Cancer Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Cancer man will express his feeling freely and will create an atmosphere of peace and comfort, regardless of his long-term plans.

man with a Cancer sign

The Cancer man is a very emotional and sensitive individual for whom disappointments in love mean a great deal. Even more, he’s liable to just sit there and take the damage as it’s coming, without even saying something.

Pros Cons
He is intuitive and observant.He takes some things too personally.
He is very dedicated to the relationship and family.He is a worrier.
He takes everything about his partner very seriously.He is stubborn and undisciplined when it comes to long-term relationships.

His need to connect with people on a deeper level, beyond the superficial level, leaves him vulnerable to attacks, to harm. He’s always calm and patient in any given situation, no matter what’s happening.

The ideal partner is someone who can understand the Cancer during these times, someone who doesn’t hold him accountable for his inability to fully express himself. He’s emotional, sensitive and cares a lot about what other people think about him.

Avoid criticizing him too much

He’s not the type to hold a grudge against his partner because she makes more money than he does or because he’s going to do the house-chores, something that’s traditionally attributed to women.

He’s an out-of-the-box thinker and that’s how he’s always going to be. These stereotypes and age-old perspectives are taken for what they are, incompatible with today’s society.

Something else that you should know about your Cancer partner is that he worries a ton, for anything under the Sun from overcooking the eggs in the morning to a satellite crashing atop the house.

You can only be there to show understanding and support, relieving his stressful tension and helping him get over it.

He’s rarely the one making the first move with a woman, either because he’s shy and embarrassed or because he doesn’t know what exactly to do.

Don’t expect him to be overly romantic in a relationship, and instead you do what needs to be done, take the initiative and show him that it’s alright to express his feelings.

Don’t criticize him too much or he’ll recoil from the shock and start a period of silence with you as the target. Most importantly, just accept his gestures of affection and love, even if he might be a little clingy and intense.

The Cancer man will take total control of the relationship and he will want you to be his for eternity. There are no buts and arguments here. When you decide to be in a relationship with him, no one can ever wrestle you out of his hands.

He’s like a playful kid who just got his hands on a sweet new toy. Just let him know how much you want to be there, next to him, and you’ll have an ultra-devoted and loving man taking your side against the whole world

The reason that the Cancer is so fit to be a long-standing partner, a devoted husband, and a loving father is that of his emotional depth.

Rather than being rational and logical, he’s more sensitive, in-synch with his feelings and empathy. He cares deeply about the safety and well-being of his loved ones, family or partner.

He will fight with reckless abandon against any and all enemies, whatever challenges and dangers appear on the way. He knows exactly how to take care of his woman, to let live a worry-free and fulfilling lifestyle.

This man is a family man through and through, the person who’s looking for a partner to share his life with, to build a long-standing relationship and to nurture a deep spiritual bonding that will last throughout the ages.

His affection and compassion go to a level that not many of us can hope to attain. You’ll never wish for anything else than to be in his warm embrace once you actually feel his warm-hearted attempts at bringing you closer and honest desires to establish a family.

All that the Cancer man wants to achieve in his entire life is to pass on his genes, to establish a family and take care of it, to wallow in that sense of belonging that raises humanity’s bar to a new level.

Family ties are most important to him, more important than his own wellbeing and professional success actually. The thing is he tends to be attracted to free-spirited and ambitious women who have no time for taking care of an emotional man. In the search for a fulfilling partnership, he may go through a quite a few failed relationships.

A domestic and caring partner

One thing that you should know before you decide to get it on with a Cancer man is that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime commitment, or at least that’s what he wants from you.

You will give up on the idea of doing your own thing, and embrace the idea of doing everything together, accepting his unconditional love and affection, emotional support, spontaneous hugs, and half-assed attempts at expressing his feelings.

When the situation turns dire, you will need to also realize that he will try his best to solve the problems, giving his all, even against your own better thoughts sometimes.

The summary of a relationship with a Cancer man goes this way: he will love staying at home, taking care of the household, looking after the children and generally do some work around the house.

He’s a family man who will always prefer to spend some quality time with his loved ones. Warm-hearted and loving as he is, this man also requires a certain validation from you as well, a reciprocation of his feelings and emotions.

Just accept his benevolent and clingy attitude, bloom in his embrace and become spiritually attuned to his deep personality.

This guy will suck the life out of you with his serpentine embraces. Know how to appreciate and take care of him as well, and you’ll have a perfect husband.

There’s basically no difference between living with him and having your mother there to take care of all your needs. At least in the beginning, that’s the impression that you’ll get, no question about it.

If you’re the type to get annoyed or irritated by so much attention and care, then don’t get his hopes up, at least. However, if you’re of a sensual and sensitive nature, seeking a sense of belonging and unconditional love, then he’s all you’ve ever wanted.

The homely environment, a peaceful atmosphere, and a happy family make up his lifeline, his vitality, filling him with energy and fulfillment, and nothing else matters more to him, in the world.

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