How To Attract A Cancer Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Stand by him unconditionally.
  2. Show that you are down-to-earth.
  3. Keep conversations light at first.
  4. Talk about your family.
  5. Share a secret with him.

There’s no other man more introverted and shy than the Cancer. Reserved and elegant, this guy can charm women, and many will want to be with him.

There are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to try and make him yours. First of all, you need to know that a deep emotional bond is necessary right from the moment you have met.

This guy is known for his sensitivity and being emotional, so he needs someone who can understand this side of him. His lady should be down-to-earth and intelligent.

He’s very attracted to class and mannerism. If you are caring and feminine too, he will fall for you immediately. But don’t expect him to pursue you. He’s too shy and too scared of rejection to ever initiate the chase.

So put on your most charming talents and go ahead and get him. Loyalty is the most important thing to him. He wouldn’t even think of being with a girl who’s interested in someone else, or who is very likely to cheat.

His lady needs to support him, to listen to his hopes and dreams, and encourage him to fulfill them. When going out on a date with this guy, put on your most feminine perfume and a light makeup. He likes women who look natural.

Don’t have a dramatic appearance. He goes for warm colors meant to make you feel comfortable. Wear some white gold or silver jewelry. Be ready to open yourself to him completely. This means you’ll have to be mentally, physically and emotionally available.

Get on with his family

The Cancer man is known for appreciating good food and a fine wine, so if you like to cook, ask him to have dinner with you. He’ll love it. Don’t be afraid to talk about him. He likes talking about his past and the views he has on life.

But make sure you’re not keeping things about yourself a secret. He’s a good listener and he’ll want to know you better. Talk about your families, how you guys were in school, and what you most liked in childhood.

Keep in mind that nothing is more important for this guy than family, so keep the discussion focused on this subject as much as possible. He would like this more than career subjects.

Relaxed conversations are more likely to make him open and enjoy the time spent talking. Extended family and the ideal vacation destinations are things he will always enjoy reminiscing. The Cancer man is known to have the closest relationship with his mother, so taking an interest in this woman wouldn’t hurt either.

If you want to make him yours forever, make sure you win over his mother first. Make friends with this lady, and your Cancer lover will be convinced you are the woman of his dreams. Because he always needs to feel secure, he will always be careful with money.

He doesn’t mind if you’re an independent woman who makes an honest living. So offer to pay your own share. He will probably not allow you to actually do it as he is mannered and well-raised, but it will surely make him appreciate the fact that you are also attentive to how much you’re spending.

Cancers are the most emotive in the zodiac. The man in this sign has a tender heart and feels emotions more intensely than others. He may have a rough exterior, but inside he’s a caring person.

And all this will be revealed to you with time. Accept him the way that he is, and he will love you forever. Be understandable of his mood swings too.

Tidy on the inside and on the outside

Subtle messages and different pick-up techniques that are not obvious don’t work with this guy. He needs a woman to be open about her feelings towards him. Don’t make jokes as he is very sensitive and may think you are trying to mess with him.

It may be difficult to make him trust you, but with time, you will convince him that you really want him in your life. As said before, his mother is also someone who could help you a lot. Win her over, and you’ll have your Cancer guy committed to you in no time. Take this woman shopping or to a spa day.

Find out things from his childhood, and be interested in all kind of memories from back in his school days. Also, make sure you mention the good relationship you’re having with your own mother. He’ll adore you for it.

Physical and sensitive to touches, the Cancer man will like it if you caress him. Hold his hand. He will not only like that he’s being touched, but he’ll also be glad you two are showing your love for each other to the world. Besides family, another thing he appreciates the most is his home. This is where he feels the most secure, and where he can completely relax.

Organized, the Cancer man will want to have a clean and cozy place. If you want to win his heart, offer to help him clean one Sunday. He’ll be impressed by the fact that you are domestic too, and you’ll see how fun he can be when he’s in his own environment.

The more familiar you are with him, the more attached to you he will grow to be. You won’t even realize it, and your relationship will be serious in no time.

He likes long-term commitments, and he wouldn’t get involved in something that has no future. As a matter of fact, he is oftentimes left for being too needy.

This romantic man can become dependent of you if you don’t pay attention to where the relationship is going. He wants a lover and a companion more than anything else in the world.

Many women won’t accept to get so serious with him. And he will suffer when he’ll notice. The Cancer man wants to date just to know the other person better, to see if she’s kind and intelligent for him to fall in love.

Respect comes at a high value

The Cancer man is quite secretive. He doesn’t like sharing too much of his personal life. Avoid telling him what others have told you in confidence, or he won’t trust you anymore. Get to know him, before you ask him something personal.

As soon as he has learned that you are trustworthy and you can keep a secret, he’ll open up. He’s usually old-fashioned, and he wants to be the man in the relationship. So make sure you make him feel this way.

Respect him enough, and ask him for advice whenever you think you have an issue. Do things the right way, and you will have him in your life for a very long time. If you don’t mind letting him be the alpha, the one who’s leading, just take the submissive role and you’ll make him feel better about himself.

Attracting him may not be that easy, but keeping him is quite achievable. If you are not in his life yet and you still need to make an impression, just be beautiful and make yourself available for more than a one-night stand.

Remember he is searching for something serious. Make suggestions about a possible long-term commitment, don’t just lure him in the bedroom.

Showing him you’re having an amazing time in his presence is crucial. Don’t be too aggressive in showing him your interest, but don’t be too slow either. Flirt openly and he will understand that something between you two is possible.

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