Pisces Flirting Style: Intense and Daring

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Pisces, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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The way Pisceans flirt, there isn’t anyone else who could ever predict it, or fully understand it, because these natives are all about intuition, spontaneity, and improvising.

TraitsPisces flirting in action
Affectionate These natives have a sensible touch.
Imaginative They will surprise you with unexpected gifts.
Analytical Expect to be psycho-analyzed merciless.
Intense Their flirting is fast-paced and concentrated.
Motivated You won’t be able to escape them.

A flirting Pisces will attach great importance to how they feel at that moment, and based on their feelings, these individuals will behave in quite contradictory ways at times.

But one common point is that they will harbor the same shyness and cute attitude all the time, which makes them quite adorable and irresistible.

With their deep imagination and intuitive nature, Pisces natives will offer their partners a magical journey throughout the lands of romance and affection. It’s a game which promises countless advantages to those who know how to play it.

And if that godlike intuition wasn’t enough, it seems like they are also extremely observant and analytic individuals. They’ll be able to psycho-analyze you in a split second, and judge you exactly for who you are.

Your personality, your character, your deepest desires, even your motivations, they are like an open book to this native. And they will use all this information to decide whether you are worth it or not.

If they find you to be interesting and with potential, then they’ll take it for granted you’re going to be their one and only love, right then and there. These guys don’t need a lot of time to get extremely attached romantically.

One of the most glaring misunderstandings about these natives is that people think they’re shy and unable to properly express themselves, due to anxiety or just plain shyness.

The truth is that, while they may approach someone quite carefully and with an innocent smile on their lips, after they break down the barriers, it all gets down to whether their partners are able to resist the shock or not. What shock are we talking about?

The shock of the Pisceans’ instant transformation, that’s what. They will suffer a 180 degrees transformation, as they become extremely daring, kinky, bold, and flirtatious.

Pisces flirting body language

When Pisceans flirt they do it in the most intense and passionate way that they are capable of. There are no half-assed measures, and no shortcuts. Pure affection, compassion, unadulterated tenderness, and an immense desire of closeness for their lovers.

They will evidence their bodies in well-tailored clothes and the women will take advantage of heels to show their legs in a better light.

They will do anything in their power to make the other feel satisfied, happy, and content, and if that means giving up some of their happiness, then so be it. Their love is literally at the very last level of passion and intensity. It cannot get any higher than that.

You are sure going to get lost in their gaze and they most often use their eyes to forge real connection so if you are not really an eye-contact kind of person, be warned that with your Pisces lover, you will need to become one.

When they fall in love, it’s a one-way journey, and if they somehow get disappointed, then it’s an emotional breakdown. If someone has that black a heart to make these cute, adorable and innocent beings get hurt, then they deserve nothing more than solitude for the rest of their lives. In general, though, they’ll manage to find out exactly what they’re looking for. And they will seek the physical company of their love interest.

If you want a Pisces, then go and take it, because you will not regret it. They will try to control your relationship, but not in a aggressive way, because they tend to be the cutest creatures, so they will convince you to do everything they want that very moment, and they do that by saying some magic words surrounded with honey and sugar.

Also you should know that you are going to fall in their spell when they use their smile to fascinate you. In that moment, you will feel just like the most loved person in the world and this thing will make you incredibly happy.

How to flirt with a Pisces

Above all else, Pisceans love for the sake of love, for fulfilling their emotional gaps and expectations. They will find what they believe is the perfect partner and will proceed to put all their hearts and souls into building up the perfect relationship.

And they do that by treating the other as they would themselves, with great care, boundless love and affection, with nothing lacking, to make up for the most beautiful approach ever.

These natives will often use their high-paced imaginations to come up with great ideas and novel plans that should, in theory, offer even more pleasure and satisfaction to their lovers. And yes, that includes sexual adventures as well.

Now, this might not be to the liking of most people, but Pisceans are very uninhibited and open-minded, in that they will be open to suggestions from pretty much anyone they find attractive.

And they will have friendly conversations, even flirtatious discussions, with a lot of people, quite possible when they’re in a soon-to-be relationship. The thing is, it won’t be anything serious, because they aren’t materialistic in any way, and just want someone to understand their deep emotional needs.

To understand them, and most importantly, to sate them accordingly. If you are that kind of person, romantic, affectionate and loving, then there are no worries at all.

If you want to steal the heart of a Pisces, make sure that that you do it in the way that comes the closest to his heart. Let them know what your deepest thoughts are, they will simply get madly in love with this.

Don’t try to be very shy but neither too bold, because they will appreciate your courage when it’s followed by sensibility and harmony. The best way to make them fall for you is to touch them with emotions and profound words.

Be tender and romantic, dream next to them about the future, give them stability and comfort, give them a home, not a house, and a marriage, not a wedding, and the most important, give them love and security, not fake actions, and I assure you that you will live the most beautiful moments next to them for the rest of your life.

Pisces man flirting

This guy can be called the dreamer of zodiac, because he always enjoys to see the full part of the glass, and takes things easier. It’s not going to be hard for you to notice that he is flirting with you, you just have to feed his dreams with a touch of adventure and a pinch of reality, and he will continue.

He will quickly enter in your game if he is interested in you, and he will make sure that he will keep the conversation with you very deep and profound, and full of meaning. He will enjoy letting you speak, because he likes to know you exactly as you are.

Pisces woman flirting

You certainly should flirt with a woman Pisces at least once in your life, because she tends to transform the art of flirting in magic and mystery. Her behavior is going to fascinate you, because she likes to combine the sensuality with sensitivity to make sure that she creates a circle around her to attract everything and everyone who can resist her womanly charms.

When it comes to physical attraction, she will use all her innate abilities to make herself be remarked by the man she wants, and with her lascivious moves, she is going to get closer and closer until she will not just steal his watch as a joke, but his heart as well, this time for real.

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