Taurus Birthstones: Emerald, Rose Quartz and Sapphire

These three Taurus birthstones will balance emotions and help those born between April 20th and May 20th build the wealth they so much desire.

Taurus Birthstone

Taurus natives have the Emerald as one of their birthstones, as they also respond very well to Rose Quartz and Sapphires. It would be a great idea to give a person in this sign jewelry with one of these stones because they’d get to become luckier.

Taurians are materialistic people who desire wealth, so the Emerald or any other stone just mentioned can help them become wealthier, have enough physical energy and get their emotions in tune with their earthy ways.

Taurus birthstones summary:

  • Emerald calms and brings about a soft energy that can balance anyone’s temperament;
  • Rose Quartz helps people forgive and see things from a different perspective, making them wiser and more profound;
  • Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and is ideal in situations of change.


Colored in green and belonging to the beryl family, the Emerald is known as the Taurus’ birthstone. How intense the color is in this stone determines its quality as well.

More expensive Emeralds have a deep green color while those that are of less quality feature a green that’s more yellow. More than this, Emerald loses its nuance of green if placed under great heat.

The term for it comes from the Greek word “smarsgaud” and the French “esmersaude”, and it means “green stone”. Together with Topaz, this is the only gem to be identified on lists belonging to ancient times.

Nowadays, the places where Emerald is produced the most are Brazil and Columbia. As a matter of fact, those from Columbia are considered the best Emeralds in the world.

Many see it as the stone of peace because it calms and brings about a soft energy that can balance anyone’s temperament. People who are born in May should definitely wear it with jewelry or in their pockets because they’d be more connected with their own spirit and energetic flow.

Furthermore, Emerald helps with intuition and vision, being also a stone for the eyes and prophecies about the future. When it comes to the mind, the Emerald improves the memory, brings about wisdom and more clarity. It’s a stone of intelligence and good judgment that makes the unconscious known to the conscious.

Those who want to focus, to become psychics and to open the path towards clairvoyance should use it as much as possible. More than this, Emerald was used in ancient times to protect people against black magic.

When it comes to the body, this stone brings about good health and is known to fight aging. Those who know how to use it are all the time revitalizing their tired organs with its help. It’s a healer for the heart and has great influence over the gallbladder, the kidneys, the pancreas, the liver and the respiratory system.

Good for the spine and the muscles, Emerald can also help with infections and conditions that are malignant.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of love that has been used in many rituals of marriage and engagement. It’s also crystal for those who are hopelessly in love.

Belonging to the quartz family, the main component in it is silicon dioxide with a color of gentle pink and increased transparency.

Because it’s irradiated, Rose Quartz shouldn’t be kept in the Sun as it would lose its color. Under a microscope, its hexagonal structure can be observed and determined how large it is. However, there are also stones of Rose Quartz that form small clusters in the shape of prisms.

It can be found all over the world, but the most common places where it’s getting mined are South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil and India.

While it’s believed to influence love, this doesn’t mean it only deals with romanticism. On the contrary, Rose Quartz has the ability to put consciousness in the relation with a higher level of existence.

It helps people forgive and see things from a different perspective, making them wiser and more profound when it comes to friendships and relationships. At the same time, Rose Quartz brings about a kind energy that makes individuals recognize their own need to be compassionate.

Those who use it will understand what forgiveness means and prefer to never be ruthless. Because it’s a stone of Water, Rose Quartz heals just as water flows and washes out anything that’s dirty.

Therefore, this stone can detoxify and eliminate negativity. Those who use it will notice how their darkest thoughts are simply flowing out of their mind while the love is coming in the same way.

It’s a crystal of the heart chakra that makes people more trusting and aware of their own power. The heart is known to not heal after being hurt until it has fully understood and accepted what happened in the past.

This is what the Rose Quartz does: more precisely it has the heart no longer being suspicious and fearful when it comes to the events that will happen next. Having feminine energy, this crystal stimulates the chakra of the heart and makes the Third Eye or the crown one become more balanced.

When all these three chakras are working in conjunction, the Earth element can bring in all its power. Rose Quartz is a great crystal for when having to deal with the new and accepting the past.

Those who meditate with it will invoke love and become more compassionate. When feeling down, Rose Quartz can be held up to the heart, so it can connect with this chakra.

It’s a stone that clears the mind and helps people get in contact with their own emotions, be it positive or negative. The more it will be worn, the more it will bring about power and new energies.

The ritual of employing it involves breathing and thinking about how negativity gets out of the body. It’s good to envision its pink light and how it moves from chakra to chakra, healing the mind and the heart.


Ruled by the planet Venus, the Taurus is a representative of quiet, strong and ambitious people. Others know these natives as realistic and always ready to take action. However, they can also be stubborn and have a quick-temper.

The Sapphire was used in talismans in order to preserve chastity, to identify thieves and traitors, to protect from poison, fever, skin issues and plague. It’s also a stone that works against black magic and witchcraft intended to make people sick.

Many physicians used it for the eyes and to increase focus, while priests recommended it for those who have sinned. Sapphire is a crystal of transformation and aligns its energy to the one of the mind.

Therefore, those who wear it are open to new horizons and become aware of their abilities. It has been long used in compasses and other instruments of pointing direction.

Scientists, hunters, travelers, adventurers and explorers have also employed it because it’s known as the crystal of those who want to learn how to research. Sapphire can help anyone improve his or her situation when it comes to health, relationships and wealth.

As said before, it deals with transformation, so those who want to learn a new language, to become stronger and better should definitely carry it around. It’s the crystal of seekers that features the Earth’s power and can transform anyone who wants to become more evolved.

In conclusion, Sapphire is ideal in situations of change. Even today, people still see it as a wisdom stone because it provides psychic abilities, mental clarity and helps with the search for the Absolute Truth.

Its blue light can organize any mind and heal anybody by giving him or her the ability to concentrate and by making people see beyond appearances. Those who use it are more knowledgeable and profound.

It interacts with the throat chakra and allows for the consciousness to become deeper in order for the wearer to understand him or herself better. Connected with Saturn, Sapphire brings about discipline and organization, so it’s perfect when someone wants to accomplish important goals or to put some ideas into practice.

Students can use it to calm and focus more effectively because this crystal eliminates the tension in the mind and the thoughts that aren’t constructive. It’s very effective for artists who want to open their vision, to appreciate beauty and to work with their intuition.

Depressed people can wear Sapphire to become happier and more balanced. It’s also a stone of justice and integrity, so it brings luck and positive results in legal matters. That’s why it was worn when people used to sign treaties, to negotiate or to buy possessions.

Besides all this, blue Sapphire brings about love, a sense of commitment and makes people faithful. If you know a couple that’s moving in together or is getting married, just give them two matching sapphires.

However, it’s best to be taken away from those who are divorcing because it is a stone that represents attachment and usually prolongs connections instead of ending them.

Sapphire can improve spirituality and it can also make people happier with what life has to offer them. It tends to help with dreams and anything the consciousness desires, so it’s good to be used when trying to fulfill a goal or when getting initiated in something.

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