1976 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Dragon Year – Personality Traits

These people always manage to achieve their goals and usually become really appreciated for their talents.

1976 Fire Dragon Year

Similar to the rest of the Dragons, the Fire ones, born in 1976, are very smart and know what hard work involves.

Their friendliness helps them be popular, not to mention how they’re always having a relaxed attitude and can adapt to any situation or new person, even if this makes them seem superficial or untrustworthy.

1976 Fire Dragon in a nutshell:

  • Style: Charismatic and convincing;
  • Top qualities: Talented, nurturing and complex;
  • Challenges: Despotic and narcissistic;
  • Advice: They need to be mindful of the expectations they have from others.

It doesn’t matter what feelings they may have, Fire Dragons will all the time be honest and open for discussions. Trusting others too much, they often end up being taken advantage of. While lucky when it comes to romance, they still need to keep in control their quick temper and passion.

An attractive personality

All Dragons in the Chinese zodiac are powerful and surrounded by mysticism. It’s an honor for a Chinese family to have a child in this sign as he or she represents an omen for success.

This means Dragons always manage to achieve their goals and usually become really appreciated for their talents. These people are imaginative and believe in very high ideals, not to mention they have enough energy to invest in all of their goals and plans.

They seem to turn heads around whenever walking down the street because they have great charisma and a magnetism that can’t be seen in other signs.

Fire Dragons are also known for being attractive, so many members of the opposite sex will fall in love with them and the power they seem to exude.

When doing something, they’re serious and ready to invest all of their talents or efforts. People born in 1976 are often liked by their peers for being good looking and friendly all the time.

These natives know when to take advantage of an opportunity or when it’s time for them to work harder for their goals to be achieved. Furthermore, they can adapt to any situation, thing that makes them seem a little bit unpredictable and frugal.

The same Fire Dragons are famous among their friends for being able to rally people up and for convincing groups to collaborate with each other. They’re also known to trust others too much and to not be able to ever feel completely fulfilled.

These Dragons are known to always openly express their feelings and thoughts. Some people will probably betray them because they seem to attract different suspicious characters around them all the time, no matter where they may be.

For example, they may discover the colleague with whom they were getting along very well at work is trying to steal their job. Therefore, they should be more careful when speaking too loudly about their intentions and plans.

When it comes to health, Fire Dragons are not known to get sick very often, but this doesn’t mean they should have bad habits and not eat well. As far as family and romance go, they can argue with their loved ones very often because they have a quick temper and a fiery personality.

Therefore, these natives need to control these sides of them if they want to enjoy a peaceful existence with other people. Many of them don’t have the chance to be born in rich families.

Therefore, their childhood will be difficult, full of big dreams and intriguing plans. Being hard-working, it will be easy for them to rapidly become rich when older. However, they need to think wealth disappears very rapidly and to put something aside or to invest in steady financial opportunities.

They’re not known for being good at accounting, but they can ask for the help of a friend in this matter. While calm and appreciating objectivity more than anything else, it’s also possible for them to become angry or very loose, and only in a moment.

Dragons already belong to the Fire element, so when influenced by it two times, they become twice as tempered and passionate.

Because they’re wild and want to all the time take risks, Fire Dragons will never be good at saving and investing. However, they’ll still have great successes at work and their finances will be kept in line.

It can be said these natives are true forces of nature due to their temper and ability to accomplish many great things. The Fire makes the passionate Dragons even more ambitious and thirsty for power.

As a matter of fact, these are the most competitive Dragons in the entire Chinese zodiac. Furthermore, they have high levels of energy and are very focused on every aspect in their life to be as close to perfection as possible.

As a matter of fact, all of their intelligence is centered around making things right and effective. It seems everything they touch is starting to turn into gold, not to mention they have great talents at leading others.

However, for them to rule in their line of work, they need to be less tempered or overwhelmingly energetic. Some will think of them as true dictators because they’re powerful, strict and zealous.

Fire Dragons are not only very demanding with themselves, but also with others. Because they’re allowing emotions to control their life, it’s possible for them to often act recklessly.

While they may sometimes make harsh commentaries about others, their intentions are always good. Furthermore, these natives are known to have humanitarian souls and to always stand besides those who had been wronged by the society or others.

Love & Relationships

Fire Dragons love being left alone, even if relationships seem to do them very good. They know how well they can behave when interacting with others, so they don’t mind committing to their friends and lovers from the very first few connections with these individuals.

This can be considered a mistake, not because commitment is something wrong, but more because it’s impossible to get to know people too early and no one can guess for how long two individuals can like one another.

The same early commitment seems to put them in a negative light, especially when having to deal with others, as they may think of people as exchangeable. An exaggeration to this matter could be that Fire Dragons are committing too early because they simply don’t care whom their partner is.

Obviously, things are not this extreme as these natives know all people aren’t the same and their feelings are for unique individuals.

They want closeness and to be involved in relationships for a lifetime, so those who are getting involved with them should be serious about any type of partnership.

Fire Dragons are family-oriented and thirsty for power. As a matter of fact, it’s possible for them to demonstrate their strength both at work and at home, but not by being violent, more impressive-like.

They make incredible parents because they want to see their children reaching their best and they don’t mind being all the time supportive. However, these Dragons need to be admired and to have a partner that doesn’t like conflicts either.

Career aspects of the 1976 Fire Dragon

All Dragons are not in any way suited for manual labor, which means they should do for a living something at which they can be creative and able to display their talent.

On top of this, they shouldn’t work in offices because their inclination is toward arts, sports, exploring adventures and even politics.

Since they’re strong and determined to succeed, it’s easy for them to achieve their goals and to have a great career. Great business people, they can very rapidly advance at work if having a corporate job, so they’re usually the managers for important companies in their city or town.

Because these natives are also adventurous and competitive, a job in sales or marketing could suit them very well too. Furthermore, they seem to know what’s needed in order to entertain others, so being musicians and actors would probably be very much to their liking, in the same way as other professions.

Lifestyle and health

Powerful, energetic, kind, lucky in love and sometimes selfish, Fire Dragons seem to also be amazing leaders because they know how to give an order and what to do for success to be maintained.

While strong and interesting, they also have some negative traits about their personality. For example, their passion can have them doing reckless things and making poor decisions.

Furthermore, the same passion influences them to be more ill-tempered and aggressive. As a matter of fact, natives of this sign and element are suggested to be calmer, to learn how to meditate and to communicate their feelings as often as possible.

It seems the circulatory system and the heart are the organ and bodily structure they’re ruling over, so they should do everything in their power to avoid stress and to enjoy a peaceful existence.

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