Aries Birthstones: Diamond, Carnelian and Bloodstone

These three Aries birthstones bring a positive influx of energy in the lives of those born between March 21st and April 19th.

Aries Birthstone

One of the most precious stones in the world, the Diamond, also represents the birthstone of the Aries. However, this doesn’t mean people in this sign don’t respond well to Carnelian and Bloodstone as well. It would be a great idea to give Arieses gifts that feature one of these gemstones.

These natives are usually highly energetic and focused on taking action, so their birthstones would only help them become luckier and to always be dynamic. The energy of Arieses gets to highly increase when they’re wearing one of these gemstones.

Aries birthstones summary:

  • Diamonds have always been recognized to improve energy levels and to encourage the developmental process;
  • Carnelian helps people think clearly and have balance in their mind;
  • Bloodstone can help by inspiring change and revealing new horizons that can be explored.


It’s true Arieses have the most expensive birthstone in the zodiac. Many people appreciate Diamonds for being incredibly beautiful, expensive and for having great properties.

There is no other stone or material to be more resistant than the Diamond. As a matter of fact, it’s known to be 58 times harder than any other element found on this planet. Diamonds interact very well with the chakras of the Third Eye, of the crown, the heart, the soul star and the higher transpersonal one.

They have great effects over the prefrontal lobes in the brain, which means they make people psychics. Diamonds are also good for the imagination and for helping individuals have better vision.

It’s smart to use them in combination with other stones because they’re known to enhance the energy of any other crystal. Obviously, Diamonds can relieve Arieses from certain illnesses that characterize their sign, such as brain diseases, infections and any other issue of the pituitary gland.

Besides looking absolutely incredible, the Diamond is very good at bringing positive energies to any Aries. It helps people in this sign be successful in all the areas of life. One of the greatest things this stone can do is bring more clarity to the mind and life in general.

This means those who wear Diamonds are able to stay positive and to find solutions to problems. Diamonds have always been recognized to improve energy levels and to encourage the developmental process.

Furthermore, they’re good for prosperity, love, good faith and resistance. This expensive stone attracts wealth, power, boldness, creativity, harmony, pure energies and inspires feelings of self-esteem.

Those who wear it are able to transmit their pure love and to be in relationships that are sincere. As a matter of fact, these stones are famous for dealing with all the negative feelings and for making love as pure as possible.

The Diamond could help anyone make their dreams come true and take their destiny into their own hands. Besides all this, these stones are great for a feeling of calm and for peace of mind because they inspire the most positive attitude anyone could have.

They’re also amazing again stress, suffering, unexplained fear and any negative thought. In antiquity, diamonds were believed to protect against thieves, drowning, burning, poisons, diseases and black magic.

It’s advocated they’re worn on the hand as a bracelet, more precisely the left hand, or at the neck. Because they purify the body, they’re believed to be great protectors. People living in ancient India used to say diamonds have a vibration that makes every organ in the body stronger, especially the brain, while Eastern cultures used diamonds for the heart.

When someone was sick, they placed a diamond in water and left the glass next to the sufferer’s bed for the whole night. The next morning, the patient was supposed to drink the water left there very slowly.

Diamonds are famous for protecting people from cardiovascular diseases, bone diseases and even leukemia. They have a beneficial influence over the endocrine glands and can help with dizziness, glaucoma, all this while they’re the metabolism and the immune system function better, and they fight against stomach pain.

Those who suffer from memory loss or are struggling with depression, tiredness, skin diseases and nightmares should use it as well. It is also great stone for addictions of any kind, so it can do wonders in rehab centers.


Incredibly beautiful and in the colors red, yellow, brown or orange, Carnelian increases energy levels and brings about happiness. This stone is famous for transforming the negative energies into positive ones.

It can make people understand their inner workings and improves concentration. Those who have unexplained fears and who don’t like speaking in public will become more eloquent and courageous when employing this stone.

Furthermore, it boosts self-esteem and therefore, it improves one’s career. This stone is known for bringing wealth, protection, happiness and healing. Those who want to benefit from it should place it at the entrance of their house.

When it comes to the mind, Carnelian helps people think clearly and have balance in their mind. It’s a stone with the power of removing the fear of death and for helping with rebirth.

People who use it are always aware life has to follow a cycle because it inspires patience, resistance and reduces impulsive thinking or anger. Those from ancient Egypt used Carnelian in their bracelets to calm down anger, hatred, jealousy and all other negative feelings.

Belonging to the sign Aries, Carnelian is good for becoming more peaceful. It fights depression and puts people in contact with the Divinity. Those who have nightmares should place it under their pillow.

Known to also improve productivity, Carnelian gives people the feeling they have control over their life. More than this, it illuminates in the darkness and fights negative thinking.

While purifying the blood, it also helps new cells to get formed and increases the energy. Furthermore, it lowers blood sugar levels and helps the circulation. Blood pressure levels will as well be normalized when wearing a bracelet made from Carnelian stones.

There are two ways to wear Carnelian: for courage and attracting new energy, and for protecting against any negative thoughts. It’s better to visualize the way this stone protects in order to benefit from all of its powers.


Also going by the name of heliotrope, the Bloodstone is a form of mineral quartz. As a matter of fact, it happens to be also named cryptocrystalline quartz because it consists of many tiny crystals that are grouped in large structures and don’t have a crystal form on the exterior.

However, it is a genuine crystal because it’s composed out of such materials. This is a quartz from the chalcedony family, having the green with red insertions variety known as the Bloodstone.

This gem can be found in rocks that reside near rivers. The countries in which Bloodstone is the most spread happen to be Australia, Brazil and India. Many religious people believe they were present at Jesus’ crucifixion, so they hired artists to make different carvings with it.

People from Babylon made amulets and seals with it, while Roman gladiators used it for protection. The middle ages reveal the Bloodstone is great for healing and for treating nosebleeds.

There’s a recipe of powder Bloodstone with egg-whites and honey that’s amazing against tumors and hemorrhages. Alchemists in ancient times used it for blood diseases, against poison and for treating wounds.

It was also really good to fight the venom of snakes. Dark red and belonging to the element of Earth, the Bloodstone is famous ever since middle ages for its sacred powers and for being present at the crucifixion.

This is what gave it its name and inspired people to believe in its amazing healing abilities. Those who feel like they’re no longer spiritual should meditate using bloodstone because it has a beneficial influence over the root chakra and brings about a sense of feeling safe.

Whenever thinking life doesn’t have meaning anymore, Bloodstone can help by inspiring change and revealing new horizons that can be explored with a positive energy. In conclusion, it’s amazing for gathering one’s strength and for making one more courageous.

It stimulates the root chakra, which is also where the physical energy resides, and makes anyone feel less sluggish or able go along with the day.

In other words, Bloodstone gives people energy and motivates them to complete their projects. Healers that work with crystals use it for physical energy and for more creativity.

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