1979 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people are very good at taking care of challenging situations and there are very few situations that can truly put them down.

1979 Earth Goat Year

The Earth Goat natives born in 1979 tend to be very honest and blunt with their thoughts and emotions. They will never beat around the bush if they feel like saying something.

In general, people appreciate them for this trait, and they are loved by everyone. However, they are too hard-working at times, risking to over-exert themselves.

1979 Earth Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Helpful and down-to-earth;
  • Top qualities: Considerate, hard-working and emotional;
  • Challenges: Pessimistic and indecisive;
  • Advice: It is important to try and become more acceptant of those around.

They can also become too emotional, end up distancing themselves from friends and close ones. However, they are also very successful and will achieve great things with regard to their careers.

An easy-going personality

Earth Goats are very kind, and people welcome them with a smile on their lips. It would be really hard to find someone who doesn’t like them. After all, how can you not like an altruistic and benevolent individual who wants to help everyone?

They want to lead a comfortable and relaxed life, to find out what it really means to be happy and fulfilled, to pursue their hobbies and satisfy their cravings for the finer things in life.

Routine is the killjoy that really takes their vitality and enthusiasm away. They would rather spend more time in trying to find innovative ways of solving a problem that going for the test and tried the method.

The Earth Goats like to be surrounded by people, to socialize and communicate. They don’t want to do things by themselves, to be alone and attempt to finish a project by themselves. Even more, they despise having to take decisions in the name of everyone else.

These natives won’t like it if you criticize them too much, so you’d better pay attention to how you react to certain things they do.

Even though they are dead-honest, it’s not pleasant for them to be put down. Be careful not to hurt them. They are optimist and reliable for the most part though.

These natives are very good at taking care of challenging situations because there are very few situations that can truly put them down. They are responsible, hard-working, intuitive, and very focused on the tasks at hand.

Even though they want to be concerned with paving a pathway towards the future with realistic goals and determination, they are liable to fall prey to temptations which they have to overcome as soon as possible.

Pragmatism turns them into very efficient and productive individuals. The fact that they want to achieve their aims while keeping in line with their moral principles is even more worthy of admiration.

It becomes especially hard to defeat these natives in kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness because they seem to have made it their goal to create a happy and fulfilling environment for everyone else. They are very focused on building a good life for their close ones.

They prefer to be static and thoughtful, attentive and calm, focused on their goals and going ahead one step at a time, restraining their impulsivity and trying to stay comfortable in their own skin.

Not only is this good for self-development, but it also makes a very good impression on all others. They can become immensely emotional in some moments though.

You might not like it that they usually don’t pay attention to what they’re saying or that they forget about manners and diplomacy. For them, honesty and the truth are immensely important, even if their friends might be upset by this overflow of blatancy.

They want to be loved and admired by their friends though, and they try to do things in such a way that earns them that respect and appreciation. Professionally, they are lucky and very capable, making a good impression wherever they go.

Love & Relationships

The Earth Goat natives can’t always get a hold on of their feelings and will generally fall prey to their emotions, falling in love at first sight.

Attraction is based on physical aspects in the beginning phases, and that’s where they can’t control themselves. All in all, they are very caring and compassionate toward their family and loved ones.

It’s a bad thing that they tend to be introverted and keep their feelings hidden. Few people have access to their inner emotions, and fewer still can say that they have fully decrypted an Earth Goat.

However, once they accept you into their fold, you can say that you’ve found the leprechaun’s golden pot.

They are very honest and innocent in their attempts to impress and express their feelings. You can say that they are childish and extremely sweet, even naively so in some regards, but this doesn’t take away their loving and affectionate nature.

They are charming and dignified though. If they can’t achieve something, they will stop, and they will never approach someone in a rude or blatant manner. You have to remember that they can be the most loving and devoted partners in time.

Career aspects of the 1979 Earth Goat

Professionally, the Earth Goats are serious and responsible. They never take it for granted that they have responsibilities.

Obligations have to be taken to a definitive end, and they plan things accordingly for this. They try to help others achieve their potential as well, being a good-natured person.

They can choose professions that are in line with this benevolent and kind attitude. For example, doctors, nurses, firefighters and policemen, lawyers or consultants.

They can also choose to pursue an artistic endeavor. However, they aren’t suited for competitive and overly-challenging environments.

Health and lifestyle

The most likely health problems that they have to deal with are mental ones caused by over-exertion, stress, and too much pressure. Earth Goats usually work too much and put too much effort into their career.

They need to learn how to become comfortable, to take a step back and enjoy some freedom. They also need to take care of their diet and nutrition. The stomach, spleen, and pancreas very sensitive in their case.

Fun fact – the Earth Goat natives find it immensely rewarding and satisfactory to pursue artistic goals, to have time for their passions and hobbies. As for their flaws, there is still the ever-present insecurity, the uncertainties that lead others to criticize and judge them.

They have to relax, find a way to enjoy life and forget about all the incessant worries, plus become more self-confident overall.

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