2003 Chinese Zodiac: Water Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people feel the need to spend their time in familiar environments and with people they have known for a very long time.

2003 Water Goat Year

People born in 2003 are Water Goats, which means they have a kind soul, an introverted nature and don’t mind having responsibilities. Because they can just put their own needs behind them when having to help others, their popularity is meant to increase as they age.

Not thinking in any way about what they could lose or gain from friendships and always ready to sacrifice themselves for others, it’s possible for Water Goats to be disappointed in life more than a few times.

2003 Water Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sentimental and reliable;
  • Top qualities: Stable and elegant;
  • Challenges: Obsessive and stubborn;
  • Advice: They need to make sure they respect their promises.

Goats are known as the most attractive natives of the Chinese zodiac. Furthermore, they have a rich imagination, a delicate soul and are very devoted to their loved ones, things that become even more intense when the Water element is involved.

A traditional personality

Those born in 2003 enjoy every pleasure this life has to offer, which means they’re crazy about good food, old wines and expensive clothes.

Goats belonging to the Water element are twice as artistic and creative when compared with other natives of the same sign. It’s possible for them to achieve great success in the field of the arts.

They don’t worry about how much they’re spending when out shopping, so all of their finances in a month may go on garments and accessories, not to mention how much these people love living in comfort and beauty, this suggesting their home is always decorated with expensive furniture and incredibly beautiful artworks.

They seem to have a deep loyalty for their friends and to easily mingle at parties because they have a wide list of interests. Tolerant and easy-going, they’ll find support from others, in everything they may want to do.

It seems these Goats have a natural talent for the arts and especially music. The Water ones are usually dedicated to their career and want to get along very well with people who work with them.

At the same time, they tend to respect traditions and to never get involved in too many adventures. The Water element helps Goats be more flexible with others, but at the same time easy to impress or to influence.

They find it difficult to stand on their own two feet and are usually going with the flow in life. This is something that isn’t doing them too much good because they’re known to like stability and to hate change.

These natives need to spend their time in familiar environments and with people they have known for a very long time. Because others can easily influence them, they’ll get out of their comfort zone more and not like it.

When things aren’t going their way, they start to take everything personally and to reveal their sensitivity.

Water Goats are suggested to check facts for themselves and to not allow others to influence their opinions. However, they should also give up on being so fixated and accept change is meant to make everything progress and develop.

It would be better for them to not worry so much and to enjoy adventure rather than to all the time look for stability. Water helps Goats be more popular among their loved ones.

While usually friendly and open, they can sometimes be extremely shy in the company of others. Nonetheless, this doesn’t happen too often because they’re more known to work with their charm and to make many friends, especially when influenced by Water.

Natives of this sign and element are known for having large group of friends and for being much more adaptable than other Goats, so many appreciate them for getting along well with everyone.

Furthermore, Water Goats can deal with change more easily than their counterparts, but they’re the same as other Goats when in need of support from others.

They seem to hate conflict more than anything else because they want their relationships to be harmonious and enjoyable.

All Goats are known as reserved, but Water can change all this and make them more open and even idealistic. This means members of the opposite sex will be very attracted to Water Goats’ energy, seductive ways and intricate mind.

Love & Relationships

The Chinese Horoscope says Water Goats born in 2003 tend to stress a little bit too much, so their partner should encourage them to be more open.

While seeming to not care, they want to be treated equally and to be told when someone is in love with them because they are too shy to ever make the first step in a relationship.

Their life partner will be happy to be with someone who never wants to fight. When feeling depressed, Water Goats need to be taken to a vacation and to talk because otherwise, they may just accumulate negative feelings and never want to bother others with their problems.

When loving, these natives are very sincere and happy to please. Childish and romantic, they can also have a very mannered attitude, thing that gives them their special charm.

Respecting themselves very much, it’s difficult for these natives to loudly talk about their love. While having many admirers among the opposite sex, they tend to be faithful to the ones happening to be in their life.

Considered great parents and spouses, they love going in family vacations and being home for dinner. Those who are madly in love with these natives should pursue them actively and constantly.

Women of this sign and element are known for having a sweet face and a well-proportioned body. It’s very easy to be around them because they’re shy, but many men will be at their door for their great personality as well.

When not liking the person who’s chasing them, they start to become worried and afraid of hurting the admirer by refusing them.

Water Goats are taking romance very seriously and have a sense of duty when it comes for them to be in a relationship. As soon as blamed by their spouse for something they did or not, they immediately feel very guilty, regardless of the situation.

Career aspects of the 2003 Water Goat

Water Goats are known for always wanting to give a helping hand, so they may be great caretakers or nurses. When having to do something, they’re paying attention to every little detail and are giving themselves completely to the task.

Being very smart and having good taste, natives of this sign could pursue a career in the arts.

They seem to have a creative mind and this way, they could earn money and gain all the financial stability they’re so much craving.

If some of them are enjoying routine more, they should become teachers or even ghostwriters. There aren’t too many things Goats need to worry about when it comes to their career because they’re able to always focus on the tasks at hand.

It would be better for them to avoid competing and therefore, stay away the stock market because living their life so intensely could have them becoming confused and anxious.

When working in teams, they should remember to collaborate with everyone, not only with the people they love. Being gifted with communication and having a kind soul, Water Goats can choose from many careers.

If interested in the humanitarian sector, they should consider becoming doctors or teachers. Furthermore, having an artistic eye, it will be easy for them to work as fashion designers or architects.

Health aspects

Goats are not known as the healthiest people in the Chinese zodiac, even if the changing of seasons can bring them many allergies. However, what makes them sick the most is their way of thinking because they tend to stress and to become anxious too often.

Being obsessed with details, every little problem makes them frustrated, which means they’re always worried and therefore, prone to fall ill.

Furthermore, these natives seem to rapidly catch colds and to be affected by all the symptoms coming with a flu.

They’re also known for having a sensitive heart, which means exercising is very important for their well-being.

During winter, they should put on warm clothes and in the summer, they must avoid any person suffering from a contagious disease. If they don’t want a sore throat, they shouldn’t eat foods that are too cold.

Water Goats are said to rule over the kidneys, so they should consume less alcohol and rich foods, especially if they want to protect these important organs in their body.

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