How To Get a Gemini Man Back: What No One Tells You

To win him back you need to avoid being overly emotional and listen to everything he has to say patiently, even if he becomes temperamental.

Gemini man back

You’re probably aware of how talkative your Gemini ex is and how all of your common friends have most likely found out every little detail about the breakup between you two. It’s not like he’s trying to spread rumors about your relationship around, this is the way he’s dealing with separation.

This man can’t refrain himself from talking all the time, but he’s also famous for refusing to be mediocre. He’s absolutely terrified of routines, so have a look at your behavior from when you were together if you want to understand what made your relationship to end.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Gemini man back:

  1. Try to show him a different, more exciting side of yours.
  2. Listen patiently to what he has to say.
  3. Prove that you have learned your lesson.
  4. Be tolerant with his moodiness, he is only testing you.
  5. Don’t cry or throw any tantrums in front of him.

The best way to get your Gemini ex back is to be spontaneous and to look gorgeous all over your social media. Make sure he notices how great you’re feeling with your new lifestyle, but don’t act as if you no longer care about him. It’s very likely he’ll want to join you in your travels, so Facebook and Instagram are good ways of getting back together with this ex of yours.

Show him a different side of yours

If you want to win back your Gemini ex, be as cool and detached as possible about the breakup because he really doesn’t like emotional people.

He’ll only appreciate you for being rational as he’s himself, never allowing his heart to rule over his head, which means he really can’t understand too much when it comes to feelings.

Therefore, don’t cry and throw tantrums in front him. Try and send this man a clever love letter in which you’re being both sexy and funny as this can surely get to him.

Because he enjoys one-on-one talks, you can use this in order for you two to get back together.

He wants a good listener as his partner, which means you could make this work in your advantage and have him depend on you.

It’s important that you’re talking with your Gemini ex because he really appreciates a woman who can express herself and wants to discuss any issue. It would be a good idea to also mention couples that have broken up and who have gotten back together afterwards.

Make sure you listen to him

Since his sign is ruled by the planet of communication, which is Mercury, the Gemini man loves expressing himself and his ideas.

He won’t hesitate to be straightforward and to tell you how he feels about you, even if in a very subtle manner.

This man is famous for his duality, so you should pay close attention when he’s talking because he may use words with double meaning and gesticulate a lot.

Remember he may not truly mean what he’s saying, so you’ll have to make an effort in order to understand what this man wants from you.

He may not pay the same attention to your words, so you may have to deal with this, even if it can be painful. His main trait is being communicative, but only when it comes to him talking, not to him listening.

If you’re the quiet type who can really listen, then you may be the perfect girl for him. He would love a woman who can observe anything because he really wants the spotlight to be on him and for his words to reach as many people as possible.

Give him some space

Geminis love going out and socializing. When someone is objecting the way the Gemini man is living, he may become very angry and decide to leave that person.

If you have happened to have him in your life at some point and now you want him back, just give him his space and don’t call too often.

However, make sure he knows you exist and that you’re open for a talk. If he’s the type who always gets away doing the wrong thing, make sure to remind him of his behavior.

For example, you may call him on his exaggerate desire to always have fun. Let him know you were aware of him lying to you because he’ll only get back together with the woman who isn’t scared to speak up her mind.

Prove you know what you should change

The Gemini man simply loves variety and change. It’s very likely for him to take you out for bungee-jumping one day and to the theater the next.

He may decide to buy a collectible car in the heat of the moment, not to mention how much he’ll want to take you with him in his travels.

If you’re the type who likes routine, you may want to find someone else to be your partner. In case he has lost all of his interest in you, it may be due to the fact that you don’t enjoy taking on new challenges.

When trying to get back with your Gemini ex, make sure you’re making many changes in your appearance.

Change seems to be the only thing that makes him happy, so don’t hesitate to renew your wardrobe and to buy new makeup products each time you get the chance. When trying to revive your relationship with him, “accidentally” appear where he is and look different with every occasion.

He’ll see you as someone exciting and interesting, so he’ll want to know more about you and your plans.

As a matter of fact, he may want only this from his lady: to figure out what’s happening with her and no one else, which is why he’s the perfect partner for a woman who loves to experiment all day long.

Don’t try to make him jealous

While not at all jealous like other signs in the zodiac, the Gemini man likes to know that he’s someone important in your life.

If you’re trying to make him feel less than what he is and to demote his position as the most important person in your life, he may become very jealous.

As a matter of fact, in this situation, he’ll do everything in his power to make you change your mind.

When not paying too much attention to him, he won’t hesitate to start a conversation about what’s going on. Be ready for him to say many hurtful things and keep in mind that when he’s hurting about something that you’ve done, he may be really in love with you.

Get ready for his moodiness

The Gemini man can make any woman’s life more exciting and adventurous, but there are also a few issues with the way he acts. For example, he can have two faces and many moods, so it’s better for you to accept this about him, as his lover.

It’s true he can drive anyone crazy with his moods, but that’s the way he is and no one can change him. When feeling great, he’s always taking action and does things passionately.

If down, he may also become untrustworthy, mean and even more detached than usual. You may need a lot of patience and strength to make him pay attention to your needs.

Furthermore, you have to be clear about what you want and to express yourself openly all the time. He likes it when his lady is being specific about her desires, but he needs to be reminded from time to time to also take care of her.

While many will say he’s making a mistake when allowing his moods to interfere with his relationships, don’t take his behavior personally. This man is impulsive and usually doesn’t realize how his words can impact his loved ones.

Fortunately, he loves change and isn’t too likely to be set in his own ways for too long. This man will always learn new things, so if you can be patient and assertive enough with him, he may learn how to express himself more efficiently when with you.

In conclusion

You shouldn’t expect to get back together with your Gemini ex very fast because if he’s been serious about you two no longer being together, he may completely refuse to even discuss about reconciliation.

Don’t push him into making decisions because he needs to be approached in a gentle manner. Take advantage of the right moment and study his mood when having the discussion about what you two should do.

Pay attention to every little detail, from what you’re wearing to how the lighting in the room hits your eyes. The difficulty of getting back together with him depends a lot on who’s responsible for the breakup.

It’s easier to fix things if he’s the guilty one because he may accept to reconcile after you have forgiven him for everything he may have done. The situation can be difficult if you’re the guilty one, so you should be more prepared and cautious in such circumstances.

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