1967 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people are very efficient and can handle many tasks in a short period of time, even if being pressured.

1967 Fire Goat Year

People born in 1967, the year of the Fire Goat, are gentle, righteous and very organized. They simply love planning their entire life and are very much appreciated for their loyalty and openness to do everything in their power in order to help others.

While stubborn, they’re still able to take advice from the ones they love the most. It can be said their biggest weakness is the fact that they worry too much and sometimes feel offended by what others have to say.

1967 Fire Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Optimistic and loyal;
  • Top qualities: Comfortable, persevering and compassionate;
  • Challenges: Headstrong and easily distracted;
  • Advice: They need to not feel pressured by what others are saying.

It seems these natives have great luck when it comes to their career, even if they’re all the time pressured at work. Those born in 1967 have enough perseverance to successfully overcome any obstacle.

An empathic personality

Fire Goats are neat people who don’t mind fighting for justice and being kind. They’re highly appreciated for being loyal and for doing everything in their power to help others.

Furthermore, they’re never measuring how much they’re gaining or losing from a friendship, which means their closest friends really love them for being sincere with their affection.

While having many positive traits, they also feature a few weaknesses, just like any other human being. For example, they tend to worry too much and to be offended by any innocent joke.

Because they’re emotional, Fire Goats tend to also be subjective, not to mention some of them find it very difficult to form partnerships with other people. Very stubborn, they’re still open to suggestions coming from their best friends.

The Chinese Horoscope says these natives have to face many challenges when young, only to enjoy a lot of comfort and peace during their middle age. It would be better for them to work on their career overseas and to get together with as many like-minded people as possible because being lonely would only impede them from developing.

Furthermore, they should persevere when dealing with a challenge because great things get achieved by acting this way.

When it comes to work, Fire Goats are very efficient and can handle many tasks in a short period of time, even if being pressured. Their colleagues will always be happy to give them a hand because they’re nice and generous themselves.

It’s possible for these Goats to get sick in the winter and to not have a single health problem the whole year after.

Their financial situation is known to fluctuate, which means they may sometimes need some help with money, from their friends.

They will probably invest in something steady and get their income at the end of every year. Therefore, they should buy some real estate or jewelry because such investments can return them enough cash to solve any problem.

The Chinese Horoscope says Fire Goats are delicate and the best friends anyone could have. However, the fact that they’re sensitive is both an advantage and one of their biggest weaknesses.

While it permits them to guess what other people are feeling and makes their personality even more sympathetic, it also enables them to easily get hurt.

These natives can offer great support in times of need, but they need to be careful not to be taken advantage of as they’re generous and highly empathetic.

It seems their mind is creative and that they’re always imagining things. Fire Goats have the soul of an artist and the talents to create amazing pieces. This is why they’re not at all good at respecting schedules or at conforming to rules. T

hey need to have patience and wait for their inspiration to hit, especially if they want great results in the art industry.

While confident, it’s possible for them to become selfish as well, not to mention how arrogant they can sometimes be, or forgetful with what their loved ones are feeling. These natives seem to possess great intuition and have no problem following their own instincts.

Therefore, they’ll always rely on what their inner voice is telling them rather than on logic. Because they’re sensitive, it’s easy for others to offend them, so they can become unreasonable and very upset when criticized and unappreciated.

The Fire element influences them to be more dramatic, but this energy also helps them be creative and inspiring.

Furthermore, Fire Goats are paying too much attention to every little detail, so they become too worried about trivial things and start to drive people around them crazy.

They’re known as more extroverted than other Goats and for loving all the luxury or comfort in the world. Therefore, they may buy very extravagant things for their home and end up broke.

These natives know a thing or two about drama and are very charismatic, which means the attention of others doesn’t bother them in any way. Add to this the fact that they have an artistic soul, and great actors or actresses get to be noticed.

These Goats are known to take advantage of their own extroverted nature for as long as possible, but they only have a few friends on whom they can rely when times are being difficult.

They’re the most ambitious natives in their sign, so they’re always ready to achieve success and to never give up on their dreams. Because they know how to take care of their own needs first, they’re guaranteed to achieve many of their goals in life.

Love & Relationships

Fire Goats are emotional creatures, but this isn’t in any way a bad thing because it makes them more compassionate.

They can’t be around unforgiving and harsh people because they tend to worry out of nothing and to easily get offended. If they would all the time feel this way, conflicts in their relationships would never cease to appear.

They seem to be tolerant because they have a great level of empathy and don’t mind discussing about feelings or trying to do things better.

Problems in their relationships will start to appear when they won’t respect the boundaries between themselves and others.

In such a situation, they can no longer be empathetic because it’s impossible for them to understand how someone needs to keep his or her distance, especially in love.

However, Fire Goats can get a grasp of anything if their partner is open to talk to them. They need to be around friends and loved ones because these people can offer them a sense of security and a lot of love.

When not getting these things, they tend to build some walls around their soul and even if still gentle and compassionate, they won’t allow anyone inside their heart.

It’s important for them to dedicate themselves to as many causes as possible, and not only to family or best friends.

Career aspects of the 1967 Fire Goat

Friendly and thoughtful, Fire Goats can do a great job servicing others. Therefore, they could be highly effective nurses or managers.

Pursuing an artistic career such as the one of a musician, an actor/actress or a photographer is also a very good idea for them. They could teach or join a profession in law enforcement because they’d do a great job here as well.

Not at all adventurous, they don’t like competing or not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring, which means they shouldn’t become brokers or traders.

Motivated and enjoyable, these Goats have many professions that suit them very well. If ambitious enough, they could become wealthy business people or famous advertisers.

Their artistic soul can guide them to become inventive architects and famous fashion designers. Because they’re passionate when performing for a public, it would be easy for them to attract many fans and be loved celebrities.

Lifestyle and health

Chinese astrology says that Fire Goats love spending their time alone because their mind is always thinking of something creative or about how they could succeed in the arts.

However, these natives tend to be undisciplined, insecure, anxious and agitated. For such traits to no longer surface in their personality, they need to be loved, supported and appreciated.

These natives give a lot of importance to appearances, so they’re all the time struggling to look good.

While their influence is most of the time positive, they’re also known for having a few weaknesses.

For example, their passion has them being unrealistic and expecting the impossible to happen.

Therefore, these Goats can often become very disappointed, especially when having to face the harsh reality they have no idea about.

Furthermore, they’re known to keep a secret about what their passions are, only to gradually reveal a few things regarding their intellectual pursuits.

Their most sensitive organ is their heart, so it’s suggested for them to always exercise and to avoid fatty foods.

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