Capricorn Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

Driven to succeed, Capricorn people know that they’re the only ones in charge of their own destiny and that they need to make their dreams come true.

Capricorn Symbol

Capricorn natives are usually very successful, ambitious and a little bit stubborn. With their birthday somewhere between December 22nd and January 19th, they are the type who can really do their job properly and want to coexist with everyone in harmony.

Their determination to succeed is what makes them who they are. They love to compete and don’t mind working hard because they want their life to be stable and properly organized. Very devoted and family-oriented, they can also be too pessimistic and usually never forgive those who’ve crossed them.

Capricorn qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Faithfulness, responsibility and ambition;
  • Negative traits: Pessimism, stubbornness and moodiness;
  • Symbolism: The Goat is a symbol of resilience, high ambitions and stability.
  • Motto: I build.

It doesn’t matter how complicated or large a project this, you can be sure a Capricorn will have it completed somehow. Represented by the Goat, they can be stubborn and take a long time to decide what’s best for them.

A headstrong personality

When talking about Capricorns, all the astrologers are thinking of are responsibility, tradition and seriousness. These people are the independent type, but they’re very focused for their personal and work life to always take the right direction.

Very composed and able to play the role of leaders, their plans are always calculated and interesting, which means many people will want to follow them. Because they can learn from experience, they rarely make mistakes.

Their element is Earth, just like for the Virgo and the Taurus, and their sign is the last one belonging to this element. Very practical because of this reason, Capricorns can use all they know and make their life better and better with every day that passes.

However, Earth makes them a little bit uptight and headstrong, so they rarely accept to change their views or to give up on one of their relationships. These natives find it difficult to deal with people who are different than them and sometimes impose their morals or traditions on others, in the most aggressive manner.

Saturn rules over Capricorn, this planet being the representative of restrictions too. While it makes people very dutiful and able to handle the materialistic side very well, it also influences them to be detached and not in any way forgiving.

That’s why Capricorns usually don’t forget the past and can make others feel very guilty after they’ve made a mistake. If they want to be happier and more accepted by others, they need to learn how to let go of things.

At social gatherings, they won’t interact with others until they’ve carefully observed how the group acts. They’re afraid people are judging them, just like they’re doing with others, so they may take a while before completely relaxing when in the company of other individuals.

It isn’t in any way easy for them to make friends, however, after they’ve learned to trust a person, you can be sure they’re the most loyal and thoughtful. They have a creative mind, yet they prefer to be practical.

That’s why many of them are architects, designers and traders of art. These natives give a lot of importance to money and are very good at any profession that has something to do with numbers or finances.

They can speculate, work in a bank, as accountants, manage offices, buy and sell real estate and even do scientific research.

It seems that no matter what they decide to make a living from, they get to be excellent at it. Many of them are teacher and the CEOs of very important companies.

It’s great to know they simply love working and stress doesn’t influence them in any way, on the contrary, it makes them work harder and become even more concentrated.

However, this can also cause them to be extremely tired, so they need to be warned that relaxation is also important. They’re very reserved and only like to work by respecting traditions, so they really know how to do their job.

Very pessimistic and not having a sense of humour, when life doesn’t seem to go the way they want it to, they become depressed and melancholic.

It doesn’t matter how close they are with the people around them, they can be only centred on themselves and don’t interact as much as others do. It’s very common for many of them to feel left out, unappreciated or not liked.

It would be better not to have them as enemies because they can be ruthless when upset. On a more positive note, they’re reliable and don’t mind putting others before their own interests.

Capricorn positive qualities

Because they’re only driven to succeed, people in Capricorn can be absent-minded from time to time. They know they’re the only ones in charge of their own destiny and realize no one can make their dreams come true but themselves.

Others see them as distant, but they’re in fact only very independent and relying only on themselves. These natives know time is money and organize themselves very well in order to have each and every detail of their projects addressed.

From all the other signs in the zodiac, they’re the most likely to marry out of interest. However, don’t think they’ll give up on their ambitions just because they married someone with wealth and status.

