How To Attract A Pisces Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Nurture her ego.
  2. Always be a gentleman.
  3. Show that you share her beliefs.
  4. Be just as dreamy as she is.
  5. Don’t pressure her into anything.

Your Pisces woman wants someone who isn’t afraid of showing their emotional side, given that she’s a romantic at heart.

With this in mind, the more traditional gestures of affection such as romantic meals, love letters that are akin to poetry, and showing that you can protect her all go down well with her.

Her belief in almost fantasy-like romance means she’ll succumb to genuine acts of affection – and regularly too!

Remember, she longs for a dreamy relationship where nothing else in the world is relevant, and part of building an idealistic world is by showing her that she’s the only woman in your life.

She’s also attracted to those who look the part too, so be sure to make an effort to look at your best. Don’t forget to have a laugh and give her time to speak too.

Our Pisces woman is looking for a real gentleman, so it’s time to show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Manners and politeness go a long way here.

Her ability to read between your lines means she will observe, making the importance of being well dressed and presentable even more so.

Her natural child-like characteristics mean that any offer to let go of the shackles of every day responsibility for one night will hardly be refused.

That said, you’ll need to make the initial move, as she can come across as reserved or shy initially. This is where your sense of humour comes in, as it helps put her at ease and loosens her up a little. She’ll appreciate this and will enjoy the laughs.

Central to a Pisces woman’s existence is her imagination. Her dreams define her life as she is looking to make them into a reality. Show her that you’re going to be a part of it, and help create that world too.

Sharing her visions and fantasies is one thing, but you will also need to show her that you too have your own goals, as this helps give her the foundations for a solid relationship.

This is where letting her speak comes in – she will tell you about her imagination once she lets you in, and you have to listen. This is especially important as she will essentially be telling you what makes her tick and she wants to know how you can help her.

Naturally, our Pisces lady will also want the same from you, and expect you to be open about your own feelings, both on a conscious and subconscious level. Connecting on an emotional, almost dream-like state helps draw her to you.

Striking the perfect balance

Your Pisces woman will be in a deep state of mind a lot of the time. It is key then that you give her the time and space to indulge in this and connect with the energies and vibrations of the world.

This is something that is deep-rooted in her personality, so if you don’t necessarily share her beliefs, it’s advisable to avoid disrespecting her way of thinking.

At times like this it is best to leave her be, as she needs space to be with her imagination so she can let it run wild.

Striking the perfect balance between being the chivalrous and protective gentleman when she needs you to be, and letting her be on her own when she wants is more than half the job done.

As mentioned above, your Pisces woman may be closed off initially, exhibiting shyness and a reluctance to talk. Asking meaningful questions about her life without prying is a great way to start her conversing.

However she responds, it is so important that you’re warm and accommodating. She needs to know that you won’t disrespect her and that you aren’t the kind of person who judges people. Whilst this helps to prise her out of her shell, you’ll also need to be just as open.

Massaging a Pisces woman’s ego is one way to help her warm to you. The reason for this is because of her naturally low self-confidence, so she’s looking for someone who will make her feel great about herself.

The first step to achieve this is to be bold and confident. This gives off a sense of authority, lending credibility to your voice. Second is to flatter her – all female Pisces’ are prone to flattery. She wants someone who will be part of her dreams – so compliment her fantasy scenarios that she tells you about.

It goes without saying though that there is also a balance between giving compliments and overdoing it – her keen eye for detail means she will see through any insincere comments, even if they’re meant in the best way.

She needs support and stability from her partner a lot of the time, partly down to her insecurity. Understanding this is key to building something meaningful with a Pisces woman. Remember that her sign belongs to the Water element, she needs the support of a surrounding presence to settle and take shape.

Females belonging to this particular sign are caring and passionate, more so than any other sign. She likes her man to show these same qualities, though not to the point where it’s more than her.

Showing compassion and humility goes a long way though. She can at times be a little clumsy or impractical – learn to love these qualities about her and show her that you are a patient man who can take the reins when needed.

