The Dragon Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is favored by fate as she seems to achieve what she wants, and she knows how to effectively channel her interior power and energy.

Dragon Woman

It can be said the Dragon woman resembles the mythical creature that represents her because she’s good looking, expansive and energetic. People in this sign are considered lucky and powerful.

Confident and always able to make a good impression, this lady sometimes seems larger than life because she prefers to dream big and to do things at a large scale. A little bit selfish and determined to succeed, she can sometimes brag too much, but you can be sure nothing and no one will stand between her and success.

The Dragon woman in a nutshell:

  • Dragon years include: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024;
  • Strengths: Ambitious, energetic and gracious;
  • Weaknesses: Resentful, hesitant and stubborn;
  • Life challenge: Accepting that now everyone carries the best intentions;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will life up to her high expectations.

The Dragon woman is very charismatic and strong. She’s easily noticeable and usually the first at every competition. Her mind is always active as she’s very curious about everything surrounding her.

A woman with a strong ego

The Dragon lady is very independent and can’t stand being tied down or limited. If you want to be with her, you’d rather be able to put up with her dynamism and high energy levels.

She knows what she wants and how to obtain it through the proper channels and methods. It won’t be a problem if the man in her life is not that dynamic because she’s pushy and likes to support others in being more active.

That’s why she won’t get together with another Dragon: the situation would be too explosive and full of vitality. Obviously, there are also exceptions to the rule, but they are surely not that many.

The situation would be more to the liking of the Dragon woman when she would have to protect and support the person next to her.

When it comes to love, this lady is tough and surrounded by admirers. But she’s independent and self-sufficient enough to never need someone in her life.

If she, however, falls in love, the man of her choice will have to live up to her high demands because she will put him on a pedestal from which he won’t be able to get down.

Having a strong ego, this lady will never be broken hearted as she never thinks of the person who deceived her that much. She requires all the attention to be on her and doesn’t want to deal with people who have too many negative traits.

Sincere, she won’t accept being lied to either. Very beautiful and the center of men’s attention, she will eclipse other women very easily. It can be said she’s like a queen when it comes to the way she looks and carries herself.

Miss Dragon has a warm attitude and can be intellectually detached sometimes. A feminist, she will never be a slave to fashion or allow her femininity to shine.

It’s a pleasure to be around her because she’s always doing something and doesn’t mind sharing. This lady will never let anyone down and is always on time, living her life to the maximum while doing it.

The Dragon woman is spontaneous and hates routine, preferring to bring excitement wherever she may be going. Also famous for her passion, generosity and impartiality when it comes to love, she won’t see the defects of the man she loves, protecting him against anything ugly or painful.

Strong from inside out, she impresses just by being present, drawing a lot of people in with her charisma. As said before, she has a big ego that needs to be constantly stroked.

That’s why she wants to be admired and given attention by the opposite sex. She won’t hesitate to express her unhappiness if somehow feeling ignored.

The woman in this sign is intelligent, methodical and analytical, having the ability to deal with any kind of problem very rapidly and without too many efforts.

She’s capable of cold logic and doesn’t like to waste her time with things that aren’t important. Her ideas are original, pertinent and ambitious.

It doesn’t matter how much a man wouldn’t respect women, she would definitely teach him how to do it. You’ll never see her being the sexual object of someone because she’s proud and is always standing tall.

She can see the both sides of a situation or an argument because she’s balanced and fair. But her ego doesn’t have to be involved for her to be like this.

It’s simply not usual for her to take parts and to be a bigot, but she definitely can be mean, petty and hypocrite. Appreciating her independence more than anything else, she disrespects women who depend on their partners.

The Dragon and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Dragon1904, 1964Noble, resourceful and compassionate;
Fire Dragon1916, 1976Sentimental, practical and organized;
Earth Dragon1928, 1988Courageous, artistic and sentimental;
Metal Dragon1940, 2000Generous, proficient and lucky;
Water Dragon1952, 2012Magnanimous, sentimental and persistent.

Ready to take on any challenge

While she may seem talkative and prone to let her words out before thinking, the Dragon woman is not at all the type to gossip or argue. Mostly ruled by honesty and directness, she’s a trustworthy person for everyone.

It can’t be said she’s all mind because she takes after her heart from time to time too. But no matter what, you can trust her to be loyal to her friends and family, going over the top and even turning aggressive when protecting them.

Usually generous and believing that anyone can be good, she simply refuses to see when others are bad, even to the point of her being naive.

She’s not at all the type to hold grudges and she rarely becomes pessimistic, resentful or vindictive.

It’s not difficult for her to find love, but she will definitely have problems settling down because she likes having more romantic affairs at the same time.

Because she can grow too emotionally dependent and is indecisive, she will also have trouble getting involved with a new man.

It’s normal for her to think of love as a game, so she often does things relating to love that she later regrets. Many of her ex-lovers will still think of the times they had with her because she can remain alive in many memories.

Her ideal partner will let her express herself, be active but not in any way threaten her authority and ever be bothered by the fact that she’s independent, ambitious and a little bit annoying.

Miss Dragon likes having responsibilities and leading. She’s confident and perfectly aware that she has a special magnetism. Full of passion, positive and vivid, she can be too impetuous from time to time.

She leaves the impression that she’s ready to take on any challenge, no matter how difficult. Anything she’ll engage in will be taken to the end because she makes an effort for things to happen this way.

The more difficult a situation, the better she starts to perform. The main feeling in her heart is that she has a mission in this life. Bold, the Dragon woman will fight for justice and something that can bring her great rewards.

Because she happens to be more idealistic than the man in the same sign, she will tirelessly fight for her own ideas and have high demands from both herself and others.

Don’t think that if she has many qualities, there aren’t also negative traits present in her personality. For example, she can annoy with her superior air and haughtiness.

Always detached and a little bit smug, people won’t like her for being superficial and wanting to dominate. Not to mention she can turn violent when someone criticizes or doesn’t believe in her.

She’s spoiled and can turn hysterical when things are not going her way. Because she likes drama, the Dragon lady will look to be in the center of attention, no matter if she has to push someone aside or step on some toes.

She believes in the motto “the end result justifies the means”, especially when trying to be admired and appreciated.

It’s possible for her to sometimes fight all alone, trying to save people from themselves or to talk nice about her enemies because all these things would make others more curious about her and where she’s standing.

Snobbish and thirsty for flattery, it can be explained why she’s so eccentric and theatrical. She brags, criticizes and dresses up fastidiously just to get all of the attention.

Many will notice she has dreams and ambitions that can’t be easily attained. And she’s never satisfied with less because she always wants more and more.

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