On the contrary, they’ll continue working on their finances and social position. Goats don’t mind waiting for their dreams to come true and have a lot of patience.

While they’re intensely focusing on their own goals, they can also be very present in their family and friends’ life. Very careful not to make the wrong decisions, they pay a lot of attention to their money and manage to save or to make solid investments.

Having money makes them feel secure, and they really need security in their life because this is what drives them to become better people.

No one can be prouder than them when achieving success, and if offered kindness, they want to repay because they hate owing people any favour.

It can be said Capricorns’ most positive qualities are determination, organization and tremendous patience. Always able to make plans and to think of what they need to do in order to achieve their goals, these people are usually successful and have a great career.

Anyone can rely on them and they’re very dedicated to do what they have promised, but they may have problems when needing to open up and to be warm.

However, you can trust them to always be faithful and to want their relationships to last for a lifetime. Considering how patient and resistant they are, you can be sure they’ll be next to their lover when things get rough.

Capricorn negative traits

Many people may see Capricorns as very strange because they can’t understand why these natives are so obsessed with success and to have so much wealth. Not to mention they are real perfectionists who invest too much time and too many efforts into their career.

They prefer to focus on only one thing and to deal with the other after they’re done, so they always manage to complete their projects. Controlling and authoritative, they never forget or forgive the person who has done them wrong.

Expecting many incredible results from both themselves and others, they often get disappointed because life doesn’t always offer them what they want. Not too emotional and focused to have a good image that they can show to others, they work hard for a good social position and to be appreciated.

It sometimes seems that no matter how successful they become, their grumpiness is their main trait. Lacking compassion because they never seem to be satisfied, Capricorns sometimes get to be very cold and not at all kind, so they’ll chase their goals and make their dreams come true without thinking they may hurt others along the way.

The direction they decide to take in life must be according to their personality and what their mind desires of them. Only this way, they’ll get to be really happy and to have a good life.

Capricorn man qualities

The Capricorn man should never be underestimated because while he may seem calm and reserved, he’s in fact a ruthless when it comes to his own success.

Remember his mind is all the time working and thinking of how to achieve great things. He knows his direction in life and has clear objectives in his mind, so he will most likely succeed with everything he’s trying.

That’s why he’s seen as the most workaholic male in the entire zodiac. No one and nothing can stand in his way when he wants something, especially if his career is involved. He knows how to be practical and has great convictions.

This man will never turn down a good challenge if it’s meant to bring him great rewards or a good social position. He will be famous, rich and important just because his perseverance can’t be in any way tempered with.

The Capricorn man is very attentive to details and has a lot of patience when it comes to achieving his goals.

The planet that the rules him is Saturn, which gives him authority and the need to be wealthy. While he may step on some toes on his way up, you can be sure he’ll never get personal with anyone.

Very careful and not at all a risk taker, the Capricorn man prefers to invest in solid opportunities. There’s no one more down-to-earth and able to understand reality than him.

He doesn’t have impossible dreams and relies a lot on tradition because he’s conservative. Don’t expect him to go dancing or to want to travel the world as he’s reserved and more family-oriented.

Instead of going to bars, he’ll be the one who manages them, and instead of buying plane tickets, he will plan months in advance or talk to a travel agent about his vacation.

The Capricorn Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Capricorn woman qualities

This lady knows how to negotiate and just like her male counterpart, she’s very determined to succeed in her career. You’ll find her in a position of power and still being very ambitious to become better.

Her colleagues will be left far behind her because she’s the best in what she’s doing. People need to pay attention to her horns as she can hurt anyone very badly if she thinks him or her is in her way.

Very stubborn and not accepting others’ opinions, the Capricorn woman is independent and knows how to play the role of a leader.

In other words, she’s the Alpha woman who strikes back when provoked. She’s not aggressive, but she can be ruthless when crossed.

No one is tougher than her, so any difficult situation and tragedy in her life will be dealt with calm and a rational mind.

The Capricorn Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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