The Aquarius Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Aquarius woman as revealed by sexual astrology

Sex for the Aquarius woman has to be filtered through her mind. She wants a genius in her bed, someone who’s fascinating and who also looks good.

People in Aquarius don’t have inhibitions and they are always ready to experiment new things in the sheets. Not only in sex, but also in life, they like taking risks.

So don’t be surprised if the Aquarius woman you’re dating wants to have sex in a public place. She likes bending the rules. Her entire life is all about that.

She’s a people’s person, so she’ll have many friends. When she falls in love, she’s honest and passionate. If you try something to deceive her, she will leave you without looking back.

Independent, it is impossible to have this woman all to yourself.

If you want someone who’s very passionate in the sack, look for someone else. She’s not that giving when having sex, but she will keep you wanting more.

She can surprise you at times, but you need to give her reasons for doing so.

Seeking to experiment

Everything with this woman is about independence and adventure. She has energy and she’s unpredictable. She keeps a cool attitude, but inside she’s wild and childish.

The aura of an Aquarius woman is electric and bright, blue in color. This means making love with her will hit you like lightning.

She likes to keep her flings relaxed and enjoyable. Aquarians like being friends with everyone, including their partners. If you want to be with a woman in this sign, be her best friend first.

After that, make her want you by being surprising and intelligent. She will allow you in her arms when you’ll least expect it and it will turn fantastic. The Aquarius woman doesn’t have sex for the fun of it. She is looking to experiment.

You will notice an Aquarius woman just by looking on the streets. She’s the one who’s launching the latest trends in fashion. She looks good in any extravagant outfit. This girl surprises people anywhere she goes, and also in bed.

When between four eyes in the bedroom, let her be aggressive. Her self-confidence has to be somehow expressed. She is also open about saying what she feels, which means this is translated as explosiveness in bed.

She’s into hardcore techniques, but she also likes kissing, cuddling, and a good foreplay. She will at times be kinky.

Her passion and thirst for the unknown are getting expressed very well when she makes love. Don’t expect her to want to have sex all the time. She doesn’t think this activity is very important.

Moreover, she doesn’t bring her emotions into bed. Mixing feelings with lovemaking is simply not her way. She makes sure her partner is happy, but she views sex as another necessity in life.

A woman of action, the Aquarius lady prefers a partner who is as wild and rough as she is in the sack. She has a dominating side, but she’ll grant you control too.

Depending how her mood is, she will either cuddle and kiss, or do it hardcore. She has changing moods and she sometimes throws tantrums when making love.

Lustful but also cold hearted

Her adventurous side will always surface and she’ll be ready to experiment new things all the time. She doesn’t care what people think of her and she has an open mind.

Many girls are traditional and shy, but not this one. Having her as a wife or girlfriends means you are lucky because she’s a great lover and a fun person to be around.

The Aquarius woman needs to be intellectually stimulated at all times. Her ideal partner needs to be fun and always looking to engage in new activities.

She likes him to tease her, but she will never give all of herself to him. Unconventional and fun, you can easily say this woman is one of the kinkiest ladies in the zodiac.

Kama Sutra, toys, laces and belts, these are all things the Aquarius woman would try in bed. But not all Aquarius women are the same. Some of them have a very low libido and want a partner to have fun with.

The signs with which the Aquarius is the most compatible in bed are Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, another Aquarius, Aries, and Gemini. They get turned on when you touch their ankles and calves. Some Aquarius women like being tied up.

Not having a strong desire for sex, the Aquarius woman doesn’t spend too much time thinking of how she can be turned on, or fantasizing about this matter. For her, lovemaking is just something her body needs in order to be healthy and strong.

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For her, passion is not something that keeps two people together. Nor is sex.

She enjoys the pleasures this activity offers, but she doesn’t invest more than technicality in it. The man of her dreams will have his own style. She sometimes likes the strangest of men.

When someone doesn’t provide feedback to her advances, she simply gives up trying to flirt with that person. She is aware that she can offer pleasure, and she offers it freely. While she doesn’t mind her partner expressing his wishes and ideas, she likes if hers are also satisfied.

The woman in this sign has a tendency to use her partners only for sex, as sexual toys. This may hurt egos and lead to nasty breakups. If you are in bed with her, be fun and full of ideas. It is the only way not to bore her.

Don’t waste too much time with cuddles and kisses. As said before, it’s not her style to be cuddly or to get attached to someone for the affection. If you want to keep her, always do what she says when in bed.

She may have strange ideas, but she will respect you more for being unconventional. She will be open to any suggestions you may have, so you should just be courageous and open yourself to her with all your secret desires.

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