Are Taurus Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Taurus jealousy surfaces when this woman feels her partner is not loyal in all aspects.

The Taurus woman is very attractive and interesting. She usually has beautiful hair and curved lines. She dresses up nicely and she is never vulgar.

On contrary, she has a sensitivity and a femininity that are rare in women from other signs. Loving with passion and care, the lady in this sign will spoil her partner.

She likes being chased and she takes her time when entering a new relationship. She doesn’t unless she feels that she had chosen the right person. She gets jealous only if she has reasons.

They are at times egoistic and this makes them lose in some aspects of life. They need to be emotionally secure and when they feel their partner has another interest and not them, they get to be really possessive and jealous.

The woman in Taurus is capable of jealousy tantrums and she will be very upset if she feels like her partner is no longer loyal to her.

However if things in the relationship are going smoothly, she will be the most caring and devoted person there is.

She likes people who are strong and mannered so pay attention to display those characteristics.

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She would be a good fit with someone who is spontaneous and passionate as he or she would be her opposite.

Hard working, this lady will invest a significant amount of time and efforts to make the relationship she’s in work.

They can be too protective with their partners, but that wouldn’t be a problem if you are a person who is somehow vulnerable and you need someone to make you feel more secure. The fact that she is too possessive may turn some people off.

With a fiery temper, the woman in Taurus will show her feelings openly and she won’t mind talking about her emotions. Fortunately for those around them, the Taurus’ temper doesn’t last for too long.

They also forget an argument easily, so don’t think the Taurus lady you are with will be upset with you forever. In case you are trying to make her do something, try and reach her through her emotions and not her practical side.

It will be the only way to defeat her stubbornness. It’s easier for a woman in Taurus to acknowledge your version when she has been emotionally challenged.

This lady doesn’t like being questioned about her sex life and she prefers privacy to be privacy. She tends to stay away from people who are too curious and she will not be the one to bother you with questions about your private life.

When in a relationship, the Taurus woman is devoted and caring. She will stand next to her partner through both good and bad times and she won’t ask for too much in return.

She wants someone as romantic and devoted as her, and she is looking to build a long-term relationship with that special someone. She is definitely not the person with whom you could have a quick fling.

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