Gemini Flirting Style: Witty and Outspoken

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Gemini, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

Couple kissing in the snow

One of the best ways to know that a Gemini is interested in you and actually trying to flirt with you is when they often change their behavior towards you.

If at first they seem like tender and sweet, they could very well become aggresive, vulgar and quite dominative, just because your presence excites their inner contradictions and complex personality.

TraitsGemini flirting in action
Unrestrained Their libertine behavior knows no boundaries.
Intricate They are capable of complex seduction.
Communicative They know how to verbally express themselves.
Rapidness Their flirting is fast-paced and concentrated.
Inquisitive They will aim to read your mind.

It’s a very interesting one-man show watching them perform in front of someone they like, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And not taking this oppportunity to have some fun would be very bad on anyone’s part, because these natives are known to be one of the most fascinating and intriguing in the entire zodiac.

And that’s because of their natural intellectual and quick-witted character, which plays out the perfect role in how they deal with prospects of relationships.

Geminis can really talk their way out of any situation, or they can get themselves plenty of benefits through the way of words.

The same goes for when they want to flirt, because they know what to say, when to say it, and most importantly, how to combine speech with other forms of communication like body language or the tone of voice.

And in return, they expect the ball to fly back in the same manner, with the intellectual fervor that they’ve instilled it with. These natives are easily misunderstood by most people because they are greatly torn apart by many intricate oppositions.

Gemini flirting body language

To begin with, it’s good to know that Geminis have learned the way of flirting ever since they were in their mother’s wombs, because looking at how natural and casual their approach is, there really is no other conclusion one could reach.

Besides being very proficient at talking and subduing someone verbally, with sweet words and whispered compliments, they are also quite physical in their own way.

If things start getting deeper and deeper, then they’ll initiate close contact, just as natural and tender as they have until now with words.

They could hold your hand when going on a walk, and fiddle with it slowly, showing you they’re really in love with you, or they could just as well give you a smack on that sexy bottom, if they’re more courageous than most.

When they fall in love, these natives can’t focus on anything else, at least in the beginning phases, because the feelings are just too intense to put them aside even for a second.

Anything that their partner could ever think of as romantic and loveable, they will do it at some point of another. Saying “I love you” and “I want you now” a couple dozen times a day is just the start of this fun and exciting adventure into the lands of blissful love.

And, of course, no Gemini ever leaves home without their set of witty remarks, funny jokes and list of deep subjects to bring up in a conversation. Just kidding, but it’s meant to reflect their high intellect and love for such great conversations.

Unpredictable and unrestrained, the Gemini men are very affectionate, in the sense that they won’t waste any opportunity to show their partners exactly how much they love them.

Kisses, hugs out of nowhere, even a massage if they’re at home, nothing is out of the reach or ability of these crispy and loving natives. It’s better to prepare for when things will get hot and steamy in bed, because between the blankets, they’ll do their utmost best to bring their partners on the peaks of pleasure, and make them experience bliss like never before.

A paroxysm of satisfaction and carnal pleasure expects all those who are chosen by the Geminis as partners.

How to flirt with a Gemini

One of the best ways to ensure that you have what it takes to make the Gemini catch sight of you is to prepare in advance for their tests.

Because there will be screening and exams, mostly having to do with their large breadth of knowledge at their disposal. Complex and intricate subjects, remember? They love talking and deep discussions, so a potential partner will have to prove to them that they can handle such things, and that there’s more than meets the eye to them.

There’s also no reason to refrain from opening up a taboo subject, because there’s no such things to them.

Moreover, Geminis love being inventive and creative, and they’ll expect the same out of their lovers, whatever that means. Well, for one thing, do play things in a natural and fluid way, don’t just try to impress them out of the blue, and never beat around the bush.

Directness and a straightforward attitude are most respected and held in admiration by these natives, because they don’t have the time to lose with fiddling around doing nothing. Either they do something worth it, or nothing at all, and so try to combine all the things they like into a big punch to sweep them off their feet.

Good conversations, physical closeness, sexual innuendos, an open-minded and appreciative attitude, these are one of the most important things to them, when it comes to flirting and love.

Gemini man flirting

Gemini men are all about smart discussion that can really spark things up in a boring and seemingly unending date. They do that to notice if the partner can play ball, and if the field is prepared, then get ready for one of the most exciting and entertaining experiences of your life.

He likes to see you laugh and smile, and so there will be plenty of opportunities in which he’ll go out of his way to make a good joke, or reply with a witty remark. Moreover, he’s a very honest and straightforward individual, and flirting is only a way to express his tender feelings, and not to convince or manipulate the other into liking him.

Subtlety is certainly not his chosen path, and so everyone will quickly notice his romantic attempts.

Gemini woman flirting

Just like men, Gemini women have a way with words that not many can hope to copy or replicate, and most of their targets just can’t resist the charm hidden within.

Social butterflies and communicative little children, these women know nothing about going under the radar or being hesitant with their feelings.

There’s nothing bad or shameful in falling in love or liking someone, and that’s what they’re here to assert, besides trying their hardest to grab their chances in the game of flirting.

All in all, Gemini women like their partners intelligent, witty, or to at least understand and appreciate the deep conversations they engage in as part of the wooing game.

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