January Birthstone: Channelling the Amazing Effects of Garnet

The Garnet restores energies and makes one become a better version of themselves, like being born anew.

Garnet Birthstone

January symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start filled with plenty of potential resolutions, with great dreams and aspirations to be achieved.

And the best thing that can happen during this time is to find a Garnet, the natural birthstone associated with January. They are usually red, or of many different hues and shades of brown, crimson, even orange.

Garnet highlights:

  • It increases one’s intuitive powers and makes the soul stronger;
  • It was always the symbol of power and authority;
  • Grounds the mind and favors realistic aspirations.

A protective stone

Traditionally, Garnet crystals are said to be very good when trying to forge new friendships and partnerships. It will make one become valiant and understanding, capable of great feats of persuasion and oratorical deeds. It will also act as a form of protection for travelers, people who wander around the world.

It is best worn atop the head, to be in-line with the solar plexus below and exactly in the median line that separates the body.

It helps meditation, attempts to become one with the world and search for the one truth. It’s beneficial to the mind and the body, cleaning them of any impurities and extraneous thoughts.

It increases one’s intuitive powers and makes the soul stronger, enforcing equilibrium and balance. However, be careful of other people who use this precious stone because they are known to for their devilish powers.

The Garnet was always the symbol of power, authority, superiority over the masses, and the world worshiped it as the divine gemstone, its multicolored variety being simply overwhelming and brilliant.

Rulers from ancient times adorned their crowns with these precious stones as a sign of sovereignty, and they are simply the stuff of legends.

In fact, even prehistoric times had these stones because they are incredibly old, predating man by millennia. The Bible talks of them being used for protection against the forces of evil or as a form of meditation, to receive inspiration and insight into the natural aspects of the world. It stands for prosperity, material success, good relationships with other people.

Today, the only places that still have Garnets, mineral deposits, are India, Africa, and Sri Lanka. All these precious stones on the market are coming from those places, and everyone is trying to get a slice of the business. The blue ones are especially rare and so expensive that only the truly rich can afford them.

In general, Garnets are especially brilliant, almost like diamonds in this respect. They are definitely among the most beautiful and splendid precious stones you’ll ever see.

The funny thing is, most people believe Garnets are all red or, at most, brownish. Nothing further from the truth, in fact. They come in many different colors, from yellow to blue, orange, green, and even pink.

Depending on where they’re found and what type of mineral is found in the ground, they can be red, green, dark tints of green like olive or even pink with its different shades. The essential characteristic of such stones is that they can purify whatever they touch, be it body or soul.

Its restorative powers will turn you into a better version of yourself, filled with energy and confidence. Everything will be fine, and you know it.

You will be reborn anew, with new strength, virility, and a flourishing sexual life impassioned by the boundless imagination that comes along.

Natives born in January who trust in the powers of the Garnet will receive its boons immediately, they will be filled with complete confidence and find their purpose in life.

Nothing will be able to stop their advance, and with so much grit and ambition, success is probably around the corner as well. Motivation combined with modesty, and with a pinch of perseverance will result in unfathomable results.

Even more than just empowering them for dealing with life’s challenges, it also heals emotional wounds and forces depression to subside. Nothing, not even the greatest betrayals and disappointments will take them down now.

It’s a form of protection, an elegant and resplendent one that will attract anyone’s attention. Negativity will be gone before you get to say “Garnet”, and positivity will flood your every pore.

In terms of bodily strength, Garnets are especially useful for regulating the natural transit, to increase the rate at which the metabolism burns fat. It can even help with certain rashes or wounds, bone problems in general.

If you have back pains, then just put a Garnet under you and go to sleep. Come the next morning, you’ll feel like a newborn baby.

This January birthstone will make it so that you will no longer fool yourself with unobtainable goals or idealistic aspirations. Everything can become a reality with the Garnet. It will empower you with new strength, steel your spirit and fill you with boundless energy ready to be released at the first sign of danger.

Emotionally, people who are blessed by this powerful precious stone will emerge victorious in any love story. They will manage to get the attention of their loved ones, get rid of pointless worrying and the killjoy that is represented by anxieties and uncertainties.

Only what is good and beneficial will be left standing, becoming more intense and renewed by the garnet’s everlasting life energies. In relationships, overwhelming devotion and commitment are associated with it.

The Garnet can alleviate a broken heart. It can help you get through trying times when someone dear has passed on, or perhaps when a loved one has left and you’re missing them. It can be used to get over a divorce or a hurtful argument with your partner.

The underlying energies hidden within this little stone are so powerful and spiritually uplifting that it’s been used by people all around the world ever since its discovery.

Hopelessness and powerlessness fade away into nothingness, never to be seen again, replaced with a growing appetite for success, personal convictions, and the release of all the accumulated pressure.

Furthermore, it will make anyone who touches it feel like the world is theirs, that everything can turn into reality as long as they desire it. Illusions become material, the reality is altered, time changes and great changes are afoot.

Those born in January will have a new perception on the world, fueled by the increasingly powerful energies of the Garnet that lifts their body upwards. It’s best worn as a necklace or a pendant so that it’s directly connected to the heart.

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