How To Seduce A Gemini Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Gemini man fall in love with you and what to look out for.


Most Gemini men are basically the same when it comes to romance, as they are of the same mold. Similar personalities and character, if you know the basic characteristics of this astrological sign, then you have what it takes to seduce any of these deep intellectuals you may come across.

Speaking of which, they are very flexible when it comes to love affairs, sexual life, and matters of the heart. They will never play the obsessive partner role, and will also try to be as understanding as possible.

Seduce your Gemini man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Display your adventurous side step by step.
  2. Show your creativity with romantic surprises.
  3. Don’t hurry him into being exclusive.
  4. He will love a frank and bold woman.
  5. Join in on his relaxing hobbies.
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Chit chat him to submission

Geminis are one of the most emotionally empathetic people out there, and you will feel like you’ve just found the perfect man, because these natives will always try to offer you a shoulder to cry on.

They will always be present in the moment, support and encourage their partners to move over certain problems, become the best of what they could be, as well as achieve their dreams.

However, just as they are very complex in this regard, they are also very unpredictable, unstable, and have the tendency to pack up their bags and leave at the first sight of trouble. Or it could be that they’ve gotten bored. Either way, it’s a really risky relationship, this one.

Gemini men are intellectuals, seekers of knowledge, curious individuals who like to explore the world and find out exactly what drives it.

For that reason, they will often travel all around the world, going pretty much anywhere they feel like. So, if it happens that you are also a free-spirited and adventurous spirit, then this might actually be a match made in heaven.

Just bring up this subject, about what you’ve seen in a recent trip to the pyramids, and you’ll see their eyes light up like a Christmas tree, slowly open their mouths agape and stare at you open-eyed. Congratulations, you’ve now caught their attention, now it’s time to do your thing.

However, even if you didn’t travel as much, or don’t show too much interest in this, that doesn’t mean there are no more chances.

Sure there are, and all you have to do is listen to them talk, because they’re going to yap their mouths endlessly, about anything that you could think about.

Just wait a bit, pick a comfortable subject and try to dazzle them with your knowledge. It’s a pretty guaranteed win-win situation, as they get to truly know you better.

It’s make them become really interested in someone who knows how to speak, and has both the know-how and the skill to approach profound subjects.

Most importantly, never try to limit a Gemini man’s freedom to act and think, because they hate this from the bottom of their hearts.

They are free-spirited thinkers who want for nothing else than to be able to roam the world, physically or intellectually, and inhibiting this desire will only lead to catastrophe and disaster.

A relationship? Family? Children? Don’t even think about all of these things, because they wouldn’t want to go there anyway if you’re that possessive and hurried.

So, if their partners want a happy and comfortable life together, they should be open-minded, acceptant and tolerant of their eccentricity and flexibility.

These natives are very innovative and creative individuals who look for new things constantly. They pretty much hate routine and fixed schedules, just as they get easily bored by unilateral people who never change.

As such, you should try to be as flexible and spontaneous as possible. Come up with new ideas every day, tell them about it, plan out a new trip, make some changes around the house, it doesn’t really matter as long as they notice that you have that flair, that sense for change.

Things tend to become homogenous and lose their artistic value as time passes, so they must be replaced or brought to the present.

Tips for seducing your Gemini man

With Gemini men, you really have to take out the big guns and play it out very patiently and calmly. Thus, you should really learn to open up very much, and communicate a lot with them.

They love their partners to be talkative, to say exactly what they’re thinking, how they feel about certain things, because they don’t like to use their intuition to find that out. Also, speaking of talking, it should also pe crystal clear that Gemini men love a good conversation or a debate, with arguments, complex and complicated ideas to support a given subject.

So, besides being open and affectionate in general, you should also try to be as spontaneous and adaptative as possible when they want to have that hour-long discussion about the nature of the world. It’s going to really drive them nuts with anticipation if they see their partners enjoying this.

Gemini seduction turn offs

There are many faces to Geminis, and most of them are tied to their likes and dislikes about what they see as the ideal partner.

Therefore, they are the non-conformist type, so don’t even think that you’re going to convince them to subdue their innovative gusto to the musty, dusty, long-held traditions held by the majority of people.

They will do things their own way, or no way at all. Moreover, their highly spirited nature makes it impossible for steady and overly-calm individuals to survive in their vicinity. Those who can’t have a laugh from time to time, or give in to their playfulness, would better stay away.

What you’re up against

It would be a big mistake to look for emotional security in a Gemini man, because they are very unstable and changeable individuals who could just as well suffer a 180 degrees transformation overnight.

Rather, seek to develop yourself along the way, so as not to make them perceive you as an obstacle in their path.

Be communicative, talkative, joyful and enthusiastic, and they will, in turn, make some compromises in order to make everything fall into place.

There is, however, a debate on whether this native actually knows what true love is, judging by their spirited and agitated personality.

The true problem lies not in seducing and making this native become a passionate admirer, but in what happens after the initial stages.

Fine, you can be in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, but you have to keep in mind that he won’t be content with just this formal categorization, and if it doesn’t offer him enough excitement and adventure, he will just as quickly leave the premises.

It’s going to forever pose a problem, this unstable character of his, but there is, however, one case where these reflexes are somewhat dulled.

If the partner is truly after his own heart and soul, in that there are many similarities and common traits between them, then chances are for something permanent.

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