1964 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Dragon Year – Personality Traits

These people are imaginative and reserved, so often prefer to keep their accomplishments in the shadows.

1964 Wood Dragon Year

Wood Dragons born in 1964 are different than other natives of the same sign. Introverted and sometimes scared of interacting with people, they prefer to spend most of their time alone and to not have that many friends.

While not lucky when it comes to interacting with others, they have enough charm to attract any member of the opposite sex.

1964 Wood Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Eccentric and sophisticated;
  • Top qualities: Elegant, resourceful and compassionate;
  • Challenges: Defensive and obstinate;
  • Advice: They need to put themselves in other’s shoes from time to time.

The Chinese Horoscope says these natives are not scared of working hard and usually manage to achieve everything they want in life, which means they’re similar with other Dragons from many points of view.

An exploring personality

Dragons in the Chinese zodiac have certain personality traits that make them unique. It doesn’t matter if wanting to be in the spotlight or not, they seem to always attract all the attention of others.

They have tremendous power and can sometimes scare people with it. These natives seem to always get their way at work and to occupy only leading positions because others don’t mind obeying them.

As a matter of fact, they’re natural born leaders because their ideas are always good and meant for being put into practice. Dragons usually don’t take a break in order to think things through because they’re energetic and enthusiastic to take action.

Chinese people see them as an omen for success and power, not to mention they seem to have all of this, even if taking risks and being impulsive. Wood Dragons seem to easily attract money, which means their life is usually very comfortable.

Furthermore, they’re curious and don’t mind exploring the new. It can be said they’re fearless just like dragons in legends and stories.

Not at all interested in what others are saying about them, they like being creative and coming up with innovative ideas, not to mention they’re very capable of revolutionizing the world.

When these Dragons are setting their minds to do something, they become a true force of nature. Their originality and unique mind will always have them involved in important intellectual projects and striving to achieve success.

It’s not that they can’t have it all, but many of them will have either a great personal life or only a professional life. Wood Dragons don’t like arguing and people usually love them for all of their positive qualities.

While not at all interested in others’ opinions, they will still avoid bothering anyone, which means they’re in search for harmony and peace.

Being very curious means that they tend to over-analyze and to exasperate their friends or colleagues when doing so. Being Dragons, they have big egos and tend to always put themselves first.

Wood influences them to be less proud than other people in the same Chinese zodiac sign. Being modest can very much help them as in this situation, they don’t hesitate to seek for advice from others, especially when having to deal with something serious.

Wood Dragons are very imaginative and sincere. When working on a project, they don’t mind putting in all of their efforts and can successfully complete a job, not to mention how many innovative ideas they seem to always have.

While open to other people’s opinions, they become pushy when arguing. It’s very difficult to convince them to change their mind about something, but they’re most of the time right, so others should probably listen to them more carefully.

People born in 1964 are real Wood Dragons and therefore, reserved and shy. These natives are also not very enthusiastic when having to make new friends or to be in the spotlight.

However, they have many other talents that others may discover later, after meeting them. Furthermore, they’d never agree to do something that’s very easy because they’re always aiming high and looking to deal with as many challenges as possible.

As a matter of fact, this lifestyle makes them very happy. The Chinese Horoscope says Wood Dragons should go far away from home in order for them to become successful in their career.

It seems great money will come to them if they decide to open a business overseas. Other jobs that will bring them good luck are in accounting, auditing and law.

It looks like wealth seems to always find them and they have better chances at winning considerable amounts of money than others. However, they’re also known to spend very much, so it would be a good idea for them to invest in something solid such as real estate.

They may be lucky enough to earn very much by investing a little, but for this to happen they need to take money-making seriously and to not spend recklessly.

Their friends will always get their cash lend to them back because they hate being in debt and would do anything to not owe money to anyone.

Love & Relationships

Since Wood Dragons are very quiet, it’s difficult for them to make the first step when in love. Fortunately, they have a special charm and can capture anyone’s attention.

Those born in 1964 are known for falling in love at first sight and for being right about what partner they have chosen because they seem to have great intuition when it comes to romance.

However, it may take a while before they’ll meet that ideal person, so it’s possible for them to have many meaningless affairs during their youth.

While not at all diplomatic and sometimes criticizing, Wood Dragons are still capable of charming others as they really know how to act and are able to put on display only their best sides of their personality.

These natives are known to host excellent parties and to be enjoyable when invited to a social event. While waiting for the one, they need to have patience because their demands are a little bit high as they’re criticizing and pretentious.

Furthermore, it’s very difficult to predict what they may do next and are so eccentric that troubles in their relationships never hesitate to appear. The fact that they’re jealous doesn’t bring them any good either.

In conclusion, Wood Dragons will never hurry to commit because they’re waiting for their perfect partner. Intuitive, they could work more on themselves and try to be to the liking of others when wanting to hook up with someone they really like.

Career aspects of the 1964 Wood Dragon

Creative and always willing to cooperate, Wood Dragons could choose any career for themselves, even if they seem to have great talents with business, PR, the advertising industry and marketing.

Furthermore, it would be a good idea for them to try their luck in the art world because they’re very good at expressing themselves, not to mention how good they are with music and even in TV entertainment.

Highly energetic and wanting to lead, most of them become successful in their career when very young. They like working hard, taking risks and doing everything in a serious manner.

However, no one can order them around, so they’re very good as politicians, artists, athletes and designers. Traveling and the movie industry seem to suit them very well too.

Lifestyle and health

Wood Dragons are down-to-earth people with a lot of knowledge and great skills when it comes to observing and analyzing. Furthermore, they’re honest, true traditionalists, reliable and always looking for perfection.

While all of these mentioned characteristics are positive, there are also traits these natives have and that make them weak.

For example, they could over-analyze problems and this way, waste a lot of time. More than this, they’re known for being aggressive and for changing their temper very rapidly, especially when provoked. It’s suggested for them to keep the balance in their life and their emotions in check.

When it comes to their health, it seems they may never need to deal with something serious, especially if they’re paying enough attention to what they’re eating as their digestive system is very sensitive.

Furthermore, they should take an anti-allergenic when the seasons are changing because some infectious diseases that are usually acute can really bother their everyday life. In terms of mental health, they should always strive to keep their life balanced.

Because the gallbladder and the liver are the most sensitive organs in their body, they need to avoid consuming alcohol and becoming too stressed.

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