The Goat Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He is a kind and gentle individual, who tends to dedicate himself to peaceful activities and is often to be found in his dream world.

Goat Man

The Goat man is timid and likes to keep things to himself, but he can also show great passion for his own beliefs and feelings.

Attentive with others and loving, he can also take things too personally and take a harsh remark as an offense launched against him. He doesn’t want to stand next to his strongest opinions because he feels that it can be disrupting for him to do so and he is mostly searching for peace.

The Goat man in a nutshell:

  • Goat years include: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027;
  • Strengths: Gentle, loving and adventurous;
  • Weaknesses: Changeable, hesitant and dreamy;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be a little bit more competitive in life;
  • Perfect partner: Someone kind and rather private.

A man ruled by his emotions

The Goat man allows only his feelings to rule him, so he usually goes with what life throws his way. Because he seems not to have any determination or ambition, he’s inconsistent and not at all decisive.

All in all, changeability, instability in decision-making and being hesitant is what characterize him the most. But he really doesn’t care that he sometimes can’t deal with the everyday life because he just escapes in a fantasy world and dreams in peace.

In this realm, he’s the king and the person who has achieved all the great things in life. It’s impossible to have him anchored in reality because he allows daydreaming to rule his life.

But don’t think he’s only a dreamer who doesn’t have anything to do with the real world because it can also be helpful for him to be in this state of mind.

While appearing lost in his own mind and absent from the discussion, he can have such a rich imagination that it carries him to places others wouldn’t even think of.

This means he can be a little genius and discover things that are not revealing themselves to other people. That’s why he’s a good medium, psychic and even artist.

Many astrologers say he’s very feminine or that he may have more negative traits than positive ones. It would be unfair to believe all these things just because he has many faces.

Concluding that he’s not the one to be around and drawing a line under the affirmation that he isn’t of any good is not at all desirable because many would disagree and come up with arguments that contradict these suppositions.

However, considering how patriarchate our society is, it can be said men will want him around more than women because he doesn’t seem to be in any way their competition.

He likes to do things around the home and can be the most loving and gentle partner anyone could have because he’s also a good friend. Enjoyable no matter the situation, people will want to be around him all the time.

You can be yourself with him, but make sure you don’t make too many sudden changes because he wouldn’t like it. If you are searching for someone adventurous, don’t even think of him.

Not that he doesn’t like to travel, it’s just that he’s talking about home when doing it. At the same time, he likes spending his time at his or your place, so he may be content and happy relaxing in his armchair and in the same time want to go to a far-away destination.

He’s not a leader or the person to go on and conquer everything he has set his mind to. His ambitions are not to rule the world or to be the CEO of the richest companies in the world. He’s mature and wants to stay this way, being a little bit boring and thinking that others should somehow step in and take care of him.

He feels ever since young that it’s not his duty to ensure his own survival because he’s sure others have the obligation to take care of his bare necessities.

The Goat man can be tense, chaotic or in conflict with his own environment, so it may be necessary for him to adapt all the time when in a new place or when surrounded by people he doesn’t know.

The little boy Goat knows how to make his parents love him by having an impeccable behavior and being obedient. As an adult, he will be humble and not at all competitive or ambitious because he thinks this is how he avoids any type of conflict.

He won’t stand tall to any of the strong opinions that he has, so it’s impossible to know what he wants and thinks of. It’s possible he will even show resistance when someone tries to get to find out more about him.

What he has in abundance is good will, so be careful not to abuse his kindness. Don’t expect him to be the go-getter who fights for his hopes and dreams.

The Goat and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Goat1955, 2015Attentive, sensual and altruistic;
Fire Goat1907, 1967Sentimental, respectful and original;
Earth Goat1919, 1979Helpful, original and tender;
Metal Goat1931, 1991Friendly, original and sentimental;
Water Goat1943, 2003Sensitive, diplomatic and elegant.

Not very revealing of his personality

You can’t convince the Goat man to ever have a one-night stand. He sees lovemaking as being the same as love itself and gets involved emotionally in relationships in which sex is included.

If you want something strictly physical with him, don’t even think that you will ever get it. He’s not the most outstanding lover, but he surely is loyal and the most reliable companion anyone could have for a long period of time.

He wants a family and is completely devoted to the ones he loves. As a father, he’s a little bit irresponsible and playful.

His wife may see him as another child in the family instead of someone with whom she can take care of the home. But the children will always love him for playing with them and for the connections he creates as a father.

All in all, he’s giving, kind and resourceful as a family head, having also a charm that makes him an amazing lover or companion.

He’s not the most passionate person in the world, so his partner may need to light the spark in him more often than she would expect.

But he has everything it takes to make a woman happy, even if she may need to run around and keep things fresh in the relationship with him.

He won’t reveal to much of himself, so his friends and lovers may need to take their time to truly get to know him. It’s possible to spend an entire life with him, and one day he can simply walk away because he thinks no one can understand his inner emotions.

The Goat man likes to work hard and loves his family, so you won’t find him out with the boys during dinner nights. He’s romantic in a deep way, wanting to always pleasure and satisfy his partner.

If you want someone to be like this in a sexual way, look somewhere else because not that he doesn’t have passion when it comes to lovemaking, he just prefers to express his love by inviting you to a romantic dinner on the rooftop of a tall building.

Someone who appreciates this kind of things would be perfect for him. Just like all the Goats, he needs to feel secure and not to be left guessing.

He wouldn’t think of someone else besides his partner, so don’t expect him to ever cheat on the woman that he loves.

If you’d leave everything in the relationship to him, everything would become a little bit boring, including the sexual life. Don’t have him worried by saying he’s dull but look more into what you can do on your own to spice things up.

One thing you can be sure of: he will love you forever. After a passionate night, he will be your best friend and it’s very likely you will never want to spend another minute away from him because he knows how to have fun.

Women who want a good friend and a less passionate lover should definitely decide on him to be their man.

Everything about the Goat man says loyalty and high fidelity, but this doesn’t mean he should be taken for granted because he can immediately turn his back on the person who takes advantage of him.

The thing is, it’s very easy to rely only on him because he allows for the situation to become this way. He seems to insist in what he knows all the time, but he won’t give up being charitable and giving with his emotions and time.

His lady should be attentive and organize surprise parties for his birthday. She should as well show how she feels for him in her own words because he pays importance very much to what she has to say, not only to what she does.

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