2012 Chinese Zodiac: Water Dragon Year – Personality Traits

These people often draw the attention of others with their easy-going nature but they are also quick to criticise.

2012 Water Dragon Year

People born in 2012 are Water Dragons, which means they’re disciplined, peaceful, very good with communication, fast thinking and aware of their limits. Being very intelligent and having high morals, they won’t be in any way selfish when adults, but on contrary, known for their generosity.

Furthermore, Water Dragons will love to listen and won’t mind taking others’ opinions into consideration, especially when these will have very good ideas. Optimistic and open to the new, these natives will also be very reliable, family-oriented and able to deal with more than one project at once.

2012 Water Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Hard-working and persistent;
  • Top qualities: Convincing and private;
  • Challenges: Caustic and arrogant;
  • Advice: They should focus on pleasing themselves, not others.

Water Dragons born in 2012 will accept defeat easier than their counterparts and will be subjective, which means they’ll measure all things by applying a personal filter.

A composed personality

The relaxed and cool Water element will help the aggressive Dragons be calmer, so natives of this sign and element will have a clear mind and will be capable of bringing about balance in any situation, which means they’ll do a great job as negotiators and even diplomats.

Different from Fire Dragons, Water ones born in 2012 will think twice before making a decision and be very capable of planning for the future.

It seems their secret will reside in how they’ll be able to turn a bad joke in a good situation and how they’ll work very hard when circumstances will require them to.

Furthermore, they’ll shut their mouth in tense situations and keep a composed attitude because they’ll be stable and won’t give in into emotions.

These Water Dragons will have a lot of passion, many innovative ideas and the ability to identify good opportunities, so they won’t be defeated as soon as someone will refuse their inquiries or will slam the door into their face.

For them, success and failure will go hand-in-hand, which means they’ll be proud of whom they are or how they’ll be doing things.

They’ll believe issues should be approached steadily and slowly, thing that will make them very different from Metal Dragons, who won’t hesitate to embark in any new adventure, without thinking twice.

Water Dragons born in 2012 will have enough patience to let things happen and become better. This shouldn’t be confused with passiveness and being inert because they won’t be in any way like this, they’ll just wait for good things to come their way.

The Water will help these natives be more open and kinder, which means they’ll really enjoy being around others and to share their ideas or to cooperate.

Dragons are very fast to criticize, especially when people are trying to make fun of them. They’re known for their extreme honesty and for making harsh commentaries that can hurt anyone because diplomacy and sensitiveness aren’t their strong points.

It’s possible for them to believe too much in others and to do what they’re being told, so all of them should work on no longer being so gullible.

Water Dragons born in 2012 will not allow anyone to insult them, so when something like this will happen, they’ll become very upset and take a long time to forgive the person who has dared to do such a thing.

Furthermore, natives of this year will be friendly and open, which means they’ll attract a lot of popularity and the attention of others. They won’t mind being in the center of attention and dealing with problems that aren’t their own.

It can be said they’ll be very good at putting a show for the people, and their audience will never seem to get bored of them. Having very interesting views and being appreciated for their opinion, these natives will usually have only interesting things to say.

Their levels of energies will be very high, so it won’t be unusual for them to work hard and for long hours in order to achieve what they want in life.

It’s possible for these natives to be impulsive and to not consider the consequences of their actions, not to mention they’ll all the time live in the moment and influence others to be the same and to do things they haven’t even imagined.

When Dragons are forced to keep waiting, they become very impatient and annoying. Believing in themselves and their own abilities very much, they can sometimes be too confident and make poor judgments, thing that can turn their life into something very difficult, especially when having to recuperate after failure.

Water Dragons born in 2012 will rule a life that’s focused on achieving power, so it won’t be unusual for them to influence others to do the same things, as their charisma will seem to improve with every year that will pass over them.

When change is happening into the life of Dragons, their power and influence get to be revealed. These natives are known for being very good at dealing with the unpredictable and for reviving from their own ashes, which means they’ll get to know what their destiny is, the more they’ll age.

Dragons are a little bit introverted and have a tendency to spend many of their hours alone. When something important and upsetting gets to happen, they become even more lonely and secluded.

Not having problems with emotions, Water Dragons born in 2012 will not need to focus all of their attention on how they’ll be developing from this point of view.

It will be easy for these natives to just look into themselves and to recognize their own capabilities, even if this won’t make them in any way happier, but on the contrary, it will confuse them a little bit.

When sad, these Dragons will no longer have their usual power, but they won’t be known to have sad feelings very often, most of the time when something truly bad will happen.

For example, when one of their dear ones will happen to die, they’ll feel useless and in very much pain. Their entire power will seem to turn into grievance and a feeling of not being of any use.

If they’ll want to get themselves together and to allow their full potential to unfold, they’ll have to ignore the pain and act as if being more secure.

There are many personality traits that combine with each other and will make these Dragons very successful in life. Many people will be astonished by how many great things they’ll achieve.

For once, they will possess an amazing intuition, will be original, have a lot of energy and accept more than one point of view when analyzing a problem.

However, many won’t appreciate them for their qualities because they’ll be blinded by these natives’ charisma.

All Dragons prefer to keep some distance between themselves and others, and are usually doubting themselves, especially when having to make important decisions.

As a matter of fact, having doubts can sometimes come from the fact that they prefer to keep their loved ones at the distance. It’s not that they don’t have any emotions, it’s only in their nature to seem cold and reserved.

Therefore, they should make an effort and work on how they’re dealing with other people. After all, they don’t lack the motivation to do it, it’s just that they’re thinking others admire them for being so withdrawn.

The more Water Dragons born in 2012 will think about themselves and what mistakes they’ve made when working alone, the more they’ll start to love and to appreciate others when adults.

Love & Relationships

Water Dragons born in 2012 will spend a lot of their time alone, but will be very efficient and happy when in a relationship as well.

At a subconscious level, they’ll be aware of all this, so it will come easy for them to commit very early on to a partner.

For many of them, this will turn out to be a mistake, not because it will happen early in their life, but because many other people in different signs won’t give relationships as much importance as they will.

Furthermore, those who get involved when two young can meet new people later in life and decide they’re not with the right person.

Committing very early can have a very negative inference over how these Dragons will be treating other people. For example, many of them will believe they can make important people in their life change.

As a matter of fact, this will be the reason why they’ll get married very young: they will think their partner can change and won’t say a divorce is impossible and they’ll know they can anytime choose another partner.

Of course, things will not be quite this extreme because Dragons tend to also be aware of who’s suited for them. Therefore, when trying to get close to some people, Water Dragons born in 2012 will have to do things differently and to commit only after getting to know a person very well.

They’ll be family-oriented and will get their power from their connections with the ones they love the most. At home, they’ll easily show how strong they are, but never in a negative or violent way.

Career aspects of the 2012 Water Dragon

Water Dragons are natural born leaders, so it’s not easy for them to follow others. They need a job where they can be creative because doing something with their hands or repeating tasks are not in any way things they would love doing.

Therefore, those born in 2012 will have to choose a career in which they’ll be able reveal their imaginative ideas and intelligence, when the time will come.

It won’t be a good idea to put them in a strict office environment as they can be great politicians, artists, explorers and managers.

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