Cancer Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Emerald

These three Cancer birthstones can provide so much needed emotional serenity to those born between June 21st and July 22nd and function as a lucky charm.

Cancer Birthstone

Pearl, along with Alexandrite and Emerald are the three birthstones dedicated to the Cancer zodiac sign. It would be a great idea to give someone in Cancer jewels with one of these stones.

These people are nurturing and kind, so either of the three gemstones suits them very well. Furthermore, either can act like their lucky charm and could be their life’s talisman because it makes them stronger and gives an emotional serenity that they very much require.

Cancer birthstones summary:

  • Pearl is a stone of sincerity and pure truth that can make anyone more centered and calm;
  • Alexandrite reminds everyone things are not always what they seem to be;
  • Emerald chases away all the negative thoughts and keeps positivity flowing through the body.


The Pearl is known to adapt the body and its natural rhythm according to the lunar cycles. This is a stone of wisdom and feelings of pure love. When wearing it, people understand themselves better and become more enlightened in the spirit and mind.

More than this, individuals who were Pearls learn how to love themselves and others in a more nurturing way. Pearls can make people feel better, positive and happy.

These are stones that offer a sense of security and protect against everything that’s negative. When wearing Pearls, people can go and do whatever they want because a positive energy will always surround them.

Also known to bring light in the aura and to calm, these stones can help anyone find his or her center, regardless of how chaotic the world is. Those who wear the Pearl will be more realistic, but not in any way sarcastic or mean. It is a stone for warm emotions and for fighting against negativity.

Spreading only love, the Pearl ensures happy marriages and healthy relationships. It releases stress, anxiety, anger and unexplained fear. Furthermore, it makes people who hold onto tightly to their emotions be more open.

Ruled by Water and the Moon, the Pearl is a stone of sincerity and pure truth. It can make anyone be more centered and calm while they’d be enjoying life as it comes to them. It promotes good faith, positive feelings, wisdom, generosity and honor.

Any person who deals with too much negativity or is struggling to get by should use the Pearl and begin thinking of long-term plans. This beautiful stone simply surrounds negative energies and turns them into positive ones.

Furthermore, it’s known to protect against psychic attacks and to enlighten the aura. Any negative karma that comes to the wearers of the Pearl will be turned into a healing light.

When used in meditation, it can encourage money to come and abundance to get released. Besides, this gemstone can help anyone manifest what he or she wants into their life.

As said before, the Pearl is a stone belonging to the Moon and the Water element. Because it absorbs all the thoughts or emotions, be it negative or positive, it needs to be cleaned of all the energy and recharged.

If not purified, the Pearl can hold on to the same energies forever. Healers who use crystals are employing it to deal with digestive problems and muscular diseases. It’s also a good helper with fertility treatments and relieves the pain of childbirth.

When trying to regain the balance and to function in the same rhythm as the body, it’s always wise to use its power.

When it comes to the mind, the Pearl is amazing for becoming wiser and identifying the truth more easily. Those who use it know themselves better and understand others in a more efficient way. This is a stone that encourages people to be responsible and to want only the truth in their life.


Alexandrite is the birthstone for those who were born in June. Many know it as the “stone of the day Friday” and for being very rare. Because it was discovered in the 19th century, Alexandrite doesn’t have too much history and wasn’t used too much by witches or priests.

Its name comes from Prince Alexander II of Russia because it was discovered in the Ural Mountains on his birthday.

The story behind the stone is that in 1830, some miners were trying to find Emeralds. One of them got more of the stones that he believed to be Emeralds and took them to the camp.

However, in the light of the fire, everyone noticed the gathered stones were in fact red. As soon as morning came, and they’ve noticed what they’ve seen as red in the night turned into green, they realized a new stone has been discovered.

Ever since Alexandrite was identified, it has been recognized as a charm for good luck, wealth and love. Russian people think it’s the best stone in the world. This gem is believed to bring balance between the spiritual and physical world.

The chakra it influences is that of the crown by allowing warmth and healing energies to come into the body. Furthermore, Alexandrite is known to improve intuition, to enhance creativity and to activate the imagination.

Many people use it for love, for becoming more disciplined and for dealing with depression as this stone reminds those who wear it they have a purpose on Earth and that their origins matter. Besides this, it gives strength and brings about enlightenment.

Because its color changes, Alexandrite reminds everyone things are not always what they seem to be. There are many who believe its help against physical diseases is tremendous.

It’s believed Alexandrite restores the energy levels and the health of internal organs. That’s why it is good against chronic diseases.

Also amazing for the emotions, this is a stone that helps people respect themselves more and to get appreciated by others. It deals with the energy that comes from inside and slows down the process of getting old.

Alexandrite can help any person feel more centered, this being the reason why many people who study the metaphysical use it to return to the origins of the Universe and to connect with the way the world has evolved.


The Emerald is believed to be the stone of Royals because it was used by Pharaohs and Queens in the ancient Egypt. Looking expensive and having an intense color, the Emerald was used on many jewelry pieces, artifacts and amulets.

It’s a stone that protects the heart and gives people courage for love. The more someone relies on it for help, the more love and joy of life it brings. This crystal works for the heart chakra, so it makes individuals more open towards sharing their love and understanding those who happen to be in their life.

Green in color, the Emerald has connections with the Spring Equinox and brings about easiness in times of transformation and rebirth. Making anyone wiser, this stone should be used for spiritual guidance and when matters of the heart are in discussion.

If used for meditation, the Emerald chases away all the negative thoughts and keeps positivity flowing through the body in the most relaxed manner. A way to use this gem is by placing it on the heart chakra and visualizing love.

The light of the Universe will enter the body and release only positive energies. When someone wants a strong relationship, he or she should use the Emerald’s power as well.

One of each of these stones should be placed on the torso, where the legs start, and the body will start cleansing itself naturally. However, every person must use it the way he or she wants because bodies can differ in the way they’re healing themselves.

Putting an Emerald and a quartz on the solar plexus for example, can as well help with detoxification. Furthermore, the Emerald helps with self-respect and the way a person develops. When someone doesn’t feel any negative influences, he or she starts to respect others and themselves more.

People who use Emerald are more confident in exploring their own interests. It’s also the stone of creativity and for identifying one’s vocation. Being also responsible with self-love, those who use it become more passionate about their hobbies and even start to build a career from what they love to do the most in life.

In other words, the Emerald helps to identify what the soul desires and reminds people that they need to love themselves in order to develop.

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