2000 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Dragon Year – Personality Traits

Always with a positive outlook, these people seem to also have great courage.

2000 Metal Dragon Year

Those who are born in 2000 happen to be Metal Dragons, which means they’re highly opinionated, easy-going and charming.

It seems their emotions are often changing, so others may find them a mystery, especially when they are jumping from one idea to another.

2000 Metal Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Kind and considerate;
  • Top qualities: Efficient and meticulous;
  • Challenges: Restless and temperamental;
  • Advice: They need to find motivation within themselves.

Determined to succeed, imaginative and resourceful, they sometimes don’t seem to know how to solve a problem or to start with a plan. Therefore, they need to act only when sure of themselves and after they have analyzed the given situation.

A determined personality

Dragons are considered the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac. The Metal element is known to make people more intense, which means Metal Dragons can be the most confident and passionate personalities this world has ever seen.

Furthermore, the same element brings into the life of Dragons a few challenges, so these natives should always be on guard. Probably their most noticeable personality trait is their assertiveness.

No matter the situation, people born in this sign are known to take matters into their own hands.

They’re domineering and hate being opposed, not to mention no one can tell them what to do. Their personality can become more edgy when the Metal element is involved, which means these Dragons can make anything happen, no matter how impossible that goal may sound in the beginning.

They seem to have great courage and to always be positive, not to mention how their intelligence can help them be the most successful people in the Chinese zodiac. Metal Dragons are very resourceful and can always find a solution to any problem.

They are also the most determined to succeed out of all Dragons, not to mention enthusiastic and confident enough to achieve great things in life. The Metal does nothing else than to accentuate their power and strengths.

These natives are natural born leaders who don’t mind expressing themselves and who can sometimes criticize others too harshly.

Challenges don’t seem to scare them, and failure is not a word in their vocabulary. Being focused to achieve great things, it’s difficult for them to cope with lazy and playful people.

In spite of loving to work on their own, many will want to follow them because they’re courageous and seem ready for anything.

People will believe in them because they seem to be victorious in any situation. It’s possible for their own words to bring them many great things or on the contrary, a few bad ones.

For example, they can motivate people to become passionate and ambitious, but don’t know in any way how to be diplomatic.

When someone will oppose them, they’ll try their best to impose their point of view on that person. While intelligent and witty, they seem to be very competitive, especially for some people.

Metal Dragons can be very quiet, aspect of their personality that makes them more interesting. When surrounded by conflict, they can bring about peace because they exude power and intense emotions.

These natives would never have to physically intimidate a person in order to make him or her calm down. Many people can’t resist their strength, so trouble will immediately cease as soon as they’ve made an entrance.

Above anything else, Metal Dragons have the talent to be great leaders. They’re not only determined to succeed, powerful and courageous, they seem to become very giving and honorable when fighting for a cause.

If believing in something, these natives won’t hesitate to work day and night for their opinions to be heard or for the ones who have been done wrong to get their justice.

Metal Dragons are not only characterized by a noble soul, but also by their ability to work hard or for many hours. There may be times when their intentions won’t coincide with their words.

Therefore, they may seem harsh and hurtful when trying to make a constructive commentary. Because they’re aware of what others are feeling, they’ll be able to avoid having enemies.

Their popularity may be hindered by the fact that they’re unable to work in teams. They seem to be too strong and ambitious for others to keep up with them, so they prefer doing things on their own, which means they can sometimes be lonely, not to mention how difficult it can be for them to trust people.

Therefore, Metal Dragons may only have a few good friends in their life. However, those who will enter their heart can easily discover how loving and affectionate these natives are.

It’s not at all usual for them to play games because they prefer expressing their feelings by taking action and displaying certain gestures of affection.

After all, Metal Dragons are loyal and enthusiastic partners, even if a little bit reserved. While their determination and passion bring them many strengths, these Dragons seem to have a few weaknesses as well.

For example, they can be too rigid and may refuse to take other people’s opinions into consideration. Having very high standards, they can end up being frustrated and unhappy with themselves or the ones they love the most.

If they want to deal with these shortcomings in their personality, they need to be more flexible and to sometimes play around.

Love & Relationships

People born in the year of the Metal Dragon 2000 love getting together with those who are talented or knowledgeable about art. They love being praised and complimented, but this and the fact that they’re very intelligent can make them arrogant and eager to be in the center of attention.

While good lovers, they tend to criticize others too much, so people working under them should not pay too much attention to what they’re saying.

Furthermore, Dragons shouldn’t be offended because they’re little bit close minded and would never forgive a person who would make them feel in any way bad.

When someone will try to force them into marriage or having children, they’ll immediately walk away from that person.

Men bearing the sign of the Metal Dragon are anxious and stressed when in a relationship because they don’t want to misbehave. While loving and attentive, they can become too sensitive to bear.

It’s possible for them to confuse the roles of the lover with the one of the mother. Thinking very highly of themselves, they also don’t want to hurt anyone and when dealing with problems in their relationships, they tend to react very emotionally.

Because they’re picky when it comes to love, they may get married very late in life. However, as soon as doing it, they’ll work very hard for their relationship to be perfect. They’ll be very responsible and less open to going out with friends.

When in love, all Dragons tend to dress themselves as beautifully as possible. They’re completely loyal to their partner and don’t mind expressing their feelings.

However, they expect the same thing in return, maybe a little bit more. It can take someone a while to know them better and to decide if they can be reliable partners.

Career aspects of the 2000 Metal Dragon

Metal Dragons born in 2000 seem to think very fast and are good at activities that seem to be mentally challenging, which means they should do something engaging for a living, for example to be artists, politicians or teachers.

It’s possible for them to feel insecure and not ready to make decisions when not supported by their coworkers. While preferring to work alone, they should still think of being part of a team.

People born in this year of the Dragon can come up with great plans and resourceful ideas, but they need a little bit of help when it comes to the details of what goes through their mind.

They’re fighters and meant for success, which means they may have a few problems when it comes to their personal development. They should be less opinionated and focus more on creating long-lasting relationships with others.

Metal Dragons are strong and vivid enough to choose any career they may like. They seem to be very good when competing, so they should try doing business, working in advertising, being lawyers or stockbrokers.

At the same time, they can have enough passion for a profession in medicine or the military sector.

Health aspects

Metal Dragons seem to always look good and to be very healthy. However, they tend to get seriously sick in the rare moments when feeling ill.

This may happen because they’re workaholics and tend to ignore their health. Therefore, they could end up developing a serious flu out of something that started as a simple cold.

They seem to be more sensitive when it comes to their urinary, digestive and circulatory systems.

Since they are very stressed about their career, they may not pay attention to any symptom they’re displaying and exhaust themselves to the point of suffering from insomnia.

Their mental health is pretty much dependent on how they’re feeling at home and among friends. In order to be healthy, Dragons need to calm down and to relax.

Overthinking and obsessing over everything can’t bring them any good. They should exercise outdoors and rest as much as possible. Metal Dragons are said to rule over the lungs, so they should exercise, but only moderately.

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