1952 Chinese Zodiac: Water Dragon Year – Personality Traits

These people may seem unaproachable because of how determinate they are, but in fact are easy-going and fun to be around.

1952 Water Dragon Year

Different from other Dragons who only wants to be leaders, the Water ones born in 1952 prefer to follow others because they’re more interested in being charismatic and establishing strong friendships.

Therefore, Water Dragons will always be surrounded by many, people who can help them keep a good path in life.

1952 Water Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sentimental and gentle;
  • Top qualities: Focused, attentive and charismatic;
  • Challenges: Impulsive, arrogant and detached;
  • Advice: They need to learn to focus on their priorities.

These Water Dragons seem to be very lucky with love and to always find their soulmate. While appreciated and loved, these natives have a stubborn character and can be selfish.

A risk-taking personality

People born in 1952, the year of the Water Dragon, have great perseverance and an open mind, but they can’t think for themselves and are usually only following others.

They like being honest and playing fair, even if they sometimes don’t think of what consequences their actions may have on others, especially when it comes to money.

In one way cautious, energetic and full of life, Dragons are also mystical, very intuitive, imaginative and incredibly lucky. However, when being low, they can become annoying and stubborn.

Dragons in the Chinese zodiac are powerful people with forceful personalities. They seem to always wear an exotic air, not to mention how much their sexuality attracts members of the opposite sex like moths to flames.

Many Chinese people wish to have their children born in the year of the Dragon because these creatures possess magical capabilities and are able to carry anyone to the highest peaks of spirituality or the deepest depths of the emotional sea.

Being mystical makes them seem out of this world and unapproachable. If not happy with their love life, they may end up married too many times.

Water Dragons think of themselves as invincible, which means they can take all kind of risks and make excesses without thinking of the fact that they can harm themselves or others.

These natives are very determined to succeed, which means they can become selfish when dealing with other people. It’s important for them to keep an open mind and to be generous, especially if they want success to easily come into their life.

In spite of their negative traits, Water Dragons get along very well with everyone. They can have many friends who love to support their big dreams and to solve their problems, especially because they’re never offending when it comes to trivial affairs.

Furthermore, Water Dragons are all the time ready to give a hand when someone is in need. These natives know how to take care of every little detail and usually remember all the birthdays of their friends.

Those who don’t have a good memory are writing all these things down. Having a great sense of humor, Water Dragons will always be admired by members of the opposite sex. They’ll date and expect to love with all of their heart with each affair.

As far as money goes, they can’t earn very fast because wealth comes to them gradually and as a result of steady efforts. Many of these natives won’t hesitate to be patient and to wait for good opportunities to reveal themselves to them.

Therefore, regardless if plumbers or important CEOs, they’ll advance in their career with time. However, they can make some extra money by winning at the lottery or doing some freelance jobs.

It’s easy for Water Dragons to lose a considerable amount of their wealth sometimes during their lifetime, so it’s suggested they invest in real estate or jewelry.

Not at all rigid and all the time adaptable, these natives can fit in anywhere, just as long as they’re feeling comfortable. While nice and generous, they can also become ruthless and dangerous, just like the mythical creature that represents their sign.

When it comes to their temperament, Water Dragons are irritable and can get angry in a very scary way. Furthermore, they become hypercritical when things aren’t going the way they’ve expected them.

They have high ideals and believe in perfection, so their demands are according to how much they’re offering others.

Very enthusiastic, these people can be loud and impulsive because they’re usually allowing their heart to rule and not the mind. It’s possible for them to become devoted to a good cause or their work, so they’re always known to finish their projects.

However, it’s easy for the things they believe in to be faulty and not in any way advantageous for them.

Out of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, they are the luckiest, so good things keep following them, everywhere they may be going.

Furthermore, Water Dragons seem to turn everything into gold, which means they’re very talented with business and at making money. It seems prosperity comes to them naturally, especially when it’s regarding finances.

Chinese people believe dragons are leaving all of this luck they’re having in their path, during previous lives. This is the reason why these creatures are in front at parades for the Chinese New Year.

These beings are the representatives of good fortune, strong virtues, balance and a long life.

Love & Relationships

Looking at stories and legends, dragons are creatures that attack people. It’s not their precise intention to do this, but humans seem to always bother them.

Therefore, when someone is in a relationship with a person born in 1952, the year of the Water Dragon, he or she needs to be cautious with his or her lover.

Water Dragons are full of energy, pushy, active and a little bit dramatic. They tend to only reveal a few sides of their personality, so it may take others years to really get to know them.

Friends of Water Dragons need to be patient because people in this sign usually want to save the world on their own and can sometimes really win the battles they’re carrying.

In order to understand their strategy and way of thinking, it’s important to take a look at the most important people in their life and observe the many qualities Water Dragons are being appreciated for.

Life near these natives can be a lot like a roller-coaster because they always want excitement and to win, no matter what they may be doing.

Members of the opposite sex who are spending their time with Water Dragons can easily fall in love with these characters as a result of their adventurous side and openness to new opportunities.

They can be fascinating partners who refuse to get bored and who are able to love at an intensity that only them can understand. They’ll make others feel tired because they’re always active and want to encourage their friends to succeed.

However, they need to be loved with the same passion as their own, not to mention how possessive and jealous they can become when suspicious.

People in their life need to give up their independence when being around these natives because otherwise, things may become very difficult with them.

It’s always best to take the middle ground with Water Dragons as this way, they can get to feel secure and sure that they’re getting what they want from their loved ones. These people require to have considerate lovers who are always ready to offer them a lot of affection and security.

Career aspects of the 1952 Water Dragon

All the people born in the year of the Water Dragon are capable of working hard and obsessed to attain success.

As a matter of fact, all Dragons are career-oriented and can forget about other things happening in their life when stressing about work. These natives are the dreamers of dreams and the seekers of challenges.

While they can invest many efforts into their projects, it’s difficult for them to accept being criticized and become very efficient when having to do something creative. As far as their career goes, Water Dragons are very good at doing all the difficult tasks.

However, they need big rewards like a good salary or many promotions in order to feel happy with their job.

Lifestyle and health

When it comes to health, Water Dragons are very resistant and have high levels of energy, even if they sometimes get tired to the point of not coming out of bed.

They’re considered to be very lucky, but just like other natives in the Chinese zodiac, they need to surround themselves with people and things that make them feel good.

These Dragons love being praised and admired, so they’re getting along very well with those who are offering them all of these things.

For example, Horses, Pigs, Rabbits and Roosters respect them very much for being strong and noble, therefore, the friendships between these previously mentioned signs and Water Dragons are very strong.

The organs ruled by these natives happen to be the kidneys, which means they need to protect themselves against diseases of the excretory system by not consuming so much alcohol and having a good diet.

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