian in thinking, when it comes to intimate relationships and, even more specific, sexual experimentation, Aquarians will never think of a couple as a one-way trip.

Instead, not only do they welcome the prospect of polygamy and having multiple partners, but they actually act on those beliefs.

Even in the case of a long-standing relationship or marriage, while they may not openly cheat, there should exist the option to do so if the need arises.

Matching up perfectly with the open-minded and outgoing Aquarius is our straightforward and diverse Sagittarian. When these two meet, a travel around the world is bound to happen, dotted with many cranky and wicked experiences along the way.

Both of them have an enthusiastic and easy-going attitude towards sex, and so it’s a given that foreplay has a great impact on a relationship, making for one of the most important aspects actually.

The greatest feeling in the world is knowing that you can act perfectly natural and unrestricted with someone, without having to worry about being judged or criticized. And that’s exactly how the relationship between an Aquarius and a Sagittarian basically is.

No promethean efforts are need in order to make an Aquarius love you, or make the relationship work.

Everything’s fairly simple, in all honesty. Just behave naturally and keep then fully satisfied and comfortable. The way to do that depends, each one of us is different, and so are these natives.

There are no two alike, although their general traits are the same. One universal aspect of their character is the hate for routine and commonality though.

Evidently, Aquarians love sex, that much is clear as water. But, it is also true that they are not impulsive and obsessed individuals who crave for nothing but sexual satisfaction, the lowliest level of satisfaction that is.

Their urge come from a more sophisticated realm, and that is one of creativity and constant innovation, an intellectual sex drive so to speak.

Getting one of these natives to take the initiative will probably be one of the best decision you will ever make in your entire life, as things are bound to end up in the throes of pleasure.

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