Traits Of The Gemini Man In Love: From Impulsive To Loyal

This man loves to flirt and is beyond protective of his independence.

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As soon as the Gemini man decides you could be a good match for him, he will try to sweep you off your feet with his stories. It’s important that you listen and enjoy what he has to say. Don’t just sit there indifferent.

He is insecure and he really wants to know if you are interested or you are just toying with him. So be careful, he will immediate notice if you are paying attention to him or not.

As soon as he will be done with his stories, this guy will start talking about his emotions. This is the moment when you can catch a glimpse of his feelings towards you.

Whilst he will try to impress, he will also watch every move that you make. Having a large and easy to break ego, you must make sure you are not saying the wrong things to him.

Cheerful, happy and the life of every party, he will attract people to him like a magnet. He has a charm that only few can resist. It could be his exciting ideas or the fact that he’s an intelligent person with whom you can talk about anything.

One thing’s for sure with this guy: you will never get bored around him and he will be a partner that always puts the other first.

When in a relationship

It can’t be said exactly how long a relationship with a Gemini man will last. This guy craves change and he is very responsive to external stimuli.

When he feels strong emotions, he will ask himself if it’s true love that he’s feeling, or just something that will wither in time.

Always looking to live in the moment, he will annoy his partner with his indifference for future plans. He cares, but he needs to feel free and spontaneous in order to be happy. Fun, surprising and relaxed, this guy can always make women laugh.

It can’t be said with certainty if he’s reliable or dependable. His intentions are not to disappoint the partner, but he wants change and variety so badly that he may disappoint oftentimes.

When really in love, he will carry mixed feelings. He can be sensual and adoring one day, and cold the other. You can’t expect him to be consistent in life. If he comes across a partner who is independent and self-sufficient, he will be the happiest. He needs someone who acts the same way as he does, only a little bit more patient.

The Gemini man will enjoy ambiguity and the mystery of tomorrow. He is loyal if he truly falls in love, and he holds his devotion into a special compartment in his mind.

As long as he is not surrounded by too many temptations, he will be faithful to one woman and one woman only. If he only spends his time away with the guys, his partner is going to be happy and relaxed. But if he goes someplace where he is surrounded by women, things may become nasty.

He’s honest and he likes to talk, you already know this, but it’s important that you listen to him. He will say anything what’s in his heart and he won’t lie.

The woman he needs

The man in Gemini looks for perfection so he won’t settle for someone who doesn’t meet his high standards.

He’s not interested only in looks, he wants a woman with whom he can talk about anything. Those who are just beauty and no wits are definitely not for him.

This is a very talkative sign, so the perfect lady for him is going to enjoy discussing all kinds of subjects, anytime. Intelligent, this guy wants someone who will live at the same pace, who can face any social situation with a smile on her face.

Since the Gemini man gets bored very easily, his woman should be open to engage in new things, and not only in the bedroom.

Understanding your Gemini man

You will usually see Gemini men with women who are emotional and resourceful. These guys like intense relationships. They know how to seduce, being masters in this art. They usually change partners very often, in order to find the perfect one.

If we analyze the situation metaphorically, we can say that Gemini men are looking for someone to complete them. In other words, they are looking for their Twin.

Complex and difficult to understand, the man in Gemini is always deep and meaningful. He doesn’t like people who are superficial, and he needs someone to understand him to his deep core. If he has been hurt before, he will hide his feelings.

It will be difficult to reach him in this situation. If you manage to get to him, you will discover he is a childish person who has a special beauty. While imaginative and tactful when in a relationship, the Gemini man won’t seem 100% committed. He will be busy with other interests that he has, so the lady who is beside him will sometimes feel ignored.

But it’s worth getting this man into your life. He is fascinating and fun so you will surely enjoy life to the max when next to him. The Gemini is a dual sign, meaning these guys have energies that conflict in their souls.

Catching a Gemini may be difficult because he likes to flirt and he loves his independence. Charming and intelligent, this guy is looking to settle down, but only if the woman is perfect for him.

If you are interesting, talkative and a little bit mysterious, you can have his heart. But remember to always be prepared with intelligent conversations and the acceptance of his freedom and space.

He will be able to make romantic gestures and he will surely surprise you.

Dating him

It would be impossible to guess where the Gemini man is planning for the date to take place. He’s not traditional, and it’s possible that he won’t take initiative either.

He can be invited somewhere and he will be fine with it. If he starts to have feelings for someone, he will ask that person out to all kind of interesting places.

Let’s not forget this guy is very creative, so it will be near impossible to doze off next to him. Dating the Gemini man means that there will be a lot of talking, especially from him but that you will be able to enjoy a time that is both surprising and relaxing, if you can imagine these two characteristics together.

The negative side of the Gemini man

Intelligent and always coming up with a new idea, you can guess what the negative side of the Gemini man is: he gets bored too easily. This can be a problem as men like this are sure not to hold on for too long to relationships or jobs.

Another negative trait could be that he is too flirtatious and superficial. This is all because his mind is working all the time, looking for new ideas.

He will use his talents with all women, and he will get bored each time he is around one for too long, especially if his mind is not being stimulated. He can seem superficial and a real Casanova.

His sexuality

The sex act itself is not that important for the Gemini man. He is youthful and will surely be sexually active till he’s very old. However, he doesn’t care that much about lovemaking, but more about the passion that it entails.

He likes someone who can challenge him in bed, and who has a lot of things to say. He enjoys making love outside. While not ill intentioned, he can sometimes be a pervert.

If he’s with someone for a long time, the Gemini man will expect sex life to be varied and fun. He is terrified of routine in bed, always looking to try new positions, locations and partners.

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