Dragon Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Dragon crave to influence others and gain a respectable status but deep inside, they would prefer a simple and loving life.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Animal

Dragon natives are well seen by others, so those born in the year of this majestic creature are always demanding respect because they’re very imposing.

These natives have many good traits that will help them achieve success in life. For example, they’re intelligent, passionate, confident and have an amazing determination to make it.

The year of the Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Dragon years include: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024;
  • Strengths: Determinate, persistent and passionate;
  • Weaknesses: Impatient, arrogant and intolerant;
  • Blessed careers: Law, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment and Photography;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is both gentle and dynamic.

On the other side, Dragon people also have many negative traits like stubbornness, arrogance, a quick temper and impatience.

A lucky personality

Believing in themselves, smart and skilled, Dragons usually get done everything they set their mind to. Even when they’re failing, nobody blames them because they inspire a feeling of love and greatness rather than complaining.

They don’t see other people in a very good light and often not accept others’ opinion when not resonating with them. Independent and willful, the natives of this sign can have their eccentricities, but this doesn’t mean they would ever give up their own values and principles.

Strong and eager to inspire others, they work hard at making the world a better place. What they are looking for is to work on achieving their dreams peacefully and to be appreciated.

Dragons are known for wanting the rewards of their work and for investing all their efforts in making their life more comfortable. The Chinese Horoscope says Dragon inividuals are bringers of good luck and great friends.

This mythological creature is the image of all the emperors in the Chinese culture, so those who are born in this sign make good leaders.

Many people in Asia hope their child will be a Dragon because these people are known to stick to their responsibilities and to keep things moving forward.

They are true fighters, luck and power being all the time present in their life. That why many other people respect them. It’s like they have been born to rule because no one can take their power.

Having high ideals and wanting things to be done perfectly, it’s difficult to have them change their mind or ways. Very motivated and even aggressive, they go after what they want with courage.

Because they have a thirst for power, it’s difficult for them to let go of high positions and their youth. Headstrong and quick tempered, Dragon people always speak their mind and usually have great ideas or sound advice to offer.

Many will listen to what they have to say because they’re very influential. In the Chinese literature and culture, the Dragon represents power, this being the main reason why those born in this year continue to fight and to resist.

They simply crave being the ones who lead, for others to honor and respect them. What they want the most is to become people of influence, this being why they’re so energetic all the time.

Saying “no” to them can really have their mood down for a while. These people need to know their projects are going to move and that their ideas can be implemented.

After hearing these things, they will work with more passion and will want to prove those who opposed them that they really know what they are doing.

They are not domestic as they like being out in the public, where others can admire them. But just like their opulent personality, their home will be decorated with expensive pieces of furniture and feature bright colors because they want to show off with their social status.

Very proud of themselves, Dragons can be over-enthusiastic and too quick-tempered. Click To Tweet

When they enter a room, everyone starts to immediately feel better. It’s easy for them to impress and to have their ego stroked because they simply ask for these things by being loud and proud. But what characterizes them the most is their great energy and nice personality.

It’s possible for them to turn into tyrants because they only like giving orders rather than taking them. They are not so firm and serious as the Tigers and not as stern as the Oxen.

Different from the Rats, who impose their authority, Dragons demand respect in a gentler way. It seems like they are meant for success because they think big and believe in themselves all the time.

They are the ones who can make the impossible real. There’s no one more energetic than them, all the life’s challenges being something they gladly take on.

Spending a lot of money, Dragon natives can make risky decisions when it comes to their finances and career, but they’ll mostly win all the time. They are the ones who come up with new ideas at work, being very suited for a career in entertainment.

Dragon’s love traits

Having a magnetism and a charisma that can’t be seen in other people, Dragons love being seductive. They want to be in the center of attention and appreciated.

These natives get noticed by the public with their extravagant clothes and when they see their charm isn’t working, they start to become moody and very sensitive.

When ignored, they prefer to fight for their place back in the spotlight. It’s impossible to contradict them because they want to have the last word all the time.

It would be wise not to cross them because they can be very dangerous when they’re not happy with someone or something. It is better to let them do as they please, so don’t compete with them because they will most likely steal your thunder unless they decide to let you win.

Dragon people are very capable of great love and are usually the ones who abandon, not those being abandoned. But they can hesitate to be together with someone when that person is too focused to get them and very passionate about a relationship.

Dragon’s love compatibility

Best matches

Rat, Monkey and Rooster

Bad matches

Ox, Goat and Dog

The man in this sign can be very anxious knowing he’s with his soulmate. He’s aware of his ego and doesn’t want to end up in a situation in which him and his partner are hurting one another.

The Dragon woman is considered to be lucky because her marriage horoscope has only good things to say about her future.

But in general, all the Dragons are not that eager to love or to be in a relationship. While passive about romance, they are still very giving, sincere and gentle, which means many of the opposite sex will be after them.

They are more the type who marries a career and doesn’t have time for a partner. If they will find love, it will probably be later, around their middle age.

They have many acquaintances and spend a lot of time with them, not thinking too much about marriage.

Career prospects

Headstrong and insisting, people born in the year of the Dragon want a good position and tend to be fixated in their ideas.

Luckily, when something doesn’t turn out the way they want it to, they have the capacity to complete forget all about what happened and their failure.

Without having any regrets, they can go on with their life and continue to be motivated by their hopes and dreams.

If you meet them while they’re at their best, they are full of grace and amazing, making the ones around them feel better and warmer.

All Dragons are very determined to succeed and to make enough money for their life to be comfortable. They are more the type oriented towards career and who doesn’t really care about other things in their life.

Dreaming of their achievements, they are looking all the time for new challenges. While hardworking, they don’t like being criticized and could do a great job in a career that requires them to be free and creative.

The Dragon and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Dragon1904, 1964Noble, resourceful and compassionate;
Fire Dragon1916, 1976Sentimental, practical and organized;
Earth Dragon1928, 1988Courageous, artistic and sentimental;
Metal Dragon1940, 2000Generous, proficient and lucky;
Water Dragon1952, 2012Magnanimous, sentimental and persistent;

The Dragon man: A loyal competitor

The Dragon represents power, so the man in this sign is smart, bold and giving. He looks good and is always on the move, never getting tired of sustained effort and hard work.

Motivated and having all the required leadership skills, he would never give up from attaining the success he deserves. Some people may accuse him of being too self-confident and chauvinistic.

He’s generous with words and would never compete unfairly or cheat. But he only fights for perfection and measures others according to his own high standards.

When in a desperate situation, he keeps his cool and is able to make decisions very quickly. In case you want to be with him, just support him in everything he wants to do and his career. He just wants someone with whom he can easily communicate.
The Dragon Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Dragon woman: Very self-confident

The Dragon woman is a free-spirited person who trusts herself more than she should. While she listens to other people’s opinions, she still only does what she wants and doesn’t accept a different way.

This lady demands a lot of herself and can’t tolerate when others have an attitude. As a manager or an executive, she’s strict and acts harshly with her subordinates.

She’s the type who speaks her mind and has a romantic side as well. Because she’s talented, she wants the best from life and to have fun.

If you want to get along with her, you need to make her feel safe and be as romantic as possible. Her negative traits are all about her being moody and in her own fantasy world.

She also may be too vain to accept others’ opinions. She’s too confident to ever accept that she may have failed. This girl is running away from what holds her back and can’t stand being opposed.
The Dragon Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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