Does the Gemini Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Gemini partner is cheating as he will behave like he is bothered by your presence and will always seem on edge next to you.

Gemini man cheating

Gemini men are often unruly and unsettled individuals that need their rational side to be appealed to in order to keep the spark lit. Making sure that your Gemini man doesn’t get bored of your everyday discussions is a must if you want to keep him in your net so try making every talk an interesting one.

Five signs a Gemini man is cheating on you:

  1. He turns your words so that you feel guilty for even suspecting him.
  2. He is spending a lot of time with his friends and he won’t say with whom exactly.
  3. He has made some sort of dramatic change to his look.
  4. He is on edge around you and keeps picking up fights.
  5. He keeps mentioning aspects of his life that he is not happy about.

Cheating for him is all about feelings. You’ll often find him doing this via any form of virtual or digital communication as it offers ease of access to emotional connections and even sexual desires with a lack of commitment. Keeping the gears of his mind spinning and making it hot and dirty from time to time are good methods to make him come back for more.

Is the Gemini man likely to cheat?

“Cheater, cheater best friend eater” is a label you’ll often find placed upon these people. They’re emotional nomads, always on the look out for the winds of adventure.

This makes it hard for the Gemini man to offer long term loyalty to his partner as he’ll be going on and about with other women until he does find his dream girl. And who knows, that could be you.

However, once that happens, you’re pretty much safe, as most of the time he commits and will stay loyal if he’s sure you’re the one for him.

Turning this into a fact might be difficult since there’s a high risk of him getting bored. In the event of this happening, you should start being cautious as this is cheating rush hour for the Gemini.

Their indecisiveness can be a benefactor to them cheating on you. Fluctuating between “To cheat or not to cheat? That is the question” will basically occupy most of their thinking power.

This is when a high probability of them cheating will pop up, once they realize that their ongoing relationship isn’t going where they want to and there’s nothing much left to salvage.

While this sign shows greater risks of cheating than others, that shouldn’t always be the case. Try empathizing with him, understanding him and his needs and then provide for them. Once you’re both on the same level and he sees how fit you are for him, he’ll be crazy to cheat on you.

A good thing about this twin sign is that he’s no stranger to giving you the naked truth. You want the passwords and lock patterns for all his devices and social media? Done. You have them. Want to know who he was talking to when he wasn’t picking your calls? Now you know.

However, if he ever dodges any of your questions or shows signs of being cautious around you and his phone, that’s when you might want to try and pick up on the possible scent of an affair.

If that’s the case, know that the Gemini might try and make you seem like the victim which they might do with ease.

They are after all a highly intelligent sign. Finding ways to shift the blame on you, even if they know it’s not entirely your doing, will come with ease to them.

A sign that your relationship could be taking some damage is when he starts looking for ways to avoid you and make it seem like it’s for a good reason. And it is. This happens when he starts having doubts about you as a couple. It’s in their faltering nature to do this and they can’t help it.

Of course, you can’t be sure that this behavior happens in correlation to cheating. But it might mean that you should double check his phone log since you have his password.

“A new day, new opportunities” are words you should take to heart when dating a Gemini. With this man, things should always be escalating into new and fun activities as he gets bored quite easily.

Remember that bungee jumping add he was talking about a week ago? Sounds thrilling, right? It sure does! Find different ways to keep things between you enjoyable and active and you’re good to go. Or stay in this case.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that it’s not just about brawn with them. Sometimes it’s mind over matter.

Communication plays a great role in your relationship with him and if you don’t communicate with him, he might communicate with somebody else. And that someone else will quite often be one of your friends. Surprise double betrayal! Ugh!

The good thing about that is that it’ll make it easier for you to find out if he’s cheating since you’ll have two or may the universe forbid, even more possible, by mistake and last but not least, unwilling snitches that will rat themselves out.

But when all is said and done, the cheating Gemini, after all these horrible deeds, might not even show remorse, only a great and selfish displeasure in you ditching them.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

Entertain his mind. Cultivate the fruits of his thoughts. Showing him the other side of the story, giving him different angles to explore and think about are good methods to keep him wanting more of you.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, the speediest of planets so you might want to pick up jogging as a hobby because you’ll need all the help you can get in keeping up with this quick and ever-changing sign.

Being too laid back can cost you a few points. A Gemini man needs someone active, brimming with energy that can stand toe to toe with him when enjoying life.

Things can go from hot to cold rather quickly with him and you need the physical and mental stamina to handle these changes.

Rapidly getting bored is common amongst the men in this sign and catching the love flu for you will be a rough, long road and until that happens, he might find the love bug for someone else on that so-called path.

You might catch him flirting from time to time. This could or couldn’t be a sign of cheating and that’s because flirting to them isn’t that serious of a thing. It’s more of an ice breaker, conversation starter, humor me kind of thing, especially the latter.

The Gemini can be the stand-up comedian you’ve been hearing about, what, with his never-ending jokes and whatnot.

It’s something they do casually and to err on the side of caution, you should casually pay attention to this behavior of his. Who knows, maybe that joke about that random girl being too hot to not burn everyone at the party wasn’t that much of a joke.

A downfall to the Gemini is that their general anxiousness noticeable affects their body language. Or is it a good thing?

If you see him being too nervous around you, it might be because he has a thing for you or maybe even more. Exploring this side of him might lead to you finding out you’re that crush he was shyly telling you about.

These men have a habit of leveling out the playfield by exploring different opportunities with different women at the same time.

Juggling between them in the process. This routine starts at a relatively young age and will go on until later in life as they enjoy the thrill they used to feel in their youth.

You enjoy doing the same thing over and over, daily? Yes? Wrong answer! Being spontaneous and random are prerequisites if you want to keep this Gemini man yours.

Oh, and all those times he tries to get a hold of you? Here’s some good advice. Get back to him later from time to time, make him wonder what you’re doing, keep that mysterious vibe about you. Serving him information on the platter is a no-go. It makes things boring if he doesn’t have to fight a bit for it.

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