Key Traits of the Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Dragon stands out for their impressive patience and their high expectations as these people only go for steady plans and life choices.

Water Dragon

Water Dragon people are hard workers who want a good reputation and to be famous. They can think too much or worry, but their life will be easy most of the time.

Charming and friendly, their relationships with others will be smooth and strong. Not to mention they choose to be only around people who help them become better versions of themselves.

The Water Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Magnanimous, sentimental and persistent;
  • Challenges: Vain, despotic and detached;
  • Secret need: Bringing justice to someone who’s been wronged;
  • Advice: Leave what’s irrelevant aside and focus only on what’s essential.

They won’t only have many friends, they are also lucky when it comes to love and finding the right partner. While appreciated by others, they can still be too stubborn and self-centered from time to time.

The character of the Chinese Water Dragon

Smart, easygoing and amiable, Water Dragons never allow an opportunity to pass by them. The difference between these Water natives and other Dragons is that they are patient to wait for results rather than wanting to see them right away.

In mythology, the Dragon is a strong and impressive creature, so the people in this sign are the same. You can easily notice how forceful and smart they are too.

Confident and able to do anything, most Dragons are creative intellectuals. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is the one who inspires awe. Those who are born under this sign will be lucky with money their entire life because they are hard workers and intelligent creatures who love doing business.

Not to mention they’re energetic and intense enough to invest efforts in what’s worth it in life. You’ll rarely see them making a mistake or getting burned. It seems like they can always get out of any nasty situation.

Many will admire them seeing how powerful they can be. And they will enjoy being flattered or supported in everything they are doing. It’s very probable they will break many hearts when young.

When they’re in love, the person they like becomes the center of their world. And they don’t mind dedicating themselves completely to romance.

However, their relationships may not last for too long because they’re too intense in the beginning and let the fire consume itself along the way.

Every fifth year of the Dragon will be tempered by Water. Those in this sign and element have a higher level of empathy than others, being able to guess what others are feeling and thinking.

This means they are also more creative and can analyze thoroughly the actions they’re about to take. This is very different from the Fire and Metal Dragons, who simply jump into any situation.

Therefore, Water Dragons are balanced and can meditate without any problems. Because they can reflect more than others in the same sign, they will take better decisions and work things in their own advantage.

While most of their ventures will be successful and profitable, they can also miss on some opportunities because they are thinking too much if to engage or not.

Unlike other Dragons, the Water ones are not at all interested in being in the center of attention. Therefore, they don’t make decisions based on how their image would appear.

While direct and frank, they are however, private and composed. They don’t mind being passive-aggressive or to wait patiently and think things through before engaging in something new.

These Dragons are known as balanced and calm, not at all reckless and agitated. It’s easy for them to understand other people and to share their own ideas.

One of their negative traits is instability because they jump from one idea to another and are not focusing on only one thing. Their sense of humor and easiness in communication makes them be appreciated by people.

Proud and always cheerful, the Water Dragon natives seem to never exhaust their energy and confidence. Intellectuals and opportunists, they will take advantage of any new situation that seems interesting to them.

Willful and motivated, it’s natural for them to fight for what they want. Because they’re perfectionists, their standards for themselves and others will always be high.

A patient personality

Water is the element that calms and makes the impulsive Dragons quieter. This means Water Dragon individuals will be more balanced and diplomatic.

Very different from Fire Dragons, they are able to plan what’s going to happen next. They have a good sense of humor and can laugh in the most depressive situations.

Hardworking and reserved when they need to, it’s easy for them to hold back their own emotions as they are more stable and composed than the rest of the Dragons.

They are fervent, and it can be said they’re always thinking progressively. It wouldn’t matter if life would throw them on the floor, they would still get up and start again.

They really think failure is a part of their development, so they’re not ashamed when making a mistake. On the opposite side from Metal Dragons, the Water ones prefer to take things slowly.

Patience characterizes them very much, so good things will come to them due to this. But don’t think they’re inert or passive just because they have the power to wait for the good things to happen.

They are only the Dragons who appreciate a steady development. When it comes to expressing their opinions, they are less self-centered and egotistical.

It’s true they have their inhibitions, but it’s good they’re not as power-hungry as those in the same sign. They won’t compromise because they prefer to sit and wait until they are able to make a move.

And their determination is endless. They live to flourish and don’t put any of their energy in vengeance because their philosophy is about moving on.

They are rather liberal, and they can accept defeat without being bitter. Water brings more calm to this sign, making its natives wiser and focused on progress.

Water Dragons are fast-thinking, and anyone can count on them to be devoted to what they’ve decided to do. It’s easy for them to negotiate in business because they know when to keep their mouth shut and when to push.

What holds them back is that they can be too optimistic and enthusiastic. When they’re holding too tight onto something, that’s the moment when they can lose everything.

It’s important they leave what’s irrelevant aside and focus only on what’s essential.

Only this way, their energy won’t end up wasted on useless endeavors. The presence of Water opens them up, also making them more gentle and focused on expansion.

These natives enjoy the company of others and cooperating. They will always want to share what goes through their mind, and they definitely aren’t afraid to work too hard.

Setting some limits would be required because they can exhaust all their energy with pointless endeavors.

The Water Dragon man

Supportive and kind, the Water Dragon man is also a good communicator. He likes being in loud groups and to have many friends.

People will respect him for having a good position in society and for bringing peace. It’s rare for someone to see him angry because he holds on tight to his emotions.

A good speaker, this male Water Dragon can convince others of many things. As a boss, his subordinates will feel motivated to work when he’ll encourage them.

He’s not the type to shout or to impose himself, preferring to rely on mutual trust. But he definitely doesn’t like procrastinators and people who can’t organize themselves.

Any woman will want to be in his life because he’s caring, attentive with words and a true gentleman. Generous, he will get his lady everything she wants.

Romance is part of his life, so do expect dates in the candlelight or on rooftops of skyscrapers. Once he’ll be married, he’ll hold on tight to his wife and will organize the domestic life for everything to be perfect.

He likes luxury and cleanliness, so he wants someone who’s the same. His lady should love him for his hobbies and be careful with their money. He will want to be the head of the family and for his children to listen to him.

The Water Dragon woman

The Water Dragon woman won’t sit aside because she likes to take action. She’s a little bit lightheaded, so people can’t really count on her to solve problems.

While she tries to be more disciplined and reliable, she doesn’t seem to succeed at it all the time. She’s communicative and wants to be liked.

As a boss, she’s nice and a person who loves to give a helping hand. Her intuition will tell her how to act around people and how to deal with each person.

No matter how much others will try to argue and contradict her, she will still want to keep her relationships working. As a matter of fact, she’s very good at settling conflicts and bringing peace.

Because she’s joyful and always positive, she wants someone who’s the same. This lady runs away from suffering because all that she wants to do is to travel and to communicate.

A man who’s positive and full of surprises will immediately attract her. Nice and giving, she will always be open to help her other half.

This girl dreams of having children and a happy family. But her husband needs to remember she has a quick temper because she is, after all, a Dragon.

She wouldn’t accept her lover to flirt with someone else, but she would understand if he would fall in love with someone else. As a mother, she will give the best that she has to her children.

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