Are Cancer Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Cancer jealousy surfaces when they respond to the partner’s lack of attention with passive aggressiveness.

While being the gentlest sign in the zodiac, the Cancer man can also be very jealous. When in love, it is possible for people in Cancer to become needy and possessive. They can get that jealous that they don’t even realize they are doing something wrong.

The Cancer man gets very attached to his lover as soon as the relationship starts. He will overwhelm the person he likes with text messages and phone calls and he will have them in mind all the time.

He is the most caring sign in the zodiac, so if you want to get involved with him, expect a lot of attention.

Cancer people have a way of not letting things go once they have obtained them. They are known to be stubborn and ambitious when they want something badly.

When in a relationship, the Cancer man needs all the devotion and trust you can offer him.

He takes love to a whole new level, and if he thinks he can’t trust you, he’ll become very jealous and possessive. It will start with him making comments about your outfits and questioning your every action.

A little bit of jealousy is indeed healthy in a couple, and the Cancer man may have just the right amount of this feeling for a relation to last. Communication is important if you think your Cancer guy is jealous for no reason.

The people in Cancer are honest but shy. It’s very important for them to feel secure in life. As a Water sign, the man in Cancer can have mood swings, and some of these people become very quiet if something is bothering them.

From an astrological point of view, Cancer is the sign with the greatest emotional charge of the zodiac. As he is also shy, the man in this sign won’t express his jealousy.

He hates being rejected and he's very fragile and somewhat insecure. He gets very attached to his partner and he hides when he gets jealous. Click To Tweet

On the other hand, the man in Cancer will be the most charming, considerate and sensitive partner you could have.

Everyone knows how manipulative a Cancer man could be. If they want something, they’ll make use of subtle techniques and even emotional blackmail.

If they fall in love and the partner’s cheating, they’ll be the last ones to notice. Their jealousy will be kept inside and they won’t forgive you if you have made a mistake.

He will be quiet and only make weird comments. It wouldn’t matter if you’d try to convince him there’s no reason to be jealous, he will continue believing what he wants.

If you are with a Cancer man and you have someone else close to you, be sure your Cancer man is suffering.

To calm him down, give him more of your attention and love. He only needs to be reassured that things between you are good and that there is no reason for you to fly in the arms of another person.

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