Virgo Birthstones: Sapphire, Carnelian and Peridot

These three Virgo birthstones act as lucky charms and bring clarity of thought and confidence to those born between August 23rd and September 22nd.

Virgo Birthstone

While the Virgo has the Sapphire as its main birthstone, Carnelian and Peridot also interact very well with this sign. Sapphire is known to conduct a Mercury’s energy, this being the planet that the rules over Virgo.

People in this sign have an analytical mind and are very disciplined. When wearing these gemstones, they become luckier and able to bring in their earthy nature in all of their emotions and spiritual searches.

Virgo birthstones summary:

  • Sapphire can be used for inner peace and mental improvement;
  • Carnelian is the stone of those who want to become warmer or to have all the attention on them;
  • Peridot can help anyone connect with nature and detach themselves from the noise of the city.


The name of the Sapphire comes from Latin and Greek, and it means “blue” in both languages. Others think it is a name that has something to do with the planet Saturn and that the term “sapphire” means “dear to Saturn” in more than one language.

However, it can’t be said the name of this stone comes from it is, but more from what it in fact represents. And this is the potential of one’s destiny.

Many astrologers and psychics believe people who are connected with this stone have the same make up but are as well extremely different. That’s why they’re all unique and don’t have noticeable similarities with others and especially those who are not wearing the stone.

Sapphire is a gem that relates to the spirit and helps people improve. Therefore, it should be used when wanting to keep your life in order.

It is believed to have great power over transformation and to help anyone work faster. It’s also a stone that connects the soul with the Universe and opens up channels of tremendous power.

Those who want to be in contact with angels and spirit guides should definitely use Sapphire and communicate with the Other World.

This is a stone that gives individuals a purpose in life and brings about good karma for the soul to develop harmoniously. From a psychological point of view, it can be used for inner peace and mental improvement. It calms, brings about clarity and helps with concentration.

Many people are using it to deal with mental illnesses and nervousness. As a material, the Sapphire is from the corundum family and an aluminum oxide that features a structure in trigons.

Being related to the Ruby, the only difference between these two stones is the color. Rubies are red and sapphires corundums in many colors. However, the most common color of the Sapphire is blue.

Because it comes in many shades, many consider it versatile and very beneficial. Its hardness is under the one of Diamonds, which happens to be a 10, and makes the Sapphire a 9.

This means the Sapphire is a perfect stone for jewelry that can be worn every day. People from middle ages used to believe this stone is great against negativity. Furthermore, it was believed to be a gem that cures any ailment.

The light reflected by the Sapphire resembles silk, while the transparent ones that have no color are called Leucosapphires. Some of the Sapphires are colored in pale shades and others feature a very strong nuance.

Usually cut in round and oval shapes, there are also square and rectangular stones of this kind. Those who wear a Sapphire are more motivated, optimistic and self-fulfilled. When it comes to the physical health, this stone helps the organism function better.


People have used Carnelian for its healing properties ever since the most ancient times. During middle ages, those who used crystals for healing worked with this stone to release tension and stress. The Vikings are known for using it more than others.

Featuring colors of orange, red and brown, Carnelian works amazingly against worries and at making people more playful, spontaneous and warm. It’s not only very appealing, but also highly effective because it interacts with the three chakras in the lower body.

Those who are afraid to take action can be completely transformed by it because it is a stone that interacts with the root chakra and sends positive energy towards the center of the body.

Furthermore, it improves creativity and sexual performance. Artists use it to deal with their emotions when having to perform on stage, while lovers employ it for better results in the bedroom.

It would be enough to keep it in the pocket or to wear it on jewelry, and it will give enough confidence for any plan to be put into action. It’s good to be taken to interviews, when having to perform on stage or when dealing with intense stress.

Many actors and actresses use Carnelian to bring out their hidden talents and to focus as this stone is known to bring the two sides of the brain together.

Just as the Rose Quartz, it enhances sexual performance and inspires love to get released. If both Carnelian and Rose Quartz are placed on the heart chakra, the passion and lust of a person immediately get released.

When put on the lower side of the abdomen, it interacts with the root chakra and brings about healing as this is the center that keeps human beings in contact with the Earth. Carnelian is not only a booster for courage and confidence, it also detoxifies the blood and makes it circulate better in the body.

Perfect for any stressful occasion, it is the stone of performers and of those who want to become warmer or to have all the attention on them. If you want to be at your best, just put some Carnelian in your bathroom and infuse it in water.

It’s good to do this before an event as this stone chases away anxiety and any feeling of fear. Repeat a mantra for courage and confidence, and things will happen just as you want them to.


The Peridot is the crystal of the Sun, a stone that’s able to harness all the energy of life and to turn nights into days.

It’s like vitamin D because it’s strongly connected with the Sun and gives people the ability to be happy or more spiritual. The light of Peridot is like a ray of energy, happiness and lightheartedness.

Those who want to feel the sun rays on their skin and to enjoy such moments should use this stone all the time. It inspires individuals to feel better, to make wishes and to be connected with the Divinity.

When looking at the Peridot, it’s possible to see the Autumn in action because it features beautiful colors and it also brings the abundance this season has to offer. Royals used to wear it next to their heart in order to attract love.

When sitting in the light of the stone, it’s easy to feel the entire love of the Universe and to fall for someone without even realizing how powerful feelings may be inside the heart.

Peridot can help anyone connect with nature and detach themselves from the noise of the city. When used in meditation, this stone brings about a new light for the spirit and opens up new horizons.

This gem has been long used by those who are seeking to discover the Universe as it represents the light everyone chases and keeps the spirits uplifted. Many Feng Shui arrangements use it for its protective qualities.

It can be used in decorative items because it has great colors and a beautiful structure. After saying a mantra to it, just put a statue of Peridot in the East or Southeast corner of the home and wait for its power to bring about prosperity and health.

Also known as the stone for studying, this crystal works amazingly for concentration and makes the mind receptive to new information. It’s smart to keep it in the office because it gives continuous access to clarity of mind, perseverance and scientific thinking.

Romans used it against depression, so those who are suffering from sadness should keep it in their pocket or as a jewel.

They would get to feel motivated and to appreciate themselves more. Crystal healers usually put their patients in the light of the Peridot, so they can absorb all of this stone’s energies.

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