How To Seduce A Cancer Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Cancer man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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What matters when dealing with Cancer men is having the patience to wait for as long as it takes for them to open up and welcome you into their world, from a romantic perspective.

They are incredibly shy and quite afraid of being hurt, so these Water element natives will enclose themselves in a refuge of their own making, until someone manages to crack open that tightly-sealed carapace.

Seduce your Cancer man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Use scents and light in romantic surprises.
  2. Combine assertiveness with a little bit of alluring shyness.
  3. Cook him a meal and introduce him to your domestic space.
  4. When disagreeing, choose your words carefully.
  5. Show him you can stand on your own two feet.
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These natives will expect you to take the initiative and help them overcome their fears, love them unconditionally, offer them security, stability, and most importantly, constant affection. However, when they break their chains, they’re going to become truly loving individuals.

The family man

This is a very difficult sign to approach, because the Cancer man tends to have a really sensitive personality. He is an introvert, so be sure that you will not be going to make big steps to steal his heart, because he can feel threatened and lock his heart immediately.

Be patient with him, take your time, and say directly and without any stylistic addages what you plan on doing for him. Sometimes you have to say that more than one time, but ensure that he understands that.

Also, be careful with his needs, because he can be compared with a detective when it comes to finding love, so if he wants to be in relationship with you, that means that you are his life partner.

As weird as it sounds, Cancerians are really close to their mothers, to the point that they could be called mama’s little boys. It’s just that they care about their family very much, and that’s a good sign for people who want a future relationship to advance well beyond the mere boyfriend-girlfriend stages.

So, if you want to impress these natives, you can drop by a hint about your own mother, how the relationship between you two couldn’t be better.

It’s going to make them form a different perspective about you, and it’s going to be a pretty good one. Also, those who want to get closer to them, like really closer, should also keep in mind to ask about their mothers as well. It’s something they’ll remember you have done.

This zodiac sign loves food without a doubt, and more than that, he loves cooked meals, so if you tell him that the best skill that you have is cooking, or that you love to spend time in the kitchen, the Cancer is going to be fascinated.

To compete for a Cancer man’s heart, you have to be a house woman, and that means that cleaning should be a priority for you, and you have to do it regularly, because he loves staying at home and cleaning in the free time, thinking that this is a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

And, in fact, it should be a relaxing activity, or at least something that their partners do without too much hassle, because they’re going to offer them great rewards for doing so.

Tips for seducing your Cancer man

These natives are very emotional and have many feelings hidden within their big hearts, feelings which are very complex, profound, and they attach a lot of importance on them.

It would be a regret for them to overlook these emotions, to do something which goes against their very nature. As such, if they had to keep a conversation going with people who pretend, or lie, or prefer not to show their true colors, it would drain them pretty fast of all energy.

They very much like people who are straightforward, natural, honest, and who say exactly what they think, at the exact moment when they feel the need to.

These natives are also very affectionate and compassionate with everyone around them, so indifferent people would not fit in their criteria at all.

This sign is incredibly fascinated by the historical beliefs of his family past. So, he respects them more than everything, and wants to appliy to himself a traditional life. So, he can’t admit to spend his future next to a non-believer or an exhibitionist woman. He is a veritable romantic man and a real food lover, so he will combine these two characteristics when he will meet with his love.

That’s why you should expect him to take you to long dinners, walks under the Moon or to some fancy restaurants. Also, if you want to impress him, you don’t have to buy him expensive gifts. A simple meal inside your home is enough to make his love grow for you.

Cancer seduction turn offs

You already know that you work with a very traditional man, so if you want just a one night stand with him, you better give up. He is searching for a strong, peaceful and happy marriage who is supposed to offer him a rich and rewarding life.

Don’t play with them, and don’t try to hurt them, they will smell your intention and will get their revenge.

If you want to live a beautiful life next to a Cancer, respect his feelings, and his beliefs, and don’t try to throw out those possessions which have sentimental value to them. Even if they are useless, you better ask before, because they may carry a big nostalgic value for him.

Cancers are not the most sociable people in the zodiac, and it’s quite the opposite of that actually. They’re certainly not big fans of parties or crowded social gatherings, and if they have to go there, they are of the traditional sort.

Sober, simple, dignified, this is how they prefer their partners if they really have to attend such events, so if you had in mind to try on that new mini-skirt or sleeveless shirt, then you’d better think again.

In general, though, they would rather avoid these things altogether, because staying in-doors, reading a book, or watching a movie with their loved ones, will always be a better solution than having to walk the social boulevards of the world.

What you’re up against

The thing here is not that the Cancers are very difficult to seduce, or that they have high expectations that need to be fulfilled before they even look at a potential partner, but that you should be perfectly aware of what you’re signing yourself for.

While they may play a bit hard to get, because it’s in their nature to be cautious and self-aware, when they manage to nudge off those worries and come to trust someone unconditionally, then they’ll release all their deep emotions.

And those emotions are very complex, intense, passionate, and reflect their inner selves perfectly. It is going to be a three-way relationship, since his mother is going to play a big role there, but it’s going to be alright in the end.

The Cancer man becomes very grumpy and upset if you criticize him. He has a very big ego, that’s why you have to choose your words very carefully.

If you defend him, don’t think that he will change, or will be self-aware of his bad actions. No, he will think that you have found a reason to make him feel bad, and he will get his revenge for that.

You have to expect that he will remember those words, even years after you have said them, because he is very stubborn and posssess a great memory.

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