1991 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people carry strong principles and are gentle, but they might end up overcome with emotions sometimes.

1991 Metal Goat Year

People who were born in 1991 are Metal Goats, which means they’re disciplined and highly principled. Others will respect them, even if they’re rigid and stubborn. While successful in their career, they still need to be careful and not argue with their colleagues.

Compromise seems to be the key for these natives, especially if they want to enjoy some peace of mind in their lives. It looks like Metal Goats have a lot of luck when it comes to money, even if instability describes their financial situation most of the time.

1991 Metal Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Talented and confident;
  • Top qualities: Energetic and sentimental;
  • Challenges: Indecisive, suspicious and careless;
  • Advice: They need to stick to a routine if they want to feel comfortable.

These Goats are tough when observed from the outside and very sensitive inside. People who know them understand this and don’t mind dealing with it. Furthermore, Metal Goats are highly cultured and in love with all that pertains to art.

A sociable personality

Metal Goats are famous for being intelligent, creative, reliable and calm. They don’t mind spending time alone and enjoying their own mind, but they still need to be part of a group, even if they prefer to work from the shadows and to not capture the attention of others.

Nurturing and generous, they could take care of anyone, but they’re not too talkative as their own thoughts simply fascinate them all the time.

When alone and at home, Goats feel the happiest as they can express their artistic talents by either cooking, singing, painting or doing anything creative.

They simply love staying in bed and thinking of many of their fantasies. Their home will always be furnished with items bought from art galleries.

When going somewhere or trying to have some fun, Goats love large crowds. Their money will be spent on clothes and anything that can make them look classier.

While known to give a lot of their money for the finest things, they can’t be called snobs. The Metal element influences Goats to be stronger and more confident.

Natives of this sign and element born in 1991 are very independent and famous for using their intelligence in order to achieve great goals. They can be called the most hard-working Goats in the Chinese zodiac.

While compassionate and nurturing, just like other people in the same sign, they’re also the ones who are never giving up on their friendships. They can be rigid and stubborn or resistant to change, but their loyalty will remain untouched, so their commitment to the ones they love is unquestionable.

Metal Goats are gentle, determined to succeed and highly responsible. They like approaching everything methodically, so it’s very likely for them to end up running their own business.

They will never try to hurt someone because they have strong principles and good morals. However, they can be rigid and stuck in their own ways, but this can also help them become specialized in one field and achieve great successes in their career.

It seems they have a lot of good luck with money, except for those of them who were born in December. These natives are known to face many difficulties until after their middle age. More than this, Metal Goats don’t seem to have any stability when it comes to their finances. Their luck can turn many times, but they’ll notice their wealth is only accumulating over the years.

It’s possible for them to lose a considerable amount of money today and to earn twice tomorrow. Therefore, it’s suggested for these natives to invest in steady opportunities and to protect their assets.

The Chinese Horoscope describes them as shy because they don’t like getting together with new people and having to establish new relationships.

Furthermore, they’re naturally reserved and refuse talking about their own feelings. The Metal element makes them even more like this, especially when compared with other Goats.

These natives will never allow others into their heart and mind, so it may take their colleagues and friends many years before knowing them for whom they really are.

All Metal Goats love keeping things to themselves and are very quiet when not knowing too many guests at a party. However, when it comes to other aspects of life, they’re very confident and aware of what they need to do.

Their heart is kind and they have strong principles in which they strongly believe and that make them highly responsible. It’s possible for them to feel offended when others are talking, especially if the discussion is about them.

While reserved and serious on the outside, Metal Goats have intense emotions on the inside. They expect people to know what they’re feeling, so it can be said they’re a little bit unreasonable, especially with their most loved ones.

When things aren’t going their way, they become disillusioned and unmotivated. Their nature is to enjoy comfort and everything that’s beautiful.

The Metal element makes Goats even more creative and eager to include beauty in everything they may be doing. When it comes to the way these natives are socializing, they’re only comfortable among old friends and members of their own family.

They don’t like being surprised or having to change because they want to deal only with familiar faces and environments. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to accept new people and situations.

However, they can mingle if this will help them advance in their career. In fact, they’re opportunistic and have the ability to change their ways. This is why they should try and be more flexible instead of having preconceived ideas of how things should be.

Being more open, they would no longer miss on great opportunities revealing themselves to them. Furthermore, Metal Goats should learn how to take other people’s feelings into consideration and to control their emotions because their tantrums can affect others in a negative way.

Love & Relationships

Metal Goats are secretive and private people, so it’s not easy to get to know them. They’re always the ones who decide who should know a thing or two about their personal life, which means they don’t like having too many friends, but that they’re always ready to work hard for the ones who happen to be in their life.

These lovers have many strengths, but the fact that their personality is intricate can’t help them too much. They need a lot of security and become very stressed when not being certain of what’s about to happen.

This is the reason why many of them seem to be sad and sometimes dull. If they want to overcome these obstacles, they need to remain optimistic and to find their stability when around friends and family.

When it comes to love, these Goats can be sloppy and inexperienced. Furthermore, it seems difficult for them to make decisions regarding their romantic affairs.

If having feelings for someone, they should try their best to maintain those emotions, especially if they don’t want to end up experiencing with too many relationships in their life.

It seems they’re having a hard time opening up to their lover because they’re always displaying a cold exterior and don’t know how to make a different impression.

Very sensitive, Metal Goats have an intense emotional life and need to feel all the time secure with their lover. While seeming uncaring, they’re in fact in need of a lot of love and can sometimes reveal the possessive side of their personality.

Career aspects of the 1991 Metal Goat

Metal Goats in the Chinese zodiac are known to not want power and a high position when it comes to their work. They’ll become leaders only when asked, not because they want it too. It’s possible many of them will become teachers, designers, animators, florists and musicians.

These natives love to work hard and are determined to do a great job, which means they are likely to exceed expectations with whatever career they choose.

The fact that they know what practicality means and have many materialistic interests helps them be talented with business and even in the world of research.

Because their mind is creative, many of them will become famous writers and artists. When working, Metal Goats are stuck in their own ways and want to impose their point of view, thing that can lead to many conflicts with their colleagues and bosses.

Health aspects

Since Goats are peaceful and calm, their health problems are not at all that many. While very fragile on the outside, their body is strong on the inside.

However, for this to happen, they need to feel all the time happy. When depressed or disappointed in love, Goats and especially the Metal ones tend to feel poorly.

This sign rules over the lungs in the human body, so these natives need to exercise with care and to eat healthy every day. Furthermore, it’s suggested for them to treat colds before these have a chance to attack their respiratory system, not to mention they should dress well during the winter.

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