2015 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people will likely find it hard to stick to basic routines, as they are creative and enthusiastic, always looking for something new.

2015 Wood Goat Year

Children born in 2015 are Wood Goats, which means they’ll charm others with their sensitivity and confidence, as adults. They will reject routine, any form of authority or living under pressure.

Deep in their heart, Wood Goats born in 2015 will always know how much they’re worth. However, their generosity will sometimes impede them from making the most out of their talents. This means they’ll work tirelessly for different individuals and forget to invest energy into their own projects.

2015 Wood Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Attentive and caring
  • Top qualities: Creative and resourceful;
  • Challenges: Stubborn and conceited;
  • Advice: Perhaps sticking to a routine would serve them good.

These Goats will be creative and work a lot with their imagination because this is what will help them be successful in life. Furthermore, they’ll be giving, friendly and always ready to help those in need. They will accommodate anyone when in a good mood, not to mention how sympathetic and open they’ll be with their friends.

A mannered personality

Wood Goats born in 2015 will be kind, tactful, friendly, attentive and gentle as adults. Furthermore, they’ll always feel for others and be ready to give a hand when necessary.

They will think of their loved ones more than of themselves, which means they’ll want to all the time please. These natives will manage to express themselves and to make their point without being offensive.

However, they’ll insists too much in making their friends and family happy, which can damage their relationships with these people.

Just like all Goats, they’ll be sensitive and caring because they’ll possess their sign’s instincts. These people will give all of their best and many of their resources to make their loved ones happy.

The Wood element will help them be more stable than other Goats, but this doesn’t mean they’ll use their head more than their heart, they’ll just react faster and have less emotional responses than others natives of the same sign.

However, they won’t possess an inner security and look for the approval of their friends in order to feel worthy. Trusting too much won’t bring them any good because many will take advantage of their kindness.

Creative and artistic, they’ll only appreciate the finest things life has to offer. They’ll always be relaxed and look for calm environments in which they can shine.

It will be difficult to have them sticking to a routine or following a schedule because they’ll want to do things in their own time and to struggle for perfection each time they’re investing efforts into a project.

All Goats prefer working in large teams rather than alone. Natives of this sign are known for wanting the support of others and for becoming nervous when left to do things on their own.

Wood Goats born in 2015 will allow their friends, family or colleagues to make the important decisions for them, even if they’ll struggle to make their voice heard as well.

They’ll be able to convince anyone of anything because they’ll have an amazing charm and won’t hesitate to use it. Sometimes, these natives will hide their true feelings, so it’s suggested for them to be more open.

They’ll be quite reserved when with new people, but in the company of those with whom they’ll feel comfortable, nothing or no one will be able to stop them from being chatty and self-confident.

Goats are the most artistic people in the Chinese zodiac, which means they’re passionate about music, literature and any form of art.

These natives have creativity coming to them naturally, so they can be the happiest when creating something. In the same way, they could be very passionate about religion and very curious about nature or what happens in the wilderness.

Either consciously or perhaps subconsciously, Wood Goats born in 2015 will follow any vision coming from deep inside their mind. They’ll find their own path in life, but only if being clear about this vision of theirs and about how to start anew after a difficult situation.

It’s important for them to be able to deliberate and to deal with the unknown, not to mention they’ll feel lost if not having a path to follow. Furthermore, these natives will want to master many subjects and skills.

Big hypochondriacs, Wood Goats born in 2015 will often think they’re suffering from rare diseases, but this will only be their subconscious trying to tell them something may be missing in their life.

Their vision will bring them a lot of unpredictability, so they’re suggested to focus on their spirituality, artistic works or scientific curiosity, when adults.

It will be necessary for them to devote themselves to only one objective, not to mention how important having a goal will be for their development.

They may evolve in a defective manner, especially if only focusing on the materialistic side of life. In this situation, they will not get to achieve too many amazing things.

Those of them who are females, for example, will only focus on their family and not develop as a complete human being because their talents would remain unexploited.

These Wood Goats will all the time need to deal with other people because this way, they’ll no longer have a fear of socializing and manage to overcome their shyness.

After this will happen, they’ll become the most loving and devoted individuals whom others simply admire. They’ll have a sensitive soul and give a lot of importance to their own feelings, no matter if positive or negative.

They’ll be gentle, compassionate and flexible, qualities they’ll very much use in order to become successful. However, they’ll have to be careful and not become extreme with all of these traits because this would burden them.

Delicate, Wood Goats born in 2015 will easily guess other people’s feelings, but they won’t have to get lost and become exaggeratedly compassionate.

As a matter of fact, it will be possible for them to get too involved, so it will become possible for these natives to live other people’s lives rather than their own, which will put them through unnecessary suffering.

These natives will depend too much on what others are thinking of them, meaning they won’t stand being criticized.

Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, Wood Goats born in 2015 will be emotional and caring. No one will pay more attention to their partner than these natives. If dealing with someone unforgiving, they’ll become confused and offended, not to mention they’ll exaggerate when problems in their love life will begin to appear.

When people are hiding their feelings and avoiding the issues in their life, conflicts may appear. However, these Wood Goats won’t have a problem with such a behavior because they’ll be able to experience what others are feeling and therefore, they’ll openly talk about any emotion they may have.

Problems in relationships with them may appear when they won’t want to keep a certain distance from some people. This will confuse their ability to empathize for they couldn’t even imagine how someone needs a certain distance when it comes to love.

Their partner will have to discuss everything with them because they’ll be very understanding. Just like all the Goats, they’ll want to be around many people and to feel secure when it comes to love.

If things will happen differently, they’ll build some walls around themselves and continue to be compassionate, but won’t allow anyone into their hearts.

Career aspects of the 2015 Wood Goat

As far as work goes, Wood Goats born in 2015 will want to be part of a team and won’t struggle for high positions or power.

They’ll only lead when asked to, but everyone will love them for being kind and attentive to other people’s needs.

For these reasons, they’ll be amazing at servicing others, which means working in the healthcare industry or administration will make them very happy.

Good choices of career for them are the ones involving the arts, so many will be famous dancers, actors, photographs others and so on. Some will decide to be teachers or writers.

Because they won’t be adventurous, it will be almost impossible for them to work as stockbrokers, salespeople, journalists and in other challenging professions.

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