1988 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Dragon Year – Personality Traits

These people have a sure-fire way of getting to the top, of achieving their full potential, and becoming truly splendid individuals.

1988 Earth Dragon Year

The Earth Dragon people born in 1988 are… well, fierce dragons amongst men and women. In reality, they are exceptionally successful and ambitious enough to topple empires with their aspirations and endless perseverance.

They are very intelligent and work very hard in order to achieve their goals. More than that, they know how to appreciate other people for trying to survive in this harsh life. They are very helpful and kind to those in need.

1988 Earth Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sentimental and organized;
  • Top qualities: Honest, kind-hearted and diplomatic;
  • Challenges: Moody and obstinate;
  • Advice: They need to take their time to get to know people.

A strong personality

These people are the very epitome of perfectionism. They will never do anything with a half-assed attitude, and they will always strive to complete it with accuracy and the best result in mind. They know what they must do, how to do it, and what methods work best.

This means that they are very confident in their own abilities and they will always go toward the most challenging situations, just to test their limits.

Also, they know how to look at a situation from a realistic viewpoint. They can also be very open-minded, flexible, and selfless. No one can beat them when it comes to ambition either.

They can be very sociable and communicative, making friends as they go, without any sort of problems whatsoever. However, they can also become very distant and cold because they want to stay on top of their game, with the feet on the ground. Idealistic and chimerical ideas don’t impress them in the least.

What’s most important is that they are able to develop themselves and right some wrongs on the fly by appealing to their hardworking and perseverant nature.

They can be extremely efficient and motivating themselves, perceiving opportunities to hone their skills where others would only see problems and difficulties.

The Earth Dragons natives have a sure-fire way of getting to the top, of achieving their full potential, and becoming truly splendid individuals with respect to morality, intelligence, and knowledge. They can be very tempered when it comes to facing off against emotionally-pressing situations.

Moreover, they can be very efficient and productive in making money, putting in a lot of effort and using innovative techniques to produce lucrative results. Ideally, they will try to achieve perfection in everything that they do.

Optimism and the spirit of an initiator are the two main aspects that deliver them unquestionable potential.

The worst comes to pass when they decide to give up on a certain plan or goal just because it becomes harder and harder to pursue it.

For all their ambition in the beginning phases, to quite in the middle can only be annoying, and this only takes them further apart from success.

If they could only overcome their uncertainties and anxieties when it comes to doing a good job, they would have already risen to the top. They have the potential to be leaders, to achieve great things and bask in the glory of remarkable attainments.

Even though they are quick to believe someone’s words and take it as the truth, they will react violently when others insult their intelligent or mock them.

If there’s one thing that the Earth Dragons can’t stand, it’s someone touching on their emotions or making fun of them.

They also don’t like to be kept waiting because they believe the time is important, especially their time.

This leads one to believe that they have a really good opinion of themselves, that they are selfish and arrogant. Yes, they can be a little full of themselves, and this leads to stupid decisions and wrong conclusions.

Love & Relationships

In relationships, the Earth Dragons are very wary and afraid to screw things up with their sensitive nature. The smallest offense becomes an insufferable and capital attack in their eyes.

Even though they try to be understanding, kind, and tolerant, it’s hard for them to give up on their sensitivity.

If something happens in the relationship, they will get all emotional and try to fix things quickly, so as not to suffer further. They can be very disappointed if the situation doesn’t fix itself. In general, they don’t like to hurt people intentionally.

At the same time, they try to find reasonable and logical solutions to any problem, including those of an emotional matter.

They might go through a tough period, trying to calm themselves, but ultimately, their realism and pragmatism come out on top. Consistency and rationality are equally important to them.

The Earth Dragons might give off the impression that they are very calm and placid but the truth is, the inner layers hide a lot of internal conflicts, contradictions between aspirations and the harsh reality. They will try to protect their image and pride with fierceness and passion.

Career aspects of the 1988 Earth Dragon

If there are things the Earth Dragon natives don’t like doing, it’s those routine-based activities that require nothing else than patience, willpower, and resistance to stress. That’s boring to them.

They want to put their minds at work, to come up with new ideas, imagine new solutions and possible pathways.

Moreover, they are bound to reach the pinnacle of success because of the self-motivated personality and great ambition.

These people trust their own abilities a lot, and they know they are really good at leading people, in managing hard-to-deal-with situations. Long story short – the Earth Dragons prefer to do things on their own.

Health and lifestyle

The stomach and the pancreas are the two most important organs that Earth Dragons should pay attention to. It means that nutrition is essential to their general wellbeing, a very important factor to keep in mind. If they have enough energy, they can be very outgoing and outstanding individuals.

They don’t like playing second-fiddle to anyone. The spotlight is made to host their magnificence, after all. They always know what to say at the appropriate times, and people appreciate them for this.

Like we said in the very beginning, the Earth Dragons born in 1988 don’t usually put that much thought when spending their money.

In fact, they can be quite obsessive and impulsive. If nothing else, they are extremely impractical and the opposite of pragmatic when it comes to buying stuff that they life.

There are also flaws to talk about. They can be liable to outside influences because they aren’t strict enough. They don’t have the sufficient appreciation standards necessary to make the distinction between positive and negative influences. Moreover, they can be too focused on the wellbeing of others, often disregarding their own lives.

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