Taurus Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

The Taurus woman will continue to take things slowly and her style as a wife will often be admired by many.

Taurus woman in marriage

It is very important for the Taurus wife to feel secure because she’s almost obsessed with having comfort and stability in her life. Marriage may bring her exactly what she wants, which is why she’s usually very focused on building a happy family life for herself over time.

As a matter of fact, she has an innate need to find her soulmate and to forever settle down with him.

Taurus woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Elegant, artistic and diligent;
  • Challenges: Distracted and easily bored;
  • She will love: Being pampered a lot and having extra security in life;
  • She needs to learn: To look at things from her partner’s perspective too.

As soon as taking the role of wife, the Taurus woman will become the perfect mother and wife, a person who’s ready to sacrifice herself for her family at any given time.

Her marriage plans

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, the Taurus woman has a very good eye for art. As a bride, she’ll look absolutely incredibly when walking down the aisle, not to mention how unique and important she’ll get to feel during these moments.

This lady has an idea about her ideal wedding ever since very young, so she’ll work hard to make it happen. Not at all like the woman born in Aries, who doesn’t want to make an impression when she’s tying the knot, the Taurus one will look into her guests’ eyes in order to see if they’re enjoying themselves or not.

As a matter of fact, she may obsess over this and not enjoy the happy moment herself. If possible, she’d rent a stadium and invite everyone in town to witness this important event happening in her life.

Maybe this won’t be doable, but she’ll surely have an army of assistants to help her with every little detail about the ceremony and the after-party.

Obviously she’ll plan and prefer for this in advance because Taurus women are known for taking things slowly and for having a lot of patience when dealing with any matter and its details.

Since the Taurus lady is a true artist at heart, she’ll probably hire an orchestra to make the guests at her wedding feel classy and relaxed. She very much cares about how they’re having fun and wants them to never forget this day so important for her. After all, she was waiting for it very eagerly.

Her friends need to be at least half impressed of how much she is. As a little girl, she dreamed about this moment and imagined how it will look like, so now she has the chance to make her dream come true.

Everything will be just fine, just as long as she doesn’t become obsessive and eager to control everything that’s happening because her nervousness and anxiety can be very annoying.

Since Taurus women are hard workers when it comes to everyday issues, they have this need for their wedding to be really special. They want all the guests coming to this event to have a great time and to talk about what happened for weeks after.

This is one of the biggest parties of her life, so her goal is to make it memorable. Only this way, she’ll get to feel at peace about the ceremony and the party, not to mention happy in her marriage.

Her emotions can be intense and she has a lot of passion, but this lady really doesn’t show this side of herself too often. At her wedding, many may get to see how real her love is because she’ll most likely cry and shock everyone invited.

In the end, the Taurus woman in love is independent and powerful, but her confidence may go downhill when feeling emotional.

During the moment of walking down the aisle, this lady can forget all about practicality and pragmatism, especially when seeing her man as a groom for the first time. This will be a memory of pure love and emotional peace for her.

The Taurus woman as a wife

As a wife, the Taurus woman is dutiful and very loyal, so she’d never file for divorce, preferring to just be miserable in her marriage until things are starting to become better.

She can ignore the world collapsing around her because she’s sure everything is going to turn out fine in the end.

Very family-oriented and one of the best mothers in the Western zodiac, she seems reserved, passive and nice on the outside, but she’s in fact highly materialistic, jealous and possessive.

However, while the Aries woman can be jealous when it comes to matters of love, the Taurus one gets to have this feeling when everything is about her possessions and finances.

She won’t ask too many questions if suspicious of her husband because she’s the type to thoroughly analyze the situation before doing something about it.

Affectionate, physical and happy to display her affection in public, the Taurus woman gives a lot of importance to family because it’s what makes her life meaningful. She’ll always have husband wanting her because she’s sincere, simple and fun in a world full of ladies who love playing mind games.

The Taurus wife is usually dependent on her man, but can do things on her own when required to. She’s one of the most loyal partners in the zodiac, but she likes it very much when her husband is respected, rich and successful in his career because she wants to live in luxury and to have financial security all of her life.

Since she’s very practical, this lady won’t just sit around and wait for her professional life to evolve on its own. She’ll act in a mannered, disciplined and serious way to be satisfied at her job and happy with what she’s doing for a living.

The Taurus woman knows what hard work is and can come up with great solutions to problems when required. She feels independent and strong only if financially satisfied and doing what she loves the most.

This is the reason why she’s so good with business. While she may be very well on her own and single, she still wants a lifetime partner because family is very important to her.

When unhappy next to her other half, she may start complaining to all of her friends. For her, life is meant to be performed like on stage, which means she really likes drama and is always ready for it. She’s also excited when things are starting to become emotional and intense.

The Taurus woman is earthy, sensual and devoted. She wants sincerity from her partner because she’s as well honest. Giving a lot of importance to sex and physicality, she can still forget about her partner if he isn’t able to satisfy her on bed.

This lady can also go over unfaithfulness if she’s being offered financial security. In bed, she’s a lover of foreplay, love declarations, toys and touches. If disappointed too often by her husband, she’ll eventually end up cheating on him.

Full of grace and very feminine in taste, the Taurus woman is good at interior design. However, she isn’t too feminine in rest because she’s more practical and not at all interested in fine clothes or expensive makeup kits.

The downsides of her role as wife

Simple and homely, the Taurus woman is also a creature of pleasure. Loving her routine, she can often get stuck in a rut. In this situation, no one but herself will be able to make things better again.

Boredom can be a real problem when it comes to romantic relationships and the Taurus woman can be dull as she hates change and wants her routine to never be bothered.

As soon as rediscovering her sensuality and passion, she may start to once again be fun and make her partner truly happy.

She doesn’t like breakups because she resents change, so when her relationship is miserable, her husband or boyfriend may need to end things for both of them.

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