Aquarius Color: Why Turquoise Has the Best Influence

Turquoise increases focus and spiritual tuning whilst clarifying the purpose of one in life.

Aquarius Lucky Color Turquoise

For the Aquarian natives, turquoise acts as the essential benefactor, leading these natives through a mental metamorphosis, one starting with a calmer and more relaxed mindset.

They become more tempered, managing to balance out their naturally aggressive energy. Like the surface of a lake, their emotional state is always placid, tranquil, lacking in any disturbances.

The Aquarius lucky color Turquoise in a nutshell:

  • This is a color suggesting hope, inspiration and wisdom;
  • It helps Aquarius move past disappointments and reach their true potential;
  • Turquoise helps increase self-confidence and expression.

Why the color turquoise is so great for Aquarius

The color turquoise and its associated hues are hopeful, inspiring, and have a certain beneficial influence on one’s communication skills. These people become true orators and free-speakers when having a blue-coloured accessory on them.

It increases their focus and spiritual tuning to the other side, giving clarity of purpose and a communion between spirit and body. Turquoise gemstones are also extremely good.

Turquoise is associated with a more feminine understanding, its energy being way calmer and more relaxing. It comes in slow but steady streams, giving way for a more potent and intense magical feeling to take place in the body.

It gives wisdom, intellectual prowess, emotional stability and creative drive, devotion toward personal principles, and affectionate feelings toward close ones.

One thing is clear, that the color turquoise and its associated hues and shades have the greatest impact on Aquarian natives.

Mercury finds its most complete form when combined with bluish shades, turquoise, and aquamarine. So if these natives want to pursue a literary career, then all they have to do is wear some blue. That will kick off their abilities in the right direction.

Moreover, blue acts on more than a psychological level. If the Aquarius natives have lung issues or have trouble breathing, then wearing a necklace with a sapphire or a blue agate will have swift effects.

A lot of people find themselves overtaken by worries, responsibilities and the day-to-day obligations. The same goes for the Aquarians, but this is actually easily solvable.

They ought to make some trips outside, to the lake, or just take a step back and watch the sky for a few moments.

That will quickly calm them down, regain their confidence and tranquillity. Generally, they are working at 200% most of the time, thinking about plans and worrying about possible mistakes and failures.

This becomes very stressful and irritating at some point. However, by just taking a 10-minute break and engorging in the soothing sense of tranquillity that the blue sky transmits, all of this disappears.

Afterward, they won’t only be feeling less stressed-out and more in-synch with themselves, but their efficiency and productivity will also increase tremendously. It’s really a very beneficial color, one that helps the mind and the body enter a communion of some sorts.

Stress and agitation will also be eliminated at the same time. Panic attacks have no chance against this influence either.

Blue works on both extremes, on the lack of confidence and a problem with expressing oneself, but also with over-enthusiasm and too much agitation.

In general, this a problem coming from the Aquarius planets, because its energies get blocked out. However, wearing blue-colored clothes will nullify this effect, act as a form of reawakening and revitalization. It will also increase intuition, open-mindedness, and flexibility when confronted with new situations.

Channeling the power of colors

The Aquarian’s upbringing makes it that some these natives are really lucky when it comes to their colors. White, purple, shades of dark and light blue, even indigo, all of these are perceived with increased passion and have a great effect on them.

In fact, it can be said, these people can adapt themselves to redder colors as well. It depends on the personality.

For example, they can become acquainted with red, orange, crimson even. This is not only going to work wonders on their originally placid and vulnerable personality, but also increase their confidence and assertiveness.

On the other hand, if they want a change of perspective and some little spice to be added in the midst of all the routine, blue is still the master color.

Uranus rules this color, electrifying blue, a shade that comes to stimulate the higher levels of the intellect, to aid in mentally exhaustive professions. It will inspire and bring new ideas, new plans, new paths to take.

Those who choose this color will get to expand their minds beyond the norm, their imagination, and creativity receiving a boost-up.

Psychologically, electrifying blue also helps toward a more thorough analysis of the self, introspection in its purest form.

It helps people get over past disappointments and reach their true potential, to walk through seas of fire, resurface from the dark abyss of their minds, and soar through the skies unimpeded.

On the other hand, dark blue colors, and especially precious gemstones that exude this shade of blue are especially good at curing some forms of illness or psychological trauma.

Agitation, spontaneous fits of anger, these can all be eliminated and turned for the better through the effects of this color. It not only calms and soothes the mind, but it also increases cognitive abilities.

As a matter of fact, turquoise is also a mineral ore used in the manufacturing of precious gemstones and jewellery.

It’s the oldest and most mysterious of the possible gemstone combination, a true ancient mineral that symbolizes the ability to thrive in challenging situations, to find prosperity and success. The spiritual world has a deep connection with this blue gem.

These stones are also very good in establishing friendly relationships to other people. It gives the Aquarians a deep intuition and brings a lot of good luck to the wearer.

It makes them become able to see one’s true motivations and desires, to make wise decisions in times of great peril. It increases their observational and analytic skills.

Moreover, this bluish gem is also believed to have healing powers as well. Its vibrations are especially good at mending and strengthening the physical body, increasing muscle mass, curing a lot of issues and problems that appear with age.

It’s also good as an anti-inflammatory medicine. In other words, the mind and the body are both going through a period of perfect synchronicity because of this turquoise gemstone.

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