How To Attract An Aquarius Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

Top five tips:
  1. Be independent and strong.
  2. Be a good and cheerful companion.
  3. Don’t pressure her into conforming.
  4. Surprise her with small, inexpensive gifts.
  5. Spend time with her outdoors.

If you want to be noticed by an Aquarius woman, you must be original and stand out from the crowd. This isn’t just about the way you look either – this sign isn’t massively concerned with appearances beyond common sense and general attractiveness.

It does concern your personality though, and the way you speak along with the manner in which you carry yourself.

Simply be yourself and don’t force a situation, go wherever the mood takes you. Given Aquarian women’s fondness for highbrow conversation though, somewhere that allows for a lot of uninterrupted conversation is highly recommended, as they will be primarily concerned with your brain, how you think and who you are.

Her naturally inquisitive nature means that she finds herself drawn to many subjects, and loves doing things that stimulate all her senses.

She wants to feel with every fiber in her being, see every colour in the spectrum, taste every flavor, smell all the scents and hear every note.

Keep her intrigued by letting your own mind loose, and by engaging her thoughts and opinions. Imagination and irregularity are what will keep her on her toes.

Confidence is key when trying to attract an Aquarian woman. She is drawn to the alpha male and finds low self-esteem and insecurity a huge turn off.

The other side of this is that she is attracted to an independent man, and longs for a relationship with one. Amazing conversation is what will get an Aquarian woman’s juices flowing.

Her playful nature means she teases but without being critical or judgmental. She is adventurous and outgoing – so you mustn’t let her get bored. Keep her surprised and you will keep her enthralled.

Her boundless horizons mean she cannot accept any restrictions from anyone. She will always do the exact opposite to whatever she has been told – she is a rule breaker.

She looks for this quality in a man too, but doesn’t want someone who is reckless. A man who can stand his ground in the face of stern opposition is what she’s after, and she will do everything she can to help him swim against the currents.

If you’re serious about attracting an Aquarius woman, then you must constantly surprise her. With this in mind, don’t reveal everything about yourself from day one. Instead, drip feed that information, keep her on her toes, and let her gradually discover things about you that she didn’t know before. Never let your relationship fall into a dull, monotonous and unengaging routine.

The majority of Aquarius women take huge pride in their originality whether they flaunt it or not, and most will want this appreciated and acknowledged.

They are naturally flirtatious, so try not to fall under her spell unless you know she is genuinely interested in you.

Nurture her free-flowing spirit

Aquarian women can be hard to follow at times because of their erratic nature. What might be great today might be nonsense tomorrow.

To keep on top of this, you will need to be somewhat of a mind reader though thankfully, she does leave you clues. The Aquarius woman values her time and hates wasting it on monotony.

If she thinks you are wasting her time in too much of a routine, then she will cut off the ties and try something new. Aquarian women love to date, but it has to be on their terms – she needs her alone time and hates if you are too clingy.

Her erratic and unpredictable nature also means that she is often hesitant about commitment – remember she is a naturally free-flowing spirit, as are many Air signs. That said, she is a person of integrity, which is forged from her strong independence.

She needs to feel like you are along for the ride, and if she does then a fruitful relationship becomes overwhelmingly more likely.

An Aquarian women’s independence and spontaneity means that they can mix and mingle very easily. They see everyone as their friend, so when first approaching her, you should try to establish a friendship first.

If you come across too aggressive in your pursuit of a relationship, she will sense this and back away. Remember, she wants someone who is up for anything, constantly pushing the boundaries and who isn’t content in his comfort zone.

The Aquarian woman has a ‘live and let live’ mentality that extends beyond her own actions to everyone else’s too. She is a humanitarian believer, often accused of wearing her heart on her sleeve.

She firmly believes that we should all live our lives how we please, as long as we do not hurt anyone else.

Their choice of friends and partners reflects this, in that they must share this same concern for those in need. Aquarian women’s intelligence usually means that they are realists, but this doesn’t stop some from being idealists too.

They have a set picture in their mind of where they want their life to go, and will stop at nothing to make sure that picture becomes reality.

