Break Up With A Gemini Man: Everything You Need To Know

This is a challenge because he will do whatever he can to make you change your mind an d even make a compromise yourself.

Gemini man break up

Gemini men are very communicative, so more than 90% of their relationships will be based on how comfortable they’re feeling when talking with their partner. If wanting to break with them, the best practice is to no longer communicate with them.

When ghosted or just not given enough attention, they’ll no longer want to have anything to do with the person doing this to them. This is the easiest way to see Geminis gone for good.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Gemini man:

  1. His first reaction would be to win you back somehow.
  2. He will like a little drama and to throw the blame.
  3. He will then act as if he’s got no care in the world.
  4. It would be best to be open about your motives and not secretive.
  5. He will take some time to suffer in private and be melancholic.

How to break up with the Gemini man

Geminis are perhaps the most complicated natives belonging to the Air element, so breaking up with them may be very difficult, not to mention how they can have two faces.

Therefore, it can be a struggle having to deal with the Twins, especially when it comes to romance. However, no one can beat the Gemini man as far as charm and saying the right things go.

Many women have tried to break up with their Twin partner and didn’t succeed because he made them come back with his charm.

His other side seems to be the one that reminds ladies why they got together with him to begin with.

This native can easily be called an impeccable actor because he’s behaving according to his moods and wants to see what kind of reactions he can generate in others. He’s doing this because he wants to have fun, not because he may have a hidden agenda.

Breaking up with him can be tricky, especially for those women who don’t know he has two faces, which he’s changing according to the way he’s feeling the moment.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to sit down and have a chat with him about separation because he can be very convincing when trying to change someone’s mind.

A better idea for doing this would be to just send him a short text saying everything is over. He’ll appreciate the courage and call back, but not answering him is the best thing to do in such a situation.

After only a week or two, he’ll be out having fun and trying to get together with another girl. It’s difficult to leave such an actor because he always seems to know his lines and what answers to give.

He doesn’t mind seeing a little bit of drama from his lover when a breakup is happening, so he’ll try his best to get what he wants. However, no one should expect him to be emotional because he’ll surely act like not having a care in the world.

When someone is being cold with him, the Gemini man becomes passionate and tends to want more. This man is the type who keeps calling his exes years after the breakup.

One thing to be kept in mind regarding him is to never think that he may be a fool because he knows what a breakup involves as he has left many women himself and has been dumped before.

He can deal with anything, so being secretive doesn’t work very well with this native. Always appreciating a woman who can express herself, he’ll always look to fix things up with a woman by carrying out a good talk and to avoid a breakup, but he can let go when asked to, especially if feeling there’s no more passion in the relationship.

It’s easy for the Gemini man to forget about an ex because he’s always surrounded by friends, not to mention it’s possible for this native to be in fact happy as soon as he can pursue someone more interesting.

It’s almost like dumping him is not an option because he’s the one dumping as far as emotions go. Many women will want this man to “grow up”, but he’ll never do it, so those thinking he may change and that breakup isn’t urgent should abandon the ship already.

When the passion in his relationship is no longer there, he just wants to pack his bags and to move on, not to mention how easily he can get bored with people and situations.

Therefore, being as boring as possible when with this man can have him want a breakup as fast as possible. Not being in any way consistent and stable, he would hate if someone is forcing him to be all these things.

Independent and a free-thinker, the Gemini partner will run away from the woman who’s trying to have him tied down to her or to a routine. Furthermore, he doesn’t like being nagged about the fact that he’s living his life to the maximum.

No one could ever break his spirit, so he won’t be with a nagging and possessive lady. He also doesn’t like it when his lover is being too sweet because he wants spontaneity, fun and to laugh.

Being dependable and at the same time allowing him his freedom is not at all a good idea when trying to break up with this man. Because he’s always on the run, a lazy and dull person would make him feel stuck, not to mention how much he loves independent women.

It’s very rare to see this gentleman with a needy girl. Because he’s interested in everything that moves and has many hobbies, he wants a lady who likes the same things as him.

Therefore, if telling this man nothing he does is fun or interesting, he’ll surely start considering a breakup.

He likes strong women who aren’t pushy or in any way controlling. Because he seems to move around at the speed of light, no one can stop him from dreaming and sharing his knowledge around, so the woman who wants a breakup with him should just try to slow things down or to cut his enthusiasm down.

As he’s highly intelligent and extremely good with words, he wants his lady to be just the same. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t be for more than one hour with a woman who can’t keep up with an engaging conversation.

The Gemini man and break ups

The Gemini is represented by the Twins, which means people in this sign are dual, fickle and jumpy when it comes to love. As a matter of fact, they’re known for always being flighty and for having many relationships, especially when young.

Gemini men are very good with words and can charm anyone, so many will recognize them for the big lovers that they are and for not being too reliable or ever ready to commit.

They can immediately see if a relationship they’re having is starting to fall apart and won’t cry too much about it because they tend to deal with life as it comes and to never stress about love.

However, it’s very possible for them to not go out that much and to listen to romantic music after they’ve just been dumped.

No one will notice they’re feeling down because they don’t like seeming vulnerable and having to answer all kind of questions about their separation.

They’ll admit things are done and avoid giving explanations, this being the reason why they want to be alone right after their partner is out of their life.

It’s very likely for them to most of the time get dumped for being unfaithful, which can either be in the form of them actually going to bed with other women, or in the form of just flirting around and forgetting about giving all of their attention to their partner.

Either way, they’ll most of the time conclude no one is more important than their own happiness and treat their lover with indifference.

Their biggest problem is that they keep getting bored very easily and are very restless when looking for more variety. Those who want to keep a Gemini man next to them for a lifetime should always think of exciting things to do or else he’ll look for what he wants someplace else.

This sign is being ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs communication and the intellect, which means Geminis are very curious and talkative.

When entertained with good jokes and the latest gossip, they seem to be the happiest. If a breakup is about to happen for them, Gemini men have no idea what to feel or think about the entire situation.

They’re confused about how they’ll get over it, but no one can convince them they won’t. If not involved in something very serious to begin with, they won’t even think too much about what’s going to happen after the breakup.

But if they happened to be committed, it’s possible for them to become depressed, moody and isolated when their partner will decide to leave. It’s very unlikely for the Gemini man to try and hurt his ex just for him to feel better about himself.

If broken up from someone he loves very much, he may continue to dream about a reconciliation with that person, not to mention how much she’ll miss his adventurous side and the jokes he used to make, or the compliments she was receiving from him.

However, she won’t want to remember how he used to be the least ambitious person she ever knew, or how he talked about other women right in front of her.

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