Does the Taurus Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Taurus partner is cheating by observing how affectionate she is now compared to how she used to be and by noticing that she is quite distracted.

Taurus woman cheating

Take the Taurus and compare it to all the other signs. What do you get? Superior loyalty! These girls are followers of love and will go to great lengths in order to keep committed and loyal to their partner. This is a choice that is also influenced by their carefree nature.

The easy life is the only life. At least that’s what the Taurus likes to believe and tries to enjoy. That’s why they’ll shy away from cheating. They just don’t want the complications that follow. The Taurus woman would rather break things off with their partner than cheat.

Five signs a Taurus woman is cheating on you:

  1. She seems to take a lot of time to answer simple questions about his whereabouts.
  2. She’s not using affectionate words anymore.
  3. She is spending a lot of time on her phone but is adamant nothing changed.
  4. She is behaving as if she is guilty of something and needs to make up for it.
  5. She seems to be very bored and even annoyed with the things you both used to like.

Is the Taurus woman faithful?

Sometimes to a fault. This sign is under the rule of the planet Venus. As its name is that of the Roman Goddess of romance, attraction, beauty and riches, this planet will bless the signs under it with exactly that. Or at least make them yearn for these things until they achieve them.

Getting their five senses taunted is a must to win over this bull. From a raging bull to a tamed and gentle Taurus, all you have to do is provide the luxury of affection and spoil your Taurus with whatever you can. From delicious dishes to sensual massages with exotic body oils.

Taurus is big on matters of romance, love and loyalty. That’s why you’ll rarely see a cheating Taurus. But because she cherishes the emotional side of things so much, the only reason she could cheat would be the desire for the material things in life.

The grandest of spoils, the most exquisite diners, the most extravagant holidays in the most exotic of lands. If she’s to cheat, she either goes hard or goes home.

Contrary to the methods an actual bull uses, this sign doesn’t clash with things head on. Instead a Taurus woman will think things through, carefully planning and scheming how to solve all her problems. This will do wonders for her marriage or any other relationship issues, as she’ll combat issues with a level-headed attitude.

How to know if a Taurus woman is cheating on you

The reasons for a Taurus woman to cheat on you can be rather simple minded and hurtful. Why? Because they are the most basic, mundane things. This woman will consider being unfaithful simply because somebody else is interested in them.

Ouch! Painful, I know. For your partner to so easily take into consideration something so horrible as cheating on you is definitely unfortunate.

While the zodiacs of the winds will exude disloyalty simply for the excitement of it all, a Taurus belonging to the earth will either be completely dedicated to a partner or won’t be in a relationship at all. There’s no way you’ll find a middle ground with this woman.

A Taurus woman is faithful, yes. But it takes a long time for that to happen. And before loyalty solidifies, she’ll often seem as if she’s being secretive. If this happens, it’s often because she’s hiding an affair from you.

But once the Taurus decides to settle down, her loyalty will know no bounds. She’ll be yours for good. Keep an eye peeled until that happens.

No matter what the name of the sign could imply, the Taurus woman is nothing else but a gentle heart. Emotional delicacy is always a given with this woman. It’ll prove difficult to stay with her.

Well… only if you mean to make her happy. She’ll seem moody to you, but in reality, all she wants even if her behavior is contradictory to this, is to be loved, cherished and protected. A man that won’t understand this and come off as too rough and edgy won’t ever be able to give this woman happiness.

This can be one thick-skulled bull. When in a relationship they’ll show such stubbornness in being loyal it’ll actually hurt. This can become annoying for some and the Taurus might even turn superficial from time to time, but when they love somebody, that love will fly straight and true and never falter.

Not providing your Taurus woman with her romantic needs, be them emotional or sexual or a combination of both, is definitely one good way to shoo her away. Why?

This sign is highly sensitive when it comes to her feelings and quite needy in the affection and pleasure department. Give her plenty of love and sex and she’ll stay tamed and yours.

These are all in truth traits that she shows to have and will gladly offer to her partner as long as he does the same. This makes the Taurus the perfect life-long partner. A great wife and mother are what most men are looking for and the Taurus can be the best of them.

The Taurus can easily go form hard to cold. From loving and affectionate to cold, aloof. This paradox of a woman charms all the men with exactly this. Her contradictory nature. But this will quickly exhaust most pretenders and partners she’ll have.

You’ll often find that this woman loves being in control. Holding the reigns to the chariot that is her life and her relationship, she’ll give you the impression of controlling tyrant even becoming overly attached and protective in the process.

Her need for emotional confirmation from someone is so great it will cause her harm in the long run.

Her desire to be loyal and the affirmation that someone is there for her in any way, even strictly physical will often push her into neglecting herself and not taking care of herself. She’ll let herself be stepped on if she’s not careful enough and will forgive almost anything her lover does.

This’ll often mean she’ll stay in a relationship, committed to her partner even after all has been said and done and the relationship itself has been dead for long. Just let it go, girl. There’s nothing left for you here.

No? Too stubborn? Ok… The Taurus woman just can’t accept the reality of things when they have reached their end, no matter how crappy her partner is, she’ll still see hope.

These women truly are loyal to the bone. Cheating is simply not something they believe in. This doesn’t mean a Taurus woman won’t cheat.

She does have her limits and when reached, it will more often than not be the doing of her lover. Her partner can push her into cheating, granted, with her nature he’ll have to try really hard, but it’s not impossible.

While it’s hard to make her fall out of love, it can happen and when it does, you can be sure there will be no returning and no redemption for the fool that broke her heart.

If you’ve lost a Taurus to your selfishness, then you better start working on that character of yours. You really don’t know the gravity of the loss you’ve experienced.

She might actually cheat on you of her own accord. This is rare, but it happens and when it does, it can be from a rather innocent motive. There are no ill intentions in her betrayal and guild will erode her mind afterwards.

The Taurus woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Cheating on her is permanent. The imprint of your betrayal will stay in the back of her mind for good, until the end of time.

That’s just one of her celestial given traits. A memory that stands in the way of eternity. So be careful, such a betrayal will never be forgotten by this sign.

When cheated on, your Taurus woman will probably give you the impression that forgiveness will be provided shortly after your explanation on how and why you just had to go and break her trust.

Pay no heed to her behavior. In truth, she’ll simply be waiting for the perfect opportunity to eat you out for going behind her back and loving someone else.

She’ll get revenge whenever she can, however often she can. You don’t get it, you just gave her the tools of war. And she’ll use them whenever she feels the need arises.

She’ll let the entire world know of your mishaps. Even your mother. You won’t like the idea of the woman that raised you knowing she raised a backstabbing, cheating bastard of a man, will you? Moral of the story? Don’t cheat on a Taurus… ever.

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