Leo Birthstones: Peridot, Ruby and Onyx

These three Leo birthstones will keep the power under control while reinforcing the spirit and sense of self for those born between July 23rd and August 22nd.

Leo Birthstone

Leo’s main birthstone is Peridot, but the Ruby and Onyx also have great influences over this zodiac sign. The first is considered Leo’s stone because it conducts the Sun’s energies, which happens to be the planet that rules over this sign.

Natives belonging to the Leo sign should use these three gemstones as a lucky charm and talisman for good luck. They will keep the Leos’ power under control while reinforcing their spirit and sense of self.

Leo birthstones summary:

  • Peridot is amazing for intellectual pursuits and fights negativity as it crushes repetitive patterns;
  • Ruby motivates people to have great goals and to have positive ideals;
  • Onyx protects against unconscious memories and traumas from past lives and even for the ones from this life cycle.


The Peridot can balance the energies of the heart and soul in the plexus chakra, giving people the ability to love and also a stronger will.

In other words, those who use it will be more generous, able to act on what their heart dictates them to, and more capable to follow their destiny.

Combining the colors green and yellow, this gemstone has been regarded as less than it is for years because it’s small, it can be found everywhere and doesn’t cost too much.

Influencing more people who are born in August, Peridot has had its ups and downs when it comes to its popularity. However, those who really know its powers can say it is one of the most impressive stones that can be found in nature.

Peridot in the color of olive can help the human body assimilate nutrients from any type of food and drink more easily. This stone is also known to heal different imbalances of the body.

Those who happen to go through cycles of either emotional, physical or mental appurtenance should use Peridot to make the transformation easier. It’s also amazing for intellectual pursuits and fights negativity as it crushes repetitive patterns that don’t seem to bring any good anymore.

That’s why it is considered to be a gemstone of success. Peridot users are never blocked and can move forward easier than others because they’re open to the Universe and can deal with problems more gracefully.

Furthermore, they tend not to blame themselves for things they haven’t done or to hide something in their conscious mind. This gemstone is great against piled-up feelings of anger and anxiety.

More than this, those who suffer from jealousy because they had been betrayed in a past relationship should definitely use it as they would feel lovable and happier in the current relationship.

Any negative emotion like self-destruction, impulsiveness and jealousy will be turned by Peridot into love, generosity and tolerance. This stone is great at helping people accept the world and make their dreams come true.

Any blockage a person has when it comes to receiving energies will be removed. It’s possible for many to be great at giving but at all at receiving. Such blockages usually take place in the back of chakras and affect emotions in a great way.

Therefore, deciding to use Peridot will simply deal with these blockages and make anyone able to receive feelings of love and appreciation with more grace. Making mistakes is normal, so people need to forgive themselves when not doing something right.

Peridot helps with all this and makes individuals aware of what they’ve neglected so they can make up and repair any damage they may have caused. Those who perform passage rituals should definitely use Peridot because this gemstone is helpful when transcending and having to use inner force.

The connection between consciousness and the Divine will be established much faster, and the mind will become open to any possibility. Therefore, people using this stone will be aware of other realms besides the one of their reality.

At the same time, they will become more responsible and never blame others for something they’ve done themselves.

Those who use Peridot are able to study the past and to identify what can help them in the future. In other words, this stone influences the psyche to have a clear and strong observational ability.

Furthermore, it’s easier for those who are using it to detach themselves from influences that most likely aren’t beneficial for them because it gives wisdom, a wish to experience and to express individuality.


Oriental people describe the Ruby as the “blood of earth”. Its name means “red” in Latin, and is known for bringing power and love. It seems there’s no other stone to inspire emotions as much as this one does.

In antiquity, people believed Rubies grew like fruit, in the trees. Everyone was convinced they start as white gems that slowly become ripe and turn red. No one wanted to use Rubies before they had this color.

The mystical and obviously positive effects of this stone are many. Because it belongs to the Sun, it has great influences over both the psychological and physical health. In ancient times it was used by prophets and many believed it turns darker whenever danger is just around the corner.

One famous person who believed Rubies have great effects over the heart and mind was Ivan the Terrible from Russia. In the 13th century, this stone was used for liver problems. The 15th and 16th centuries brought on the belief that Rubies are poison, however. In the present days, many use Ruby on the skin for more energy.

The most spread use of this stone was for love, vitality, more power and affection because it seems to have the best capacities when it comes to feelings. Not only belonging to the Fire element, it is also a blood stone, this being the main reason why it brings so much energy and a lust for life.

Soldiers used to carry it around for courage because it was known to cast away any type of fear, bad luck and evil.

When it comes to emotions, the Ruby motivates people to have great goals. It influences their dreams to be more positive and has a great effect when it comes to accumulating wealth and becoming more passionate.

Any negative emotion is replaced with love and warmth if a Ruby is carried around. Many Kings used to have it on their jewels because it inspires courage, concentration, intelligence and awareness.

Ruby can make anyone stronger and helps in times of conflict because it’s known to protect against any physical attack. It’s a peace bringer that makes people think of reconciliation when arguing.

Its dynamism and passion can make anyone more enthusiastic about life and also very sexual. Therefore, those who feel like they no longer have a need to live should carry it around because they’d find what’s missing in their life.

In love, Ruby makes anyone more passionate and open to express his or her feelings. Very rare and precious, Rubies have amazing colors that resemble many fruits like raspberries and red apples, while their hardness is the same as that of diamonds. They shine and look amazing on any jewel and amulet.


Onyx is known as a chalcedony that gets formed from the mineral silica. Banded differently than the Agate, Onyx features parallel inner-growths and layers.

It can be either transparent or opaque and has the colors white, black, brown, green, yellow and brown. However, the most common Onyx is either black or white.

This gemstone is known to influence the financial side of life and to help people with business. It’s perfect for those who negotiate all day long because it gives them self-confidence and the power to endure any financial crisis.

Many entrepreneurs love to use it because it makes their businesses last longer. When it comes to health, Onyx protect against headaches and is good for the eyes.

Because it has an influence over the base of chakras, it makes people connect more easily with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Many magicians and witches used to employ Onyx in their rituals.

Magical amulets were made with this stone because it’s good at making connections with the Other World. In other words, Onyx absorbs energy from the Universe, which means it’s perfect for healing and the balance between the Yin and the Yang.

Furthermore, Onyx helps people feel more secure, so it deals with nightmares and different kind of fears. If you happen to not sleep well, just use it and you’ll no longer have a problem.

Those who feel like having a dual personality should employ it for stability and balance. Any fear and worry will be dealt with Onyx, not to mention how much this stone can help with having to make wise decisions.

It’s important to use it at work because it increases concentration and helps when focusing on a task. Any negative thoughts can be replaced with positive ones because Onyx has the power to do so.

Astrologers know it’s amazing against unconscious memories and traumas from past lives and even for the ones from this life cycle.

Onyx is a gemstone of secrets that helps individuals become their own confidants. It keeps positive memories alive in the mind and has many uses in psychometric activities.

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