The Cancer Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

The tolerant and intuitive family man.

Cancer is a sign that is governed by the Moon. Introverted, enigmatic and contemplative, the man in Cancer keeps things to himself. It takes a few meetings before getting to know this man.

You can’t force things with a Cancer, he will hide as soon as things start to become too much for him. You will need to be patient for him to open on his own.

The Cancer will never use his aggressiveness for something else but self-defence. When threatened, he retreats. Be careful not to hurt his feelings as he is sensitive.

If you find the Cancer man to be bitter or cold, remember it is only a face he puts on for others to see. If you manage to break down his walls, he is actually compassionate, warm, and loving.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela – A famous Cancer

The Cancer man is a true gentleman and he respects everyone. People will say he is always polite. Most of Cancer men are family-oriented.

He secretly wishes to have many children, but he knows this is not something easy and he needs to feel very secure before starting this journey. He feels the safest when he is at home.

As he has a great intuition, the Cancer man will guess what you may be feeling or thinking. One of the most famous Cancer men is Tom Cruise. Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Sundar Pichai are as well Cancerians, making this sign one with a high concentration of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Tolerate his sensibility

For the Cancer man, love is something that has to be attained. It is difficult for him to fall in love, though. He doesn’t trust people and he is often shy. He always guards himself from emotions and that’s why there are so few Cancer people to believe in love at first sight.

It may take some time for the picky Cancer man to find the love of his life. But as soon as he has found it, he will be the most romantic person on Earth.

He’ll try and come at his partner with the most expensive gifts and he will be there to do anything without even being asked. The Cancer man can be the perfect partner of the zodiac just because he is so loyal and attentive.

If not, he will get hurt and run away. He is always loyal and he expects the same thing from his partner. He would never tolerate infidelity and he would immediately leave in case something like this would happen.

Take the Cancer man to meetings with friends and family get-togethers. It is what he likes the most. He is careful when choosing his friends and he will not get involved in a relationship if he’s not comfortable. It is a well-known fact that a Cancer man is a friend for ever.

You’ll have to prove the Cancer man that you are to be trusted. Just saying it is so is not enough.

The Cancer man needs to be reassured at all times and properly cared for. Click To Tweet

A sign of Water, the Cancer man is passionate when in the bedroom. He can surprise his partner with his intuition. This is what makes him a good lover of the zodiac. He knows how to arouse and he knows how to make his partner happy.

There is no romance without love for a Cancer. If you want to seduce him, a bath with some candles and rose petals should do the trick. You will notice he is kind and imaginative at all times.

You can’t hurry a man in Cancer about any love aspects. He always takes measures of precaution to not end up being hurt. His partner must be worthy of all his attention and devotion.

As soon as the relationship has some roots, you can trust the Cancer man to be the best partner. Because he is naturally sensitive, he can take his significant other to different planes of love, thing that no other sign in the zodiac can do.

The most compatible signs with Cancer are Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus.

The innate businessman

It’s not easy to see how a Cancer man is, from the first few encounters. His moods are changing from one minute to another, and this is all happening because of the Moon and its lunar phases.

This doesn’t indicate the Cancer man has a double personality, more of a fluctuating one. There are many emotions in a Cancer man, and they change a lot, coming in waves.

As he can easily analyse and identify people’s needs and intentions, the Cancer man is great at business and at meeting with people for different agreements. The same traits would make him a good journalist, aviator, doctor, educator, psychologist and lawyer.

The ideal work for a Cancer person would be something that would require him to work from home because he likes being in the company of his family.

He may be too often thinking of alternative outcomes if things would have been done differently.

When it comes to finances, the Cancer will put his money in long-term investments. He would rarely spend without thinking and he would never believe in anything that would promise to get him money without hard work.

A family man with a love for nibbles

As he likes food a lot, the Cancer man needs to be careful with his eating habits. He must control his need for snacks and different sweets.

Not only he may end up having weight problems, but he can also develop some eating disorders.

Elegant and modern, the Cancer man is quite conservative when it comes to his wardrobe. He prefers light colors and he always uses his intuition to determine what works with what. He is more sophisticated and less of a trendsetter.

The Cancer man has a tough exterior and a warm interior. He is like this because he puts on a rough mask to not get hurt.

He is a dear friend with a good heart. He values family and he is in his element when at a gathering with friends.

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