Love Advice Every Aquarius Woman Must Be Aware Of

As the charming Aquarius woman that you are, you must listen more to your feelings, whilst worrying less about the future.

Aquarius woman love advice

The Aquarius woman doesn’t have a problem maintaining her friendships, which can’t be said when it comes to her romantic connections. This is because she’s not the type to commit.

The planets ruling her are Uranus and Saturn, which means she’s always in the move and a little bit unreliable. More than this, she may have a problem being intimate with someone because she’s quite superficial.

The best love advice for the Aquarius woman:

  • In love you can’t reason everything, sometimes you need to listen to your intuition;
  • You are sometimes a little too stubborn and overwhelming and this hurts your love life;
  • Avoid keeping your feelings hidden and locked away from those you like;
  • Because you can’t really fall in love at first sight, you appear quite detached;
  • You need to be aware when boredom installs in love and fight it before things break.

If you happen to be this lady, then your freedom is the most important. You don’t like being suffocated with the love of your partner, so the signs compatible with you are the ones wanting their freedom just as much as you do.

Love shouldn’t be complicated

Dear Aquarius lady, you’re an idealist and very humanitarian, which can be very helpful for your career. However, things aren’t the same when it comes to your love life.

While sometimes very difficult, you can still be the perfect partner, especially if you’re given enough space and the man in your life doesn’t mind the fact that you’re unpredictable and not at all practical.

You are kind, open and always ready to make new friends. This means you can charm anyone and are very attractive.

On the other hand, you don’t want to deal with your own emotions and prefer to reason everything. You don’t think about the past either, only because you’re too focused on the future and what needs to be done.

A free spirit and always independent, you don’t care what others think of you, which can also be seen in the bedroom. However, you don’t like being treated like a sexual object because you expect to be courted and appreciated.

The man worthy of your love will notice that you don’t always have enough time for him. This is because you usually are too busy with other things, this also being the time when you seem distant.

At least when you’re ready to commit, no one can be more faithful than you. When thinking about freedom, astrologers have you in mind. You want to be let to experience everything first-hand and to feel like no one can stop you from getting what you want.

While you may seem strange and too stubborn for others, this is the way you are, and no one can change you. Your energy can make anyone feel good.

People easily notice you in a crowd because you’re fun and spread a lively vibe. Being an Air sign, you should avoid relationships with the Earth’s Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Around Gemini and Cancer, you should be very careful.

The most compatible signs with you are Libra and Aries. In case you’re having trouble figuring out your love life, just contact a psychic to give you a reading.

You’re an intellectual with many visions and a humanitarian heart. Unique and independent, you most likely don’t want to be given love advice because you want to approach things most originally.

Besides, you hate being given advice, especially when you haven’t asked for it. There’s a lot to be discovered about who you are, so the person who wants to know you better should be patient and understanding.

Some may confuse you for a Water sign in the beginning, but they can rapidly realize how Airy you are. Similar to the other signs belonging to the Air element, you intellectually approach life and don’t rely too much on emotions.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have any feelings. You just prefer to keep them hidden and to not allow anyone to truly know you. This is what makes you unique.

Since you’re progressive and always thinking about the future, you don’t give too much importance to your past but still, cherish your memories.

While liking change, you don’t necessarily want it to be part of your life all the time. As soon as someone is in your life, he or she is there to stay.

What do you want in love?

The Aquarius woman takes love very seriously at some point in her life. However, she takes some time before becoming attached to someone, not to mention she needs to be understood.

If you’re her, then you know how to play with love and can do what it takes to develop a very profound connection with your partner.

You filter everything through your mind, which means you can’t fall in love at first sight and without trusting the person you like and want as a partner.

What you want the most from a relationship is to be able to communicate with your partner. Besides, you want a man who’s strong, smart and able to deal with any challenge that comes his way. While all this may seem difficult to achieve, it isn’t, especially for you and when you’re in love.

As an Aquarius woman, what do you actually need in love?

When it comes to what the Aquarius woman needs from her love life, this is for her needs and desires to never be ignored. She also has to be free and to feel independent, which means she needs a lot of space to be herself.

This lady’s partner has to be fun and to make things seem easier when done in a couple rather than alone.

If you’re a woman in Aquarius, then you need to know that you belong to a fixed sign. This means you don’t mind change and need a partner who likes diversity just as much as you do

Someone who can surprise you with dinner and cake on your birthday is the perfect match for you. However, he also needs to take you bungee jumping and to be ready for any new adventure.

You need to be appreciated for your wits and special talents. When it comes to the bedroom, you need someone open-minded and ready to experience more every time.

It can be difficult for an Aquarius woman to find her soulmate and to remain committed. This is because she easily gets bored, especially when having a routine or if her partner doesn’t live up to her demands.

It would be easier for her to be in a long-lasting relationship if she would focus on what made her fall in love with a person in the first place.

This means that she needs to see what makes her connection work and to analyze her own feelings.

Waiting for the man in her life to change for her is never a solution when it comes to what she needs to do for things to work out.

If you happen to be an Aquarius woman, then you most likely know how much you hate traditional ways of expressing love, like bringing flowers and going out on a date at the cinema.

Not that you don’t appreciate a romantic gesture, you just want something out of the ordinary and that doesn’t respect tradition. A special treatment may be exactly what you need, also to be taken to the most unusual places and to do what’s being forbidden.

This is because you love breaking rules and doing what’s out of the ordinary. When you like a man, you don’t tell him straight to his face that you want to be with him.

Instead, you let actions speak for you. When you’re looking for the attention of a person, you’re likely very in love with that special someone.

The man who wants to know more about you and the way you make love needs to have the most open mind because you don’t believe in taboos.

You like having sex in the most unusual places and with any occasion. The only problem you seem to have is expressing your feelings, which can make you seem very cold from time to time.

You don’t want to seem vulnerable in your partner’s eyes, so you’re hiding your emotions the best way you can. But when you tell a man that you love him, you truly mean it.

No one could be more sincere than you are. More than this, you take your time before expressing your love, so when you’re finally doing it, everything comes from the heart.

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