The Goat Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She has a distinctive way of expressing herself and may often end up misunderstood, not to mention that she changes her ways like a chameleon changes its skin.

Goat Woman

The Goat woman is the most feminine and creative lady in the Chinese zodiac. She has what it takes to become a great artist or a fashion designer because her taste is impeccable.

She’s attentive to other people’s needs, thinks before acting and would never do anything to hurt other people. In case this would still happen, she would do anything to rectify the situation and to make the person she has hurt feel better.

The Goat woman in a nutshell:

  • Goat years include: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027;
  • Strengths: Empathic, loving and trusting;
  • Weaknesses: Distracted, vain and demanding;
  • Life challenge: Trying to be less subjective and impulsive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who wishes for a lifetime partner.

The Goat woman is very sympathetic and requires the approval of others in order to continue with her life and not be stressed. But she may need too much attention, demanding from her loved ones what they cannot give.

She wants everything to revolve around her

Many people see the Goat lady as the ideal woman when it comes to romance. Of course, this opinion may differ from person to person, but she will mostly be wanted for her warmth, kindness, sincerity, romanticism and the fact that she’s a good home maker.

Her children will love her, her friends will always have this lady in their heart. However, she tends to worry too much about the kids and to be obsessed with cleanliness.

It’s important that everything revolves around her if she’s to be happy. While capable of extending her views on family, it’s quite impossible for her to remain all the time objective.

When something or someone won’t be according to what she thinks, she will immediately refuse to deal with that situation or person. Not that she’s aggressive, but she simply feels like everything needs to be as she wants it.

When dealing with negative feelings, she will simply give her best to walk away instead of dealing with what’s wrong. The Goat woman is one of the most romantic and caring souls in the Chinese zodiac.

She wants love and asks for the attention of her partner to be only on her because she acts the same with him. When having a conflict at home, she will be the one who compromises because she prefers to agree than to contradict.

Easygoing and trusting people too much, many will trick or scam her. She wants to be all the time praised, making it easy for this to happen because she has many qualities.

This lady would be perfect as a caretaker because she’s naturally nurturing and can be practical about this characteristic of hers.

Many will think she’s too good for this century and society because she can endure stress for long periods of time. She will, at some point, snap and let anyone see her Goat-like nastiness, but this will happen very rarely.

Be careful not to cross her because you’ll get to see one nasty side that she can have. She’s a true fighter and a very demanding person.

Not the most passionate person in the Chinese zodiac, the Goat woman thinks of love as something that has to stand the test of time and not meant to be playful.

Many will take her generosity and loyalty for granted because she thinks everyone is well intentioned and that no one would even think to deceive anybody else in any way.

If you want to help her be more attentive and protective of herself, just enter her life and do something about it.

The Goat and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Goat1955, 2015Attentive, sensual and altruistic;
Fire Goat1907, 1967Sentimental, respectful and original;
Earth Goat1919, 1979Helpful, original and tender;
Metal Goat1931, 1991Friendly, original and sentimental;
Water Goat1943, 2003Sensitive, diplomatic and elegant.

She’s very emotional

Many of the characteristics in the Goat’s woman personality are completing each other, making it almost impossible to draw a line between what makes her strong and what brings her weaknesses into the spotlight.

This lady changes and is very contradicting, making it possible for her negative characteristics to become positive and the other way around. But all in all, she’s sweet, innocent, compliant and generous.

It’s difficult to have her aggressive or angry, no matter how much you offend and disagree with her. This lady avoids conflicts and doesn’t look to provoke, keeping a low profile and easily adapting to people or situations.

She may confuse people with her humble exterior as underneath she’s very smart and fast-thinking.

Because she’s also unassuming, many may think that she doesn’t have any ambition or the confidence that she can succeed. But this attitude can help her when facing hostile people as she manages to make them want to protect her.

It can be said she charms everyone to go with her little funny ways. Very few will want to argue with this lady because she’s peaceful and just looking to get along with everyone.

The Goat woman is romantic, a sensible soul and a person with whom others can enjoy the sweetness of life. But when in a relationship, she can be a little bit too authoritative and relaxed.

Only the fact that she’s kind and giving will make her partner want to stay next to her for longer periods of time. It can be said the woman born in the year of the Goat needs security when it comes to love as someone who’s unstable and cold can make her doubt the relationships and his feelings towards her.

She’s very emotional, so expect her to cry without having a serious reason, saying it is very difficult to explain what she’s feeling. Not to mention she can be too shy to express her emotions, losing many potential partners with this attitude.

She doesn’t like to be restrained in love. While kind, dreamy and needing protection, she will give up anyone who’s in any way trying to suppress her creativity.

Because she’s sometimes absent-minded, some people will think that she’s in fact thoughtful. It doesn’t matter what will happen in her life, she will always avoid hurting others.

The Goat woman is famous for her innocence. Modest and not at all high-maintenance, she’s also transparent and has no idea how to manifest things that she dreams of.

Out of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, she’s the one with the richest imagination. This means she will dream, write and recite poetry, seduce the most romantic souls, which can annoy many other women.

It would be easy for her to be a psychic because she already doesn’t know where reality and fantasy are getting separated, living happily in both worlds. She wants a good position at work, but when dreaming of a love story like in the movies, the material side of things would no longer have any importance for her.

This is the type of person who reads about princesses and their princes, who wants a knight in shining armor and is fascinated by any romance-fantasy book. Her great intuition will have people think that she has a sixth sense because she can simply perceive what others wouldn’t have any idea about.

That’s why she’s more a lady of feelings than of thought. She will decide with her heart, which can have her making mistakes from time to time, but those who think only logically will always ask her where she gets her accurate information from.

No one can blame her for trusting herself and going after what her soul is telling her. Not to mention how great her memory is.

She easily absorbs information about people and events, so you can be sure she’ll remember any birthday or what gift to get every person she knows.

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