It is so important to remember than an Aquarian woman has to feel like she is in control of every aspect of her life. If she feels that she is relinquishing that control, it won’t go down well and you will see her begin to disappear.

What to avoid with your Aquarius lady

Aquarian women find stingy men incredibly unattractive. She cares little for money and will not tolerate anyone who places money in high importance.

She isn’t crazy about shopping but will not show any kind of reservation if she does see something she likes. It matters little whether she can afford it or not – she will find a way to get it one way or another.

She is naturally an independent woman and will very quickly lose interest in any man who tries to control or limit her thoughts and movement.

As an Air sign, she needs to be free, so it a wise move to never try to control an Aquarian woman. She needs space and doesn’t like someone who is too possessive. Any attempts to control her will be met by her simply walking away.

Aquarian women are very quick to pick up on lies, so don’t try to exaggerate your wealth or your position in society, otherwise she will cast you aside.

Attempting to limit her freedom will only serve to alienate her, and she will continue to keep you at arm’s length until she is sure that you will let her be. That’s not to say that she would ever be unfaithful – Aquarian women don’t cheat if they really are in love.

Showing an overly emotional side won’t go down particularly well with an Aquarius woman. That isn’t to say that she is cold or ruthless, but she is looking for someone who can keep a cool head no matter what the situation.

Aquarius women don’t like overly intrusive men either, so it’s important that you behave naturally. You shouldn’t ask questions of female Aquarians that they don’t know the answer to, as they may feel their intelligence being threatened.

What you need to keep in mind about the Aquarius woman

Despite Aquarius being an Air sign, this doesn’t mean that they exhibit the light-hearted natures of her zodiac sisters.

On the contrary, the Aquarius woman is brimming with power and force – often this can be somewhat intimidating upon first contact. Best to hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

It’s important for anyone approaching an Aquarius woman to be enthusiastic and avoid small talk, otherwise you’ll be met with a yawn, which can then very quickly turn into outright disinterest.

They rather prefer conversation with intellectual people, in which case they can remain occupied for hours. Their social ease means that she can make acquaintances that last.

It matters very little to an Aquarian woman whether you’ve known her for days or years – time is relative to them.

They aren’t interested in gaining compliments or having anyone’s approval, which can make her bold, non-conforming and in certain cases even shocking.

Aquarian women are naturally defiant but are still easy going with their partners. They need time to replenish their energy which is a must for Air signs anyway.

A lack of downtime can lead to chaos and negativity, making them bitter and cold – saying things purely for a reaction isn’t beyond a female Aquarian.

With this in mind, they need room to be free, so it’s important to remember to never tell them what to do, or to make assumptions about them.

They are also known to distance themselves whilst they regenerate. This is something that may appear to be selfish, but in reality is an honest attempt to avoid hurting someone.

Try not to take offence if she casts you out of her life – it may only be temporary, but it may also be permanent, either way it is better to sever ties sooner rather than later.

The inner strength and power alluded to earlier really comes into its own in conversation. The Aquarian woman is a progressive thinker, and won’t simply agree with your opinion to boost your ego. In this sense, she is a true, independent free-thinker, which can be a little scary for some!

Her eyes are set firmly on the future, with her mind set on ideas that can be ahead of their time. This mindset takes her to the edge of people’s boundaries, engaging in what many would perceive as taboo or risky.

As a result, she can be unpredictable and eccentric. She is seen as having a bohemian attitude, whether it’s her taste in music or her clothing.

Aquarian women are set apart by their exquisite appearance, which is matched by their equally sharp mind – and she makes no effort to hide it either. Her different outlook on matters often shocks and amazes people in equal measure.

That said, the Aquarian woman is beautiful, not just in terms of appearance, but her mind and soul too. She can be simply irresistible after just a single conversation. Her big heart, boundless imagination and desires scoff at the idea of limitation. With her, it is everything or nothing – stay in her way at your own peril!

Longer term, Aquarian women commit with everything they have. They put their heart and soul into it and definitely don’t play any head games.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re committed to an Aquarian woman – whether it’s an engagement or you’ve simply moved in together – you can rest assured that she is yours.

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