9 Key Things To Know Before Dating An Aquarius

Be aware of these Aquarius dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this quirky sign.

Meeting an Aquarius is bound to be a very important event in your life, mainly because if things are matched up, you’ll never want for anything else.

Although very intelligent and with a great potential, these natives can sometimes become too entrenched in their own logical worlds, where one can’t survive for long without a breath of fresh air.

That is to say that these individuals tend to perceive the world through their personal lenses, objectivity and rationalism being the main contributors here.

Now, even with that being said, once they find someone who truly understands and appreciates their quirkiness, and manages to keep up the pace, they become genuine Romeos and Juliets.

Romantics through and through with the right kind of person, things are anything but dull and bland with them around.

Aquarians can be the bearers of bad tidings sometimes, but in reality, once can’t thank the heavens enough for sending one of them down here.

1. They don’t give up easily

Incredibly stubborn and persistent in their beliefs and approaches, Aquarians are most likely the only individuals in the world who don’t have a sense of defeat or resignation.

What doesn’t come to them naturally, will eventually have to be obtained, and if that doesn’t work, just try again until you succeed.

This is literally how this native thinks and behaves. Failures are just flies on a windshield, intermediary steps on the path to success.

If an Aquarian decides to halt his efforts, the acknowledgement of possible defeat would be the very last reason for doing that, just to make a point.

2. They will help everyone

Aquarian natives are motivated by an almost obsessive drive to help people however and whenever that is possible. Leaving nothing aside and putting in all their efforts and heart, being of aid to someone in need seems to be their greatest calling.

Furthermore, they are marked by a heart-wrenching regret, the tragedy of not being able to contribute to everyone’s happiness and wellbeing.

Besides the obvious lack of omnipresence, there are also people who are beyond any sort of normal help, so not even that would be enough.

Of course, they do realize this, but as rational and realistic as they are, it’s still something very hard to accept and come to terms with.

Instead, they redouble the efforts put towards people whose healing is still within the realm of possibility.

Great listeners and very empathetic individuals, Aquarians will hear your story from start to finish without uttering a single word and paying utmost attention.

Truly humanitarian and philanthropic in their attitude and approach, these natives feel best when they know the world and the people who live in it are getting better and better.

3. They are drawn to trying new things

One thing about Aquarians is that the dullness and tediousness of life is unattractive at best, repugnant at worst.

And that’s not because of boredom or some other superficial feeling, but because it lacks the opportunities for self-development and personal evolution. If anyone has a different opinion, that’s their problem.

Love life, career, family, none of these have a great enough pull on Aquarians, at least not enough that they would forget about their natural drive towards personal development.

Of course, if you support them on this path, it’s not really far-fetched to say that you have just become someone vital and essential to their existence.

4. They are more cerebral than sentimental

Aquarius men will never be those guys who overdo themselves in romanticism and try to impress with flowers, candies, poems or recitals.

Besides the usual courtesies and formal obligations, these things will most likely never happen.

Not that they despise and are against any sort of romantic get-ups, but it doesn’t intrigue them as much as a deep conversation about Darwin’s theory or a debate on artificial intelligence does.

Now that’s what really gets them going. Intelligence will always be sexier than basically everything else, for some people that is.

Sapiosexuals by right and birth, Aquarians are on a level of their own from this point of view. So, if you want to impress and attract their attention, buying that recent book on astronomy and bringing it to a date would be far better than organizing a perfect dinner evening, with champagne, caviar and all that.

They are not impressed with signs of superficiality, no matter how beautiful or elegant their partner may be.

5. They are not ones to fall madly in love

Having a pragmatic and realistic outlook on life, and being of a more patient and analytic demeanor, they’ll obviously not take impulsive decisions and throw themselves head-forward into battle.

Preferring a more step-by-step approach, Aquarian women are less likely to lose their heads over a romantic interest, meaning that when the time comes, they take it slow and steady. That’s how it should be, right? For these natives at least, yeah, that is indeed the way.

Independence is one other important desire of an Aquarian. Independence and private space, that is. If they can’t have that, big problems will most likely arise, so attention is necessary.

6. Your Aquarius won’t wait up

A paradox by itself, they are quite impatient when it comes to their relationships with other people.

Their expectances are pretty high, and won’t accept wasting time for anything in the world. Why is it a paradox? Well, because when talking about love matters, impatience is taboo.

Coming back, they are even more unwilling to tolerate any misgivings from themselves most of the time.

Furthermore, whether it’s out of egocentrism or stubbornness (the latter being most likely), everything has to be done in a certain pattern, according to their schemes if possible, or otherwise they’ll simply leave.

7. They are sapiosexuals

Being intellectually gifted and knowledge seekers, it’s a given that superficial and ignorant people should stay where they are and don’t come any closer. It’s never going to work out, not with all the effort and affection in the world.

Having to live with someone who will most likely never come to your level of insight or curiosity has to be at least irritating and uncomfortable. And that is precisely why they avoid such individuals, instead preferring those who are smart as a whip and witty to the extreme.

Boredom is out the question, evidently. On the contrary, the chances are (very high chances) that something will come out of all those conversations they’re having. A flower will bloom, a spark will ignite, and nature follows its course.

8. Their freedom comes first

Fiercely protective of their own personal time and space, Aquarians will either live life as they see fit, independent and free-spirited, or they will die trying.

Fighting tooth and nail to gain freedom, these natives won’t even flinch on ending any sort of poisonous relationship that seeks to enslave them.

It’s in their nature to despise being chained by ties or people, and so the natural instincts will kick in regardless of the circumstances.

Family, partners, best friends, their boss, they will bow before no one, and that is a fact best known to all.

9. They are visionaries

Being progressive individuals and dreamers with endless potential, Aquarians will naturally often find themselves thinking about all sorts of plans and future ideas, sometimes a little too much.

At times, they appear as being indifferent and distant, but that is because their brains never stop working, imagining new things and foreseeing potential outcomes.

One thing that can be said about them is that they either go for the kill, or don’t go at all. Half-measures and feeble attempts are even worse than not trying for them.

What greatly helps in this endeavor is the innate optimism and cheerful outlook of the Aquarius native.

Not many things can darken the mood and spoil the attitude of such a bright individual, and the things that can do that are quickly set aside and isolated.

Problems have to have a way out, and that is how they go on about doing things, always seeking solutions and making plans.

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Written by Denise

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