1955 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Goat Year – Personality Traits

These people are kind and generous, perhaps a little reckless with their resources, because they just love everyone.

1955 Wood Goat Year

Goats in the Chinese zodiac are all supportive, compassionate and friendly. They enjoy getting together with their loved ones and are very relaxed, which means they can also be very popular

Their energy levels seem to be very high, even if they easily get tired after making a great effort. Wood Goats need to pay great attention to their mental health because they can be very sensitive when it comes to this.

1955 Wood Goat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Elegant and diplomatic;
  • Top qualities: Gentle, sensitive and relaxed;
  • Challenges: Restless, pessimistic and distracted;
  • Advice: They need to respect their promises all the time.

The Wood element influences those born in 1955 to have a great sense of humor, to be thoughtful and to always give a hand when needed. These natives are sensitive, giving and sometimes demanding.

A thoughtful personality

From a social, domestic and political point of view, people born in 1955, the year of the Wood Goat, are never too interested in having all the attention of others on them.

They have great respect for their loved and tend to follow every rule society is imposing. Probably because they’re very nice and giving, the Universe gives them back good luck and a mind that helps them make a lot of money.

It’s possible for them to not even make an effort in order to become lucky because they’re a little bit passive and don’t want to take on too many responsibilities. Therefore, their luck comes from a higher power, which means they can inherit money or earn their income without struggling too much.

Many think of them as having it the easy way, but this doesn’t make these natives less popular and successful. Very intelligent and possessing many artistic talents, Wood Goats will succeed with any business.

They are kind and very giving, but not as lucky with their family life, as they are with money. Sometimes not at all disciplined, it’s easy for them to fail when least expected.

While wanting a simple life that doesn’t trouble them in any way, when danger seems to be on the horizon, they become very dangerous and ruthless, especially if trying to save themselves.

Many circumstances will influence them to take different actions and to become less passive when having to think of the many contrasts of an issue.

They don’t like making decisions, so it’s possible for them to let others do this, even if they’re always refusing to follow directions they’re not agreeing with.

Not very good at controlling themselves and having mysterious ways, they need to have around people who are patient and thoughtful.

Wood Goats are very capable of making themselves liked, but they tend to take advantage of their loved ones by living on their back. They’re mannered, kind, polite, supportive and very appreciated by their friends.

Loving to work on their own, they’re still fascinated about having an active social life and can make others fall for them by being sincere and relaxed.

Many will love learning new things from these natives because they really know how to present any piece of information. While wanting the power, they don’t struggle to obtain it in its entirety.

Wood Goats hate being lied to or interacting with deceiving people. It seems they have amazing luck with money, even if they really don’t know how to invest and can put all of their finances into risky opportunities.

As a matter of fact, their wealth will have many ups and downs, so it’s better for them to save something and to not spend without thinking too much.

Many of these natives are very religious, but they don’t want to bother their routine or comfort with spiritual practices. While attracted by everything supernatural and fantastic, they’re never ready to invest too many efforts into this.

Having a great artistic sense, it’s not unusual for them to recognize beauty and to buy expensive things.

Just like from of psychological point of view, they need balance and peace, beauty in their environment is essential for them as well, from a physical perspective. When surrounded by chaos, they start to become depressed and unmotivated.

Love & Relationships

Wood Goats can be very shy, to the point that everyone notices this trait of theirs. Many will struggle to have a deep connection with them because they’re interesting and charming.

When overwhelmed by the presence of too many friends and acquaintances, Wood Goats can become nervous and agitated.

However, as soon as someone has managed to destroy the defensive walls surrounding them, they become courageous, disciplined and focused to do everything perfectly.

These natives are great sensualists who get to experience emotions very intensely and want to be loved. Many will say they’re too serious for good things to happen in their life, but at least this helps them be family-oriented and concerned about their loved ones.

When it comes to romance, Wood Goats will never make the first step and can even seem very cold, especially until getting to know them better.

They don’t want one night-stands, so they need a partner who’s ready to invest efforts in the relationship with them.

They’ll always pay back their other half for being devoted, so there’s no better investment of love and time to be made than the one in these natives.

It seems money come to them very easily and they don’t mind persevering in order to keep them.

Wood Goats are reserved, funny and very enjoyable, which means many will want to discover them from inside out. They’re famous for having a kind smile and for impressing with their warm personality, not to mention their relationships are always meant to last for a lifetime.

Those who are only interested in sex and don’t want a deep connection with others should never get together with them. Not that they have no passion, they simply need someone who can support them in becoming better.

After getting married, Wood Goats become very stable and can’t be affected by a third-party affair situation.

It’s possible for them to spend a lot of time alone if their spouses are traveling for business. However, this doesn’t mean their love will go away as it will only become stronger. They want nice families and to keep their virtues untouched.

Career aspects of the 1955 Wood Goat

People born in 1955, the year of the Wood Goat, are very creative and talented with the arts. Furthermore, they have a practical side, so their everyday life seems to be easy for them, even if they’re constantly looking for beauty.

When their imagination gets combined with the fact that they’re dexterous, great artists gets to emerge from their sign. It’s easier for these natives to work in teams than alone because they love to follow others and aren’t very good at ruling themselves.

If not guided and pushed to pursue their talents when young, it’s possible for them to never be successful in their careers.

Because they’re elegant and imaginative, being artists seems to suit them best. They’ll have many difficulties when it comes to their job, but they’ll always solve their problems by being virtuous and determining what helped them achieve great things in the past.

Bosses will always appreciate Wood Goats, so it’s possible for them to get promoted sooner than others.

Lifestyle and health

Wood Goats are known for having great luck, especially during their senior years. While very different from Tigers and Monkeys, they can still make great friends with these natives because all of their differences complement one another harmoniously.

Wood Goats seem to also have a great physical condition and high levels of energy. However, they easily get tired, so their rest is more than important for them.

While having a personality full of positive traits, their life doesn’t ever get easier, not to mention many will take advantage of their good nature. Furthermore, they can exhaust themselves trying to help others.

If they want to no longer be considered gullible, they should pay attention to the people they’re trusting.

The organs ruled by these natives are the gallbladder and the liver, which means they need to eat healthy, to not exaggerate when consuming alcohol and to exercise as much as possible.

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