Following on from this, you know she will have your back when you have difficult times yourself, though she won’t always be the most helpful person in solving problems. This isn’t her fault, it’s just a by-product of her character.

What they will offer however is an outlet for you to release whatever it is that is troubling you. The more you open up, the more care she will show. Needless to say then, being in touch with your own emotions is a big part of winning her heart.

What to avoid with your Pisces lady

Putting pressure on a Pisces woman is a one-way ticket to scaring her away. What you’ll get instead is panic and fright. Don’t let her timid nature fool you into thinking that she can be controlled easily. On the contrary, she cannot be controlled, so don’t try to.

Though she is deeply passionate and intense, she is also emotionally sensitive and can take offence easily. You need to be careful of upsetting her, as she does not tend to forget those who have hurt her.

If you do find yourself in this unfortunate position, it will be very hard to get her to open up to you again.

It’s not completely beyond her character to hold grudges, so be very careful of the words that come out of your mouth – she will hold you accountable for anything you say that upsets her.

Hand in hand with this is how you deal with her own shortcomings. Cancelling meet-ups or dates shouldn’t be taken personally – remember she is caring and sensitive, so she would never do this on purpose.

While this may be frustrating (she can get confused rather easily) it’s important that you’re not too hard on her, as this will only serve to damage her already low self-esteem. In time, this will only serve to push you away.

As Pisces women generally tend to enjoy the more light-hearted side of life, she doesn’t want anyone who is too serious all the time.

That said, flirting is a big no-no. Her dreamy-like perception of romance means she prefers being swept off her feet with traditional gesture of love. To her, flirting is a sleazy way of attracting a woman that she may even find repulsive, so it’s best to steer clear of any overly forward moves.

What you need to keep in mind about the Pisces woman

As a Water sign, Pisces people are everything you would expect from this element – enigmatic, loving and deep beyond comprehension.

From day one she has been born with an artistic flair, using it as an outlet for the mystical side of her character. She is caring and sensitive, exhibiting some of the most emotional characteristics of any sign across the zodiac.

Her mysterious personality naturally makes her inquisitive and at times instinctive. She also has a tendency to prioritise others over herself, which can unfortunately lead to her own detriment.

Such is the mystery of your Pisces woman, she can at times be the life and soul of the party, yet she’s just as capable of being the quiet attendee sat in the corner at social events too.

Her nurturing side shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness – she is as strong willed as anyone else who won’t be taken for a fool.

That said, she is well aware of how sensitive she can be, which is why she won’t necessarily commit wholeheartedly – she almost anticipates heartbreak and doesn’t want to be left broken.

Pisces women are very quick to read between the lines when it comes to a person’s speech or behaviour.

As a result of this, she will know when you aren’t being genuine and will very quickly turn away if she gets the slightest hint of this. In actual fact, her naturally mystical aura means it is very easy to get caught under her spell…and she knows it too.

Her deeply passionate personality can at times morph into a reliance on her partner’s support, though the fact that she can read people so well does ensure she becomes well aware when her man is reaching his limits.

One of the most important things for a Pisces lady is humour. She loves laughing both at herself and at others and expects her man to be the same, though it should be said – her man must never laugh at her, only at himself and others.

Her zealous nature gives her an endearing quality, she exhibits beauty both on the inside and the outside.

She loves nothing more than for everybody to be at peace with one another, going above and beyond to make sure that you have a smile on your face. That said, her defences are always up when a potential love interest comes around.

She believes that everyone has a soul mate somewhere in the world, and when she feels she is with that person, nothing else matters.

This is ultimately where your female Pisces yearns to be – in an almost fantasy world where it’s her with her man in a sea of love, bonded together forever.

Pisces ladies have an un-parallel ability to manipulate members of the opposite sex like no other sign.

Her tender character brings out an instinctive side present in every male to care and protect their woman, all whilst making him feel in control. The difference here though is that our Pisces woman is well aware of what is going on.

Being a water sign, she can also mould and adapt herself to anything she needs her man to be, with almost minimal effort.

Despite this, she still retains an air of mystique, making her incredibly desirable yet unattainable at times, simply because it is so difficult to understand her.

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