Key Traits of the Wood Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Goat has an amazing resilience and willingness to get past obstacles.

Wood Goat

Wood Goats are mannered and make friends easily. People will appreciate them for always wanting to standby others when in need. But when it comes to themselves, they don’t need to be helped that much.

Even in a marriage, they will still be all right with not being put on a pedestal. They are generous, compassionate and interested in all kind of activities. It’s easier for them to have a successful career overseas than at home.

The Wood Goat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Attentive, sensual and altruistic;
  • Challenges: A little naive and sometimes stubborn;
  • Secret need: Leading a peaceful and unassuming life;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t allow themselves to be carried away by dreams.

It’s normal for these natives to trust people as easy as others put their clothes on. When people have demands from them, they immediately give in. As far as their finances go, they are pretty lucky and because they sometimes have the tendency to take risks, they might achieve satisfactory wealth levels.

The character of the Chinese Wood Goat

What’s the most obvious about Wood Goat people is their curiosity. Where the Water Goat is all about interacting based on what their emotions dictate, the Wood Goats are not at all interested in any dynamic and fiery interpersonal connections.

They like living a peaceful life and not being in the center of attention. But this calmness can be both positive and negative.

In the positive way, it means they are confident and sure they are going to succeed at whatever they may be trying. They are aware trust is essential for them to make a progress that is slow but steady in tempo.

Many will turn to them for advice on how to be more at peace with what is happening in their lives. And they’ll be very wise when talking about what others should do.

In a negative sense, their calm and quietness can become too extreme and they can end up isolating themselves. Because they will withdraw from society, they’ll end up too sensitive to what others are saying or doing.

And this can cause them to become too distant. It’s very possible for the Wood Goats to retreat in their own world and lose any touch they may have with reality.

When it comes to their love life, they will be very stable and happy when married. If someone else would appear in their life, they wouldn’t even turn their heads to notice him or her. But it can happen to have as a spouse someone who travels a lot for business.

They will want to travel too, but they may not have the time they need for this to happen. At least they will go in beautiful vacations and help their relationship be more affectionate.

The man in this sign and the Wood element will want a lady with high morals because he thinks highly of himself.

No matter if men or women, Wood Goats will be very lucky with money. But they need to be careful when investing in opportunities coming from people they are not sure they can trust because there’s a good chance they will go through financial crises.

It’s like their luck with the money comes and goes, so controlling their impulses to take big risks is the best idea for them.

It wouldn’t matter how passive and reserved they would be, they would still have the ambition and determination to see their dreams come true just as much as Fire and Metal Goats.

Because they will work quietly, it doesn’t mean they won’t achieve success. And while getting all this success, they will also make a lot of money and manage to get a good social position.

Because they belong to the Wood element, these Goats will be eager to help others and to think philosophically. They will want to have things done their way, so don’t be surprised if they will contemplate too much on how to pursue their interests and apply their own methods.

Goats are usually sensual creatures, they enjoy good foods, nice clothes and everything that appeals to their five senses. As a matter of fact, Wood Goat natives are famous for being great lovers who are not afraid to experiment in the bedroom.

A pleasant companion

Having a lot of friends, Wood Goats love being in agglomerated spaces. Because they like to help and are always sympathetic, they will have people coming at them all the time. They are very honest, so many will want to hear their opinion as they are always telling the truth.

It’s absolutely necessary they sometimes forget about others and take more care of their own needs. The Wood element is all about being kind and creative.

People born in this element will always want to improve, get enlightened and become bigger than life itself. They think progressively and have an open mind no matter how strange an idea may sound.

The same Wood element makes them naturally pleasant. Wood Goats are kind, attentive to others’ needs, tactful, friendly and mannered. But let’s not forget Wood is also flammable, so do expect them to have an ill temper.

When it comes to what their loved ones want, they will always pay attention and want to deliver. They may be honest, but their way of expressing themselves will always be diplomatic so that no one gets hurt by any comments.

Yet this desire they have to make others happy will cause them to be bothering from time to time. It’s true they are sensitive creatures with nurturing instincts, but they could just let others live their life without offering their help all the time.

It can sometimes seem there’s no one more altruistic than them because they are always looking to make things better for both themselves and their close ones.

The Wood makes them more stable than other Goats. While they still use their heart more than their head, they will be sensitive but not at all emotional.

What can bring them down is their own insecurities. They may want approval for what they are doing all the time. One other thing that it’s not in any way advantageous for them is the fact that they trust others to the point of ending up taken advantage of.

Their first life lesson is about being more confident in what they can do with their talents. The second one is about trusting people less than they normally do because many are not so well-intended.

The Wood Goat man

Because he’s very sociable, the Wood Goat man has many friends. And they will all be good friends, not just people with whom he meets for a drink.

He’s warm, sincere and always supportive. If he could, he would share everything he has with the less fortunate. You can trust him to be devoted and always the first person to jump to the rescue.

When it comes to business, he’s hard working and persistent in achieving his goals. Bosses and colleagues will see him as a great subordinate and partner because at work he isn’t lightheaded or too eccentric.

As a matter of fact, he will be everyone’s favorite as he’s friendly and generous. The ladies will love him for being so positive and a good friend. It wouldn’t matter how flighty, he will always be good with business.

That’s why he will have a lot of money and provide the good life for his family. He’s never boring, so anyone in his life will have a lot of fun and get to do exciting things.

It wouldn’t matter how long he has been married, he will still pay compliments and offer gifts to his wife. He’s very good with women, so expect him to be devoted and to have a great behavior around them.

But he can’t stay in one place because he’s too energetic. His love of children makes him a great father. It can be impossible to ever have a reason to tell him that he’s no good.

The Wood Goat woman

You don’t really find this lady sad or under the weather as she will always find a way to make people happy because she’s very optimistic and joyful.

The Wood Goat woman will want to help her friends live a happier life too. She thinks this is the only way to overcome difficulties in life.

When it comes to her goals, you can trust her to always be motivated, full of energy and determined. No one can call her proud or pretentious because she listens to what others have to say and doesn’t mind being helped or to receive support.

Always ready to give a hand herself, this lady is very supportive and nice. And when it comes to achieving what she wants and needs, she can persevere until she succeeds.

Because she’s intuitive and observant, she will manage to avoid problems that can turn her life upside down. Many will admire her for being optimistic.

The Wood Goat woman wants peace and to get on with everyone. Men will be at her feet because she has charisma and doesn’t mind putting in some effort to be with a man. She doesn’t like vulgarity and people who aren’t friendly.

It can’t be said she’s high maintenance either. When she will fall in love, she won’t waste her time with passion that comes only from her side.

As a wife, she’s loyal and likes to communicate everything with her partner. He family will get the best out of her. This is the type of woman who listens to advice and doesn’t argue or wants to fight for the power. There’s no one more optimistic and cheerful than her.

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