How To Get a Taurus Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

To win her back you shouldn’t downplay your mistakes in the relationship and remind her of why you were so great together.

Taurus woman back

As soon as a Taurus woman has broken up with you, don’t even think reconciliation will come easily. Since it’s taking natives of this sign a significant amount of time to decide on a breakup, it obviously gets them a while to calm down and to make up with you.

If you want to win your Taurus ex lady back, tempt her with fine dining, a massage or a gift that has been ridiculously expensive. It’s true, Tauruses can sometimes have their love bought in a blink of an eye.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Taurus woman back:

  1. Say sorry directly, she doesn’t need sweet words at this point.
  2. Show her subtly that you can’t live without her but don’t be needy.
  3. Give her all the right and logical reasons why you should be together.
  4. Be seductive but make sure you don’t make her jealous.
  5. Don’t even dare to downplay the importance of the whole situation.

Appeal to her logic and calm

The process of getting back together with the Taurus woman can last very long. As a matter of fact, this is the way she’s testing you, so if you’re showing her that you want to work hard at your relationship and are open to wait, she may just think of giving you a second chance.

However, you need to have a lot of patience for this to happen. This girl knows that getting her back in her mind is like in romantic movies, but she’s aware this isn’t quite possible in real life.

If you’re struggling for a reconciliation with this lady, be logical and forget all about your imagination. She doesn’t want to hear sweet words and to see you pretending like never actually happened.

At the same time, avoid going to her and asking for help saying you can’t live without her assistance. Take all the time in the world and wait because this is the way things are going with this lady: slow and steady.

She’ll always stand next to her own opinions and beliefs, but the good news is that she’s probably thinking of you from time to time and you haven’t lost her forever.

As soon as she starts being warm with you again, make sure she’s feeling like a princess. Woo her like you used to when you first met.

All Tauruses have a strong character and are purposeful. It’s very likely for them to feel devastated after a breakup because they’re loyal, stable, faithful and patient, which makes them very good life partners.

They really appreciate comfort, beauty and a peaceful family life. It may look like they’re more focused on the materialistic side than on love and feelings. If you want them back, just invite them over for a gourmet dinner and some expensive wine.

Repeat this and the Taurus woman will be back into your arms in no time. She needs to see she has been missed and that she’s the one who needs to make the final decision about your relationship.

When you’re trying to convince her to get back together with you, just be as pragmatic as you can be. Find all the logical reasons for which the relationship between you two should continue and promise her you’re going to be very happy together.

She could really appreciate flowers in a pot as she’ll be able to plant them in the garden she has at home. This girl is in love with nature, so be thoughtful when making her a gift. Buy her silk, musk scents and teas meant to lift the spirits. If she asks you to come over for dinner, be happy as this is a very good sign. She probably worked hard to make you the best food in the world.

If you’ll take her to a cozy and good restaurant, she’ll be more than impressed, not to mention how much she likes a man who can cook.

Make sure you study her Venus sign before deciding to conquer her again. By knowing this, you become aware of what she truly values and finds beautiful.

The Taurus woman will always want to live up to her values. Venus influences this lady to venerate beauty, to have honor and to love. While she may seem relaxed and uncaring sometimes, she’s in fact interested in the deepness of things, especially when it comes to love and life.

This girl wants her decisions to only be good and long-lasting. She likes comfort and luxury, not to mention how security is one of the most important things for her. This means she’s a realistic lover and likes to seize opportunities as far as romance goes. Tauruses are the slowest but steadiest natives in the zodiac.

The woman in this sign is showing her true nature when trying to know you better, during those first few weeks or months of dating, in which she’s observing and gets to decide if you’re serious enough to be her lover.

Tell her how you’ll go together to museums and buy the most beautiful artworks, talk about family and stability because this can really make her feel excited about a future with you.

When her security is being threatened, she isn’t able to see herself in a relationship with anyone. She gives a lot of importance to loyalty and faithfulness, and she also appreciates a beautiful physical appearance.

You must remember this

All Tauruses are simply crazy about good food and expensive wines, beautiful clothes and interesting furniture, so be careful what gifts you’re buying when wooing them.

While it may sound expensive to be into their life, they really aren’t about money, they just want to enjoy all the life’s pleasures. Those who are very compatible with them are also never afraid to spend some extra money on high-quality things and not cheap items.

The Taurus woman simply loves collecting art and beautiful items like crystal vases, cups of coffee and even expensive plates. Remember what she loves the most or what’s missing from her collections and don’t hesitate to make your ex a present.

Very patient, she expects you to be the same, so don’t even think of rushing her into a new relationship with you. Be her best friend before suggesting something about love and starting things all over again.

The flowers she likes the most are the seductive ones with a strong scent, like roses and freesias. Make a bouquet from many flowers that smell amazing and give it to her.

She’ll see this as something very important, not to mention she’ll feel flattered and respond to all of your advances. Having a good nature, the best sense of humor and a sensitivity to touches, Taurus women are very physical creatures.

They love being hugged and kissed, so you can do this to them in public because they don’t mind. As a matter of fact, they hate it when their lover is cuddly at home and cold when out in the world.

No matter if you want to give them a wide smile, to tell them something sweet or to just to give them attention, you’ll soon notice they’re always ready to give you twice back.

They love having their routine, which is nothing wrong, but if you’re the flighty type, you may need to be more restrained when around them.

The Taurus woman needs to have her agenda respected if she’s to feel compatible enough with you. She hates surprises or when she can no longer have control over her own life, so try as much as possible to keep things in order for her.

Whenever she’s feeling uncomfortable, offer her all of your support and a lot of encouragement. The Taurus woman is very sensual and her feelings are very intense. She simply adores being touched and to caress her partner.

Her smell is very sensitive and she likes strong scents like Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. If you can find perfumes made from combinations of the most sensuous and strong scents, just get them for her.

Furthermore, she gives a lot of importance to tradition, so she wants a man to woo her in the old-fashion way and to make her feel like a lady. She wouldn’t have casual sex or make love without feelings being involved as well.

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