The Taurus Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

She likes to feel and live the moment, not to go through love like a tornado.


Sensual, passionate and loyal, the Taurus woman will prove to you that love is worth all the effort. People may see her as this calm, passive lady, but in between the sheets she’s a lioness.

While she makes love wildly, don’t think for a moment that she will fall for someone easily. This girl needs to be sure the partner has the same feelings for her before she commits.

As soon as she has decided the relationship is serious, she will be devoted for the long term. You will never see the Taurus woman changing partners often.

She wants a companion, and eventually a family. This is not the type to settle just to have someone close. She will carefully choose with whom she will share her life.

Don’t think for a moment that if the Taurus woman is calm and composed she can’t also be fiery and dangerous. It’s true that she only attacks when she’s provoked, but you’d better try and not do something to make her angry. She can have a bad temper when someone pushes her.

Usually sweet and affectionate, this lady can be at the other extreme when people are being rude to her. If you have crossed her and she is now mad at you, you can make up to her with some nice gestures of love and affection. Some flowers or some candy would do.

As one of the most persistent signs in the zodiac, the Taurus is determined and strong. The woman born in this sign will most likely succeed at whatever she sets her mind to.

She can be so stubborn that she exasperates people around her. But this also makes her a force. Few people could keep up with her when she truly wants something.

Down-to-earth and rarely dreamy, she only believes in merits and actions, not mischievous acts and talk. You will never see her hurry love.

She takes her time to find the perfect person, and she never makes the first step until she is sure the one she has chosen matches her character.

When in love

The Taurus woman knows herself very well. She has a glow and a look in her eyes that makes her seem ready for anyone and anything. She is ready to give up a lot in her life to be next to the person that she loves.

She doesn’t engage more deeply into a relationship till she has seen if the partner deserves all of her affection. She will build up the trust step by step, and will share emotions and different kind of thoughts afterwards.

This lady wants someone to love her with passion, but she’s afraid she may get hurt. If you happen to be in her life, make sure you pay her enough attention. Treat her nicely and bring her all sorts of small gifts. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some sweets or some music.

While you can trust her to be truthfully yours, she will not be too demonstrative. The passion and the temper that lie underneath that serious mask of hers will be revealed to you as soon as she trusts you more. And she will not share this side of her with anyone, so you can consider yourself privileged.

When she falls in love, this lady focuses on her love life and nothing else. She’s tender and seductive, spoiling her partner not only in the bedroom, but also outside of it.

As said before, she doesn’t like to hurry, so woo her for as long as you can. You two will know each other better, and she will have the time to decide if you are right for her or not.

Expect her to get jealous if you give her a real reason. Sensuality is also something that characterizes her. Have the patience for your relationship to evolve, and you will get to be with someone deep and romantic.

This lady knows what intimacy involves, so she carefully weighs the pros and cons of a relationship before she settles.

Even if you feel that everything is well between you and her, and your dates with the Taurus woman are all perfect, don’t be too enthusiastic and let her decide where things are going to go.

A giver, the Taurus woman will put your needs ahead of hers. More into something steady and comforting, you won’t have to be too exciting or too crazy in order to keep her happy.

She likes routine and security. It will be very difficult to ever make her angry. She knows how to reject everything negative. As her man, you’ll be properly cared for. She has a unique way of making her loved ones feel good and protected.

If she’s tolerant and she doesn’t get angry, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any limits and you can do whatever you want. Be careful with her, as the Taurus woman’s fury is tremendous when it’s activated.

In a relationship

The most feminine and affectionate sign in the zodiac, the Taurus wants to be appreciated and most of all, loved. The Taurus woman is obviously the same, enjoying being in love from all her heart.

In the beginning, when she has first meets you, she will be cold and distant until you have earned her trust.

This lady will never be too open with people who don’t make her feel safe. But as soon as you have managed to reveal your intentions to her and she feels that she can open, she will become the sweetest person. Concise, stable and affectionate, she will seem boring to those who want only excitement and fun from life.

And it’s only normal for them to sometimes think like this about her as she only wants her family and her loved ones in order to be pleased.

This girl likes curling up in bed for a movie with her partner, she enjoys dinners at home, and she likes the nights out to be in the same places. She’s interesting and charming, but she simply doesn’t need too much adventure in her life.

As said before, men who are too masculine won’t make the Taurus woman very happy. She is too feminine and compassionate to handle an alpha male. Loving and caring, this lady will leave her hopes and dreams behind, just to make her partner happy.

She will do small romantic gestures every day. For example, she’ll send you sweets at work, give you love letters and different notes. Respect and love her for all this. Don’t take advantage of this giving side that she has.

This is the type of lady who needs love and appreciation. She acts like she doesn’t want to be protected, but she needs protection. Practical and someone on whom you can rely, this girl is gentle and strong.

She won’t even realize her strength until she will need to use it. Don’t expect her to be with you only for a night. The Taurus woman is in for the long run. She won’t cheat and she will do anything to make you happy.

There are also some negative traits with her. For example, she’s terrified of pain and deception. If someone has betrayed her before, she will take very long before she opens up to someone new.

Her sexuality

Governed by Venus, which is the planet of sensuality and feminine sexuality, the Taurus woman is the type who likes caresses and whispers in the bed. Kiss and show her your love in the best possible way.

She isn’t one to care very much about sex and orgasms, she is more about the way she connects with her partner. For the Taurus woman, lovemaking is an important way for two partners to connect.

If she’s not happy with her sex life, she will turn into someone distant but she won’t give up the relationship as she doesn’t like change.

Understanding your Taurus woman

Too masculine characters won’t be able to understand the Taurus woman so well. She can push men take advantage of her because she’s so compassionate and eager to please.

Empathy is required with her, to understand and feel what she’s going through. If you are gentle and protective even if she doesn’t seem like she needs all this, you’ll be sure to have her for a long time. She won’t change for anyone, so you’ll have to accept her for who she is.

Don’t take her good nature and beautiful soul for granted. Respect her for being so kind, and if you consider her boring, it’s best that you look for someone else.

Her nurturing character makes this woman a giver. But she needs to feel protected and secure as well.

If you know how to be a man and at the same time nice, she will be impressed and will love you forever. And you’d want that as her cold shoulder can really cause you to be hurt. When she wants something, she turns from this reserved person into a real force.

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