Gemini Birthstones: Agate, Citrine and Aquamarine

These three Gemini birthstones have a positive influence in the lives of those born between May 21st and June 20th and help them connect with their purpose.

Gemini Birthstone

The main birthstone of the Gemini zodiac sign is considered the Agate. However, Citrine and Aquamarine are also gemstones to which this sign responds very well.

Ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, Geminis are known as great conversationalists who can be greatly influenced by the previously mentioned gemstones and improve their life.

Gemini birthstones summary:

  • Agate can bring back harmony in affected lives;
  • Those who decide to wear Citrine have more energy, a richer imagination and a clearer mind;
  • Aquamarine makes people connect better with their purpose in life.

As a matter of fact, Citrine, Agate and Aquamarine act as lucky charms for the natives born under this sign, supporting them to be more intellectual and also very strong from an emotional point of view.


While the colors of Agate can differ, this gemstone is very beautiful and transparent in most of its varieties. It gets formed when igneous rocks interacts with silica in the deepness of soils where groundwater can be found.

As a semi-precious stone, Agate presents a few layers that are placed one on top of the other. It’s made from more banded forms of chalcedony, and it features the colors of red, pink, brown, white, yellow, gray, purple and even black.

While different types of Agate are known to interact with each chakra, they all can brink balance between all the chakras of the human body.

They’re famous for cleansing the aura with their energy and for bringing harmony in a person’s physique. If you happen to feel there’s no balance in your life, just use Agate and say a few words to encourage harmony and positive energies to come to you.

It’s very smart to use this gemstone when feeling overstimulated as well, so if you want to meditate, just hold two Agate stones in your hands. Don’t expect to feel a change immediately and as soon as you have the stones because the mantra needs to be repeated a few times.

Just have patience as the process of getting better takes a little time and it also gives endurance to withstand anything meant to lead you towards achieving the things you want in life.

Agate vibrates on a frequency that’s lower and gentler. Many different types of this stone can be used for specific ailments and health problems. It may take some time before healing, but it is sure to do it.

Don’t expect it to be intense like pure Selenite or Quartz, but it’s sure to offer stability and to bring a lot of strength because its energies are strongly related to the Earth element. This gemstone is known to have beneficial effects over the body, the spirit and the emotions.

That’s why it’s suggested to be used when feeling unbalanced and when the Yin and the Yang are no longer functioning as they’re supposed to. Therefore, Agave can bring back harmony, while the Blue Lace one is perfect for those who can’t express themselves freely.

Featuring colors of white and light blue, its energy consists of Water and brings a confidence that isn’t overwhelming, but steadier.

Opposed to the Blue Lace, there is the moss Agate, which has a green color and energies belonging to the Earth element. This type of Agate works greatly for those who need endurance.

Almost all of the Agate crystals are great for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol because they inspire healthier habits and motivate anyone to have clearer goals.

Also belonging to the Chalcedony family, the Purple Sage form of Agate brings emotional support. Colorful and active, this gemstone can be found anywhere, so there will be no problems identifying the ones that work perfectly for each person.

The crystals’ forms are of macroscopic dimensions. It’s better not to determine its effects based on transparency because colors, visual effects and patterns are more suggested to be studied when it comes to benefits.

How skilled the person who cut and polished the stone is, matters very much as well because someone very talented with gemstones can actually make the healing and mystical powers of any crystal to become enhanced.

Looking at the patterns and the colors of Agate, this crypto-crystalline Quartz can be yellow, brown, purple, green, white and many other colors.


Relating to the root chakra, Citrine can turn the body’s energy into emotions, making it easier for people to interact the surrounding world. Since the root chakra is the host of many energy blockages, the use of Citrine becomes a must for everyone.

Through the plexus chakra, the energies get distributed, so the use of this stone here will increase energy levels and help with circulation. Many people decide to use it for decorative purposes.

It can be put anywhere in the house because it brings light and makes more intimate spaces look wider. Those who have a stressed work-life should use it at the office for more prosperity and a business-oriented mind.

Citrine can work wonders if placed in children’s rooms. Those who meditate with it in the hands are able to get inspired and to see things more clearly. The mantra for this gemstone should be about light and the spread of it.

Those who decide to wear Citrine have more energy, a richer imagination and a clearer mind. This stone can also be used for manifestation, so people who want to manifest should place it on a paper that contains their thoughts and repeat the mantra.

Of course, combining it with many different other stones could make the manifestation even more powerful. Citrine is excellent for those who can’t protect themselves against negative energies.

It doesn’t matter if worn as a jewel, carried around or employed in crystal healing, this stone will improve the light of the aura while also protecting the body. Those who need to feel more confident and sure about themselves should also use it all the time.

More than this, Citrine is great to attract love and to make people feel happy. Many who had their heart broken or want to protect themselves against jealousy use it and manage to put their romantic life in order.

When used for professional purposes, Citrine is perfect for communication or elevated energy levels in sports. Many healers and even doctors use it for its good effects over the health, while governmental agents prefer it for increased productivity.


Aquamarine is translated as “seawater” and it’s named like this because it actually has the color of seawater, which is a light blue and even blue-green. As a matter of fact, the beryl with the green nuance is the most common one.

This gemstone can protect against pollution and makes the environment clearer. Aquamarine deals more with energies belonging to the Water element.

It gives people courage, so those who happen to work on sea should keep it all the time on themselves in order to be protected from any kind of harm, be it either physical or psychological.

This is a crystal that has beneficial effects over the heart chakra and makes people connect better with their purpose in life.

Having regenerative powers, it also aids with rebirth and transformation. If used around the throat chakra, it helps anyone communicate more openly. It’s sure for Aquamarine to protect the aura and to align the chakras, all this while improving communication and giving anyone the ability to interact with the unseen world.

Those who want to have their immune system untouched, to keep their lymphatic node and the thymus healthy, should use Aquamarine all the time.

Many use it to enhance their taste, to heal their lungs and throat, to hear better, to get back their sense of smell and even to be more talkative.

While cleansing the organism, it also has great effects over the digestive system, the eyes, the teeth and the jaw. It’s good to be carried around when suffering from allergies, and those who happen to be convalescing from either injury or chronic disease should seriously think of wearing this stone.

Anyone who wants a little bit of more energy can benefit from its effects. Furthermore, Aquamarine makes people more creative and intuitive. Those who are very sensitive should use it in order to become more tolerant because it has a beneficial effect over too-judgmental characters.

In case someone has too many responsibilities, he or she should use Aquamarine and get the support they need. Amazing for self-improvement, this gemstone brings more energy and encourages anyone to be persistent.

Good against stress, it also prepares the mind and the body for meditation. During antiquity, it was used to fight darkness and to cast away bad spirits.

Sailors also employed it against dark times at sea. Many psychics decides to wear Aquamarine because it enhances intuition and opens the channel of communication with the unknown.

Perfect for meditation, this stone makes people more aware of their spirituality and a high state of mind. Anyone who’s stressed can use it for its calming effect because it clears the mind and chases away negative thoughts.

The information going in the brain and getting perceived by the mind is filtered by this gemstone, so those who use it are less confused and more intelligent. It’s also amazing when wanting to reach a conclusion about a business or when trying to get closer to others.

Perfect for communication and the expression of thoughts, Aquamarine helps individuals deal with different emotions, fears and sensitivity matters